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Jan 2013
Turn up the boom box
Let’s hear some classic remixing
Close the curtains
Turn down the shades
I am the lady of the night
Let’s rock away
As I wish not to sleep
But just have some fun
I want to go back
When loving you
Was real
When kisses and roses
Were romantic
When music was sweet
Soothing to ears
When the taste of love
Was irresistible
When music and love
Was at its best
Write your name across my heart
Was my song
Sealed with a kiss
When I was your lady in red
Turn down the shades
Close the curtains
Let’s hear the classic remixing
Turn up the boom box

Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
found in the Archives of The Gleaner Company of Jamaica
Christena AV Williams
   Joe Adomavicia and Chuck
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