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It waits for you, like a juggernaut,
A mask of furry, and stinking of rot.
Waiting within the shadow and gloom,
You're sick with unease, you're feeling your doom.
It tastes your fear, so rare and divine,
Sadistically moaning, "you will be mine".
It wants you, your essence, your spirit, your soul,
It wants you, it needs you, your life to behold.
What creature is this, that cannot be named?
No one knows, it's not written, or from where that it came.
I had nothing in particular in mind when I wrote this, and I shared it with my friend when I was done, and she said that to her, it described "addiction" almost to a T.  I have been an addict for 10 years, clean for the last 6, and when she said that, I realized she was absolutely correct.

What do you think?
Rod E Kok Dec 2015
I won't give up,
nor will I
give in.

My story will not end
by my own hand.

Although I am led
by un-holy thoughts,
I will fight
to the bitter end.

When my eyes look away,
I will pray
for strength to close them.

If my body's desire
is to serve itself,
I will try to treat it
as the temple it is.

I won't give up,
this story
will not end.

Yet it seems so simple
to take that easy way out.

Don't give up;
I won't
give in.
I close my eyes lost in thought
Trying so hard to breathe
Hoping that the fight in my head
Would slowly fade

I feel the churning in my stomach
The fire that evokes in my skin
Increase my heart beat
All because of my mind

Then I stand up and smile
A smile so made that no one notices
That the girl laughing and talking
Is a stranger and a great actress.

— The End —