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Rehab for poets is not to flush words or good poetry out of your system
But to feed us more like candy
We have revolutionized the meaning of rehab
Out of etymology and dynamics
We now tell you that rehab for poets
Is for us to be an addict even more
Because enough poetry is not enough

But we do warn to avoid becoming vain or allow fame
To be your demise
Because true poets do it out of love
If you lose perspective
Its not rehab but rather you need intervention

Amy whine house sang the song
“That they want to take her to rehab and she says NO NO”
But we say yes yes
It’s not a drug of self destruction
Take it in its right dose
And you will be fine

I say readers:
Welcome to my world
Out of rehab for poets
True talents emerge
Giving magical expressions and flooded emotions
Compiled in words, sentences, phrases and paragraphs
To become poetry.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Christena Williams
Phenomenal woman indeed
Your poems discovered me
While I was just a teenager
Not sure of my place
But there you were inked in many books
Speaking fearless deep within
A master of the ink
Engraving emotions
Tears, pain, joy and strength of a Black Woman
Resonated a power so deep and devine
Your creative, Angelic style
Inspired me to write poetry
That can break down pain
And wipe baby’s tears
And elderly wrinkled cheeks
Your poems hug me like a mothers arm
Your poem is like armor facing a war
Standing up for my beliefs
And expressing it freely
Your style and the woman you are is emulated
I say Thank you Maya Angelou
For you is an inspiration
And for that
Here's my poem as a dedication.

All Rights Reserved.
Christena Antonia valaire Williams
In writing-In praise-In memory. Google this book or Blurb.Its by Brian Wrixon
Born Robert Nesta Marley on February 6, 1945
In nine mile, St.Ann
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none
But ourselves can free our mind
I grew up on that prophetic message and philosophy
And it never left my soul or mind
You have left a legacy
World renowned
This dreadlocks man left his mark

I believe you were before your time
I was not yet born
When you departured
But your music was my friend
I was built on your roots
Something music lacks today
Your words emanate so powerfully
That builds faith and tear down injustice
It inspire greatness

I remember the man who chants words of ball of fire
Hitting beyond anyone’s imagination
Or comprehension of his God given talent
He has touched hearts from Jamaica to America
Europe to India to Africa all over
His music is worldwide
It’s like a life’s guide
Whether ball head or Rasta man
Bob Marley music lives on
I have yet to see someone like him
His legacy continues with his sons and daughters
With every Jamaican
His message was deep, spiritual and philosophical
To the soul and mind.
The Great Reggae Legend.

All Rights Reserved.
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
Jamaica W.I
In writing-In praise-In memory (Poetry book of Anthology by Brian Wrixon, )My poem is featured.
They going to hear rhymes they never heard before
It will come as a rap beat, right down to Biggie and Tupac
So slick and *******
I am the rebirth
I am like an angel that walks the earth
I revolutionized
I am the element of surprise
Read my script like an animation on paper
For this new millennium
I plan to start the New Year
As a fresh poet and poetical rapper
With a little more style and more grammar
So don’t mistake me for those wannabees
I will work my *** off to fulfill my destiny
I will never sell my soul
To achieve the worlds gold and vanity
But I stay true and conscious
Because I know I am precious
With Christ I grow old
I am black and bold

My rhymes are a combination of words and grammar
A few misfits, an editor would penalized
But when you check my style
A gift you just can’t deny
I don’t beg for recognition
I don’t kiss ***** to gain fame or do self proclamation
I am the phantom that will earn my respect
In print my name is engraved
My path is paved, many are called
But only a few is chosen by God
Against all the odd
Connect my analogy
I am a poetical Genius
My lyrics are like a composed orchestrated
Musical rhapsody
Call me prodigy
I am the rebirth of Modern Rhymery.

All rights Reserved.
Christena  AV Williams
You whisper sweet words
I feel your lust
Driven by ****** thoughts
You pluck my chord
Play me like a violin
String by string
Seductively driving me insane
Setting my whole body in motion
I long to be entangled in
You like a web
Kissing your lips
And turning you red
Take a trip in my land
And pleasure me
Taking me to the heights of ******
These desires filling you
You need not to hide it
Like Victoria’s secret
But reveal
For I wish for you to massage and
Touching every pressure point
All rights Reserved.
Closed door
He fiddles her inside
Fluting a tune
She despise
Caressing her
Stripping her of her pride
All she has left are scars to hide
Bewitched by fear
On the spot
She’s left Dumb
Like Maya Angelo
Her torture was so severe
Unable to speak
To cry
She could only scribble
Pain, hurt, shame
On paper
Jumbled thoughts
Flash backs
Poetry became her friend
Who only spoke back
What she wrote
But all this time
The unspoken wanted to be heard
To break the surface of the water
The pain that was disposed
It wanted to speak.

All rights Reserved.
Christena AV Williams
Jamaica W.I
I dream a dream
I dreamt the day when we were not perfect or immune to fear
But we were in one accord, despite our doubts and differences
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I felt love so strong in an atmosphere of once
So war and anger,
For the first time babies stare
For the first time the homeless was fed and cared
For the first time I thought, Christmas came everyday
This was a dream within my dreams
A dream I dream never to be awaken
This is my letter to the world,

I dream a dream,
That every boy and girl will be taught that they are special
And have an uplifted self esteem,
I envision the sun shining through the cracks of dawn,
The day that injustice will be mercy’s pawn,
I dream of a better world perceived through the eyes of unblemished child,
I dream of sunsets in smiles
I dream of masks removing beneath the disguise,
I dream… To scream like a timid girl, yell on top of my voice:
Wake up world.
All rights reserved.
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams.

— The End —