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  Oct 2017 WARM WINTER
So many ****** birds,
Grey, brown and black,
Suited as they sully in sun,
In feather and windy-speak
And dream, drifting to profit
Points, marring the globe,
They have so many ways
Of singing on their swings
Behind bars, murky birdies,
Gawking in the crowded fields,
Fielding, flighty questions without
Answer, winging all souls to oblivion,
Who fly, flustering, dusting with song
Twisting the air into pure falsehoods,
Curious, grounded pets for kingdoms,
For masters, fly-hoping in their cages.
  Mar 2017 WARM WINTER
Tilting head side to side, trying that

sickly crick, a frail crackle swimming

pricked up ears.

Not to free such finely embroidered

tension, but what a dog does with its

head when presented with peculiarity.

Mixing the swirled nuclei of brilliantly

colored marbles.

Your high strangeness puts the tick

in my nervousness, supine-stalemate we

protest for full disclosure of intelligent life.
Teo - Enlightened Now

Sometimes i'm like a dragon flying high.
But even i, one who is appointed in the sky cannot tell you without a doubt that i know where the truth lies.
I am simply just a victim of my own imagination
but maybe i will be true this time.

Deep insight
into the abyss of self.
My enlightment has lost its light
The darkest bright has overcome
but  i see what i am now.
i see why they say ignorance is bliss now.

I am a place of light and darkness
a wondering vessel wandering throughout the night.
Torn between the pang of evil, ignorance and the bliss of knowing that which is good and true.
How dare i dare to dream !
how dare i dare to dream when my woe can outdo my wisdom.

The fire of five suns often rises from within...
What if fire and brimstone was just a whim
would it still be enough to win ?
would it still be enough to quench thy sin ?

The wrath of a thousand men has fallen upon this den
Their rage has become my energy
My Anger, my angst and my anguish is just fire for my breath.
If it is to be, belligerence will bring my death.
But if it is a fight i must fight it must be for the light
is darkness not full of vainity ?
I must die to self.

The battle of self
a battle of mind and matter.
My subconscious is my friend
but my subconscious is my enemy.
If within me is a universe, i am a place of light and darkness.
How dare i dare to dream when i am but light and darkness.
I have felt the darkness death has brought upon my head
My woe has outdone my wisdom !
i must die to self
over and over again.

Time has washed me onto distant shores.
In the distance passed lies my past.
in present time i stand aghast in the sight of what i once was.
there was no self to be found
only mere imaginations.

who am i now ?
who will i be tomorrow ?
Where am i now ?
where will i be tomorrow ?
drenched in doubt
from the weight of it all i become no longer sure of self.
there was no self to be found
only mere imaginations.
yet still here i am swimming on through the skies.
oh how my imagination has fooled me.

In sober sight
i see clearly now.
Like stars the folly of my imagination falls before my eyes
My glory descends into dust
oh how quickly a lust for life can fall from grace and wonder.
oh how quickly what one adores can become just a thought.
Oh how words can lose their wisdom
does truth not always remain the same?
with eyes aghast i question the heavens
why the whim ?
truly because of sin?
Who am i now ?
how much more must i endure ?
Truth is found, yet truth is lost
the quest simply continues
to wander
to be
what does it mean to be who you are ?

Quite clearly,
My heart is not what it used to be.
why the whim ?
My desire has drifted...
but somehow the cold has kept me warm.
Somehow the hand of the divine has reached me in the depths of my darkness and handed me a speck of light,
enough to to see my way out of the void and back into interstellar flight.

Along this path i see,
i see clearly now !
but my dream seems to be different from what i wanted it to be.
Devastation has dimmed my delusion but robbed me of my fantasy.
what are the elements now ?
but it feels good to be free from it all
to see through that which is empty yet fills the heart with pride.
if everyday my ego flies
everyday my dream continues
but i  am no longer blinded by the bright blackness.

The night of day is still dark but my skies are clearer now.
I do not see my destiny
but i see the light.
Focus on the Light.

"the true mind can wheather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginning-less time darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light."

Zack Hemsey - The Way
'to experience life in all its woe and wonder,
to lose a little of all you have but gain a greater understanding'  
- Philippians 4:12-13
Stars don't rule the sky but I wish I did.

New lights
new lust
I swear I cant fight it.

It must be me

I must be free

"Liberation comes in whatever form to save me"
Riddle - Let Go

In what is said to be the happiest place in the world they lie down in death today, with a not so *** pride.

But where is the spirit of truth in the mist of all the gun smoke?
is it just playing dead ?

As hellish madness unravels in a world of uncertainty,
the lost ones sleep in their death beds.

But the ones that lived sing pray and shout to God,

but love is their god...

And the ones that live *sin
g shout and shoot,
for their gods live on.

Just as everybody can be your friend,
everybody can be your enemy.
what if those who are your friends are also your enemies?

Pray to your god,

But if God is love is he bound by it ?
and if God can hate is he defined by it ?

as if to be riddled with bullet holes,
what if mind games are the quickest ways to lose your life...
what will it take for you to find the 'safe house?'

If death comes for us all
is it better to die in a love-delusion,
or a god-delusion ?

and if love is love is love is love.
what is Love ?

And if Love wins,
what is Love if love is love,

*James Vincent Mcmorrow - Higher Love
As if to be lost in the wanders of it all is to be found.
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