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I remember
that once
my 9th grade math teacher;
he was in a poor family,
and he couldn't have a coat.
"I didn't let the cold bother me."

I remember
on a cold day
when I could see vapor puffs from my nose
I was standing there
and refused to let the cold bother me.
doot doot
 Feb 2014 claire elisabeth
I see myself in chunks
in fat limbs and a month's
worth of self-hatred, my mom
asks if I'm any better but the truth
is I've just stopped crying over it.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
People say I'm the bird that flies backwards.
While everyone is heading south, I'm cruising north.
They say I'm independent and strong, but I'm really just lost.
I'm the bird that doesn't fly with the crowd
the one that keeps telling herself she doesn't need anyone.
Sure, there are moment where I don't care what you think,
But you'd most likely find me waiting you out in a nearby tree.
I don't want to fly backwards anymore,
but I'm afraid of being lost and forgotten,
and if flying backwards is how you will remember me,
then I will always fly backwards.
One hand is cold.
One hand is warm.
Then one eye is closed,
And one eye is opened.
The tongue flicks out syllables
When the mouth rounds the words.
All the while, the nostrils take in air,
and the ears are picky listeners.
If it's not one thing,
it's another.
So, we are divided in two,
always conflicting --
grey area.
Nothing special, just thinking about him, and how I could have been a better lover.
 Feb 2014 claire elisabeth
I used to think that maybe
just in time
you would want to be mine.
Just in time for the shattering of skin,
the withering that makes me so dim.
I used to think that because I'm autumnal,
you'd only want me during fall.
But when you unsewed me, you
proved me you might not want me.

At all.
(yes, the title is from a Gorillaz song,
and yes, I wrote this while listening to it)

— The End —