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Stephanie Feb 4
My overthinking surpasses honesty
My anxiety and fears surpasses sincerity
I hope you do not grow tired of reminding me of serenity
-- like the old times, like before, like you always did
As I fix myself, I hope you are still there
I hope you will still hold my hand when I lost control of my mind
I hope you will still be a safe place for my destructive nightmares

And if time comes and you didn't,
Remember that I have truly loved you while I am hating myself.
Stephanie Feb 4
I'm so down,
I'm so done
With no words in my paper
Only tear stains,
Only eye strains
And heart that is sober
Stephanie Jan 8
It's been a year and a couple of months since we started talking. Who would've thought that it was you and me. Who would've thought that we are meant to be this inlove. I am more than glad to meet you and all the versions of you. You are always surprisingly amazing and lovely. If I could just express in words how deeply inlove I am with you, you would know better. I want you always. I love you always. I am forever grateful to have you. I am forever blessed to be with you and to be loved by you. It is your birthday today and I am the happiest to celebrate it with you. I am the happiest because I received a gift that is priceless and heaven-sent and that is you!

We will be celebrating more birthdays of ours together. We will cherish each moments and learn to love more from time to time. You are always in my prayers. Happy birthday, baby!

Hindi 'to poem. Love letter ko to para sayo. Hehehe.
Stephanie Jan 5
You are a wanderer to my soul
Who keeps searching patiently
Until you found a love that I thought to be lost
A love that is shattered is never in vain
It doesn't even loss its value because it isn't whole
You pick it all up, you claim it
Like it belongs to you all this lifetime
You are carrying those pieces with every might you have,
Making sure that it won't be harmed anymore
Because you treasure it,
You treasured me when I thought I was nothing
Thank you for dedicating yourself to find me. You are holding the pieces of my love and it is all yours. I love you!
Stephanie Jan 4
Lord, I thank You for Your goodness to us
You are never failing
Your works are perfectly knitted by Your loving hands
I thank You for breathing life to our Cj,
You wonderfully showed us Your goodness through his life
Your grace flows in his life and we are truly blessed
I pray, Lord, that You will always hold him in Your hands
I pray that You will not lose sight of him,
Guide him, Lord, in every step of his journey and
be it always with You, always by Your side
Bless his heart, Lord Jesus, may he grow more deeply in love with you before anyone and anything else
Bless his mind, Lord Jesus, may he always find peace and wisdom  in Your promises
Bless his life, Lord Jesus, may he continue to be a channel of blessings to all of us for more and more years,
Bless him to prosper, Lord Jesus, may Your plans be the blueprint of his breakthroughs this 2021
Bless him to have a good health, Lord Jesus, may You heal every area of his life that needs healing
Bless him in his career, Lord Jesus, I pray that You will be the One to increase his skills, knowledge and abilities in order to accomplish more breakthroughs
Bless his heart, Lord Jesus, to always stay humble before You
Bless his heart, Lord Jesus, that he may be still when challenges of life are testing him
Bless his heart, Lord Jesus, give him the power and strength to overcome more mountains with faith
Bless his heart, Lord Jesus, may he remember Your goodness and grace all the time, especially in the hardest times of his life
I pray that You will send him comfort when no one is able,
I pray that You will hear him out when no one is there to listen,
I pray that You may give the desires of his heart
I pray that Your will be done in his life
and lastly Lord, I pray that I may be able to take good care of him, help me to love him right, to love him like how you love us.
We believe in Your mighty power, Lord
We believe in Your desire to hear Your children's prayer
We worship Your beautiful Name, Lord Jesus.
In Your Name, Lord Jesus, we trust and we claim victories and answered prayers,

Stephanie Jan 4
your life is a blessing to this world
you added an array of hope
to those who are weary like me
your eyes sees with mercy and compassion
if only others would see through them,
it would be a more harmonious place to live in
your hands are gentle and caring
it wipes away so many tears
your mind is a deep well and it blooms wisdom
you have the lips of an angel that speaks of good things
you might not realize it but your happy soul
is contagious and it feels warm
that is why you are so dear to many
but I ,
I want to make you feel loved the most
in every areas, in every seasons of our life
you are indeed a blessing that is ought  to be treasured forever
and I am indeed blessed to be the one to hold you forever
There's one and only you, you  will never be replaced. You are more than rare, baby. I love you!
Stephanie Jan 1
2020 is not enough to love you,
Let me still do for another year and more
365 days of I don't know
But I'm certain that we'll pass it through
Because I love you and you love me too
To more prayers that we will share,
To more problems that we will fix,
To more tears that we will shed and wipe away,
To more laughters that we will have,
To more ups and downs that we will encounter,
To more fears that we will conquer,
To more adventures that we will say yes to,
To more celebrations that we will rejoice,
To more mourning that we will grieve,
To more dreams that we will dream,
To more achievements that we will achieve,
To more memories that we will make,

We will be there, we will do it all together
To more hugs and kisses,
I love you, my day 1 ♡
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