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I want to feel at peace
After the storm
I want to relax
And feel at ease
Have calm
Feel loved and appreciated
I just want to feel
Taste a sweet side of life
Not just dream of it
But hold and conceive it
As if it were new birth
I want to breathe it
Like new fresh air
After all
I have been through
Sadness and pain
I just want a new start
A clean slate
Just once
To feel happy
Joy in my heart
And have a wide smile
And when people see me
They will know
That finally
I have seen
Blue skies.

Anna Chavell Stewart
In the archives of Gleaner. A newspaper company in Jamaica. Pen name was used.
This inspirational black folk singer
With a deep spiritual message
And a love and passion for humanity
As driven me to explore the human existence
Her unique and poetic style
As inspired me to go
Deeper in me to find those
Secret message I behold
Which I wish to share with the world

Tracy Chapman is truly great within
Her own way
Her beautiful smile
And charisma is astounding
And that melodious voice
Can full a stadium
The way she plays the guitar
And sings out her heart
I must say she speaks to the

Tracy Chapman is one of the greatest singers  
But unfortunately she’s underrated
I want to let her know
That her work on earth
Wasn’t in vain
As many are with her and because of her music
I began to live for a purpose
Don’t give up the fight
Your music cannot die
It lives on in the hearts of man
I see God’s beauty in your music
And His reflection in your face.

Christena Williams
Can be found in the poetry Anthology By Brian Wrixon, In praise-in ink and -in memory bought on Blurb.
While we stood by
And allowed others
To exploit
And degrade the earth
We are as guilt as they
We did nothing
To stop
The **** of the world
The world bellows
Out cries of help
It coughs up pain
And it’s too dry
To cry
We stood by
And watched
While others committed
Pollution and crime
Leaving stains
Of blood and toxic waste
Even God heart aches
The world has to endure
The human lifestyle
One day
It will give way
Sending a message
That it had enough
Of our
Intolerable exploitation
Of The **** of the world.

Christena  Antonia Valaire Williams
Inspired by a very great and phenomenal singer" Tracy Chapman"
Thouest my love
Flattering like a sparrow
Chirp and sing
Then thou art
Take this love
And let us travel
Like travelling musicians
Breaking down
China’s wall
Rebuilding Berlin
Asleep we lie
In the kings palace
Take this heart
As if we were
Romeo and Juliet
Underlying passion
If we must die
I wish to die
In love
Holding you
With clutch hands
Like sinking titanic
In my winters heart
Take me into a trance
Like a summers night dream.

Turn up the boom box
Let’s hear some classic remixing
Close the curtains
Turn down the shades
I am the lady of the night
Let’s rock away
As I wish not to sleep
But just have some fun
I want to go back
When loving you
Was real
When kisses and roses
Were romantic
When music was sweet
Soothing to ears
When the taste of love
Was irresistible
When music and love
Was at its best
Write your name across my heart
Was my song
Sealed with a kiss
When I was your lady in red
Turn down the shades
Close the curtains
Let’s hear the classic remixing
Turn up the boom box

Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
found in the Archives of The Gleaner Company of Jamaica
Pour me some more
Let me stumble through the back door
Let the police
Smell the poignant aroma of rhythm and blues
Collide with my Genius creative expression
Handcuff me for resisting being silent
Check my breath for the bubbles of a drunken poet
Spitting up words and rhymes
Expressively with profanity of poetry
Charge me with intoxication
Verbal sensation
Before the judge
I plea guilty
Poetic confinement recommended
On the walls I write art
Painting out the graffiti of the prisoner’s thoughts
And colouring with poetic expressions

Pour me some more
Until my cup overflows
I just can’t get enough
Let this liquor become embedded in my arteries and lungs
Let it be in my very DNA
Let it flow through my blood and veins
Through my heart and mind
Let it be hypnosis for my dreams
I drank poetry and it tasted delicious.

This like a poetry Rap.
Beat the Congo
Blow the horn
Wave your hand
Out of many one people
What a vibration
In a this little island

Even though we can’t live as one
But when a party time
We unite
Nuh matter the culture (it doesn’t)
We a full joy we self
You have Rasta talking
Christians praying
Bay song playing (in the context Bay means a lot)
Smiles on everybody faces
Out many one people

So come the Chinese, British, Syrians, Americans, Indians
Every Caribbean and rest of the world
Come to Jamaica
And feel alright
Listen some Bob
Don’t carry no jewelry
Because you will get rob
But come and eat
Have a feast
Enjoy we beach

Energy a shot
Drink a cold beer
Relax under the coconut tree
Feel free
We have **** chicken
Curry goat
Festival, rice, Bammy
Fry and steam fish
Come enjoy we cultural dish
Food galore
Go back a your country
Tell every boy and girl
Say Jamaica nice

We know say crime and violence
A plague
But don’t let that stop you
Cause everybody welcome
Nuh matter taste (It doesn’t)
Come in a haste
Cause we have a celebration
Jam dung vibration
Me a tell the politician
Say me a send out a special invitation
But first we yard need renovation
Build up Jamaica
And education
Cause we live in a paradise
Black, green and gold
We proud and bold
As we motto say
Out of many one people.

I spoke my native language mixed with English.( Patois or Creole) this poem was Short listed in Desmond O' Grady poetry competition in Ireland. A spoken piece was done also.
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