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Fry 17h
The empty shame
That comes with it
That’s what I asked for by inviting you
To dine with me for the next few months
Time seems to go faster but I miss
Every moment I cherished before
Fry 17h
I’m tired

Of waking up everyday
At six am to no alarm

Of pretending I am not adding up
Each bite

Of keeping a smile on my face for you

Of trying to have the energy to
Leave you be
Fry 17h
Why haven’t I told you
Am I scared
You will make me feel
As though I don’t need to do this
That I can be okay without
Setting a number each day
Why haven’t I told you
Am I scared
You will feel
Concern for me
Knowing I hate doing this
Why can’t I tell you
Fry 1d
Max 500 used to be written on my arm
Every day
Sometimes stained on my face
The sharpie running in my sleep
Now I know
That was never realistic
I couldn’t just suddenly do that
But now
Only 220 today
I feel like I won a game
Against myself
I still get a trophy right?
Fry Sep 11
My string has been getting pulled
For years
Slowly but surely
I’m become a red ball of yarn
Maybe I was poorly knitted
In the first place
No matter how well the craftsmanship
You found the loose end
To wrap around your hook
And crochet into
Any item you decided
You needed that day
Fry Sep 11
A show I assumed
I would have breaks in between each one
But no this is one long movie
Never ending
No time to rest or reflect
I could pause it
Take a break
But somehow it’s entertaining
The chaos that I can’t even understand
Maybe the meaning is just that
We all get old
We all die
Time keeps moving without us
But that doesn’t explain it all
Maybe it’s not meant to be understood
Maybe we just sit through
To each moment
Presented to us
Not aloud to fast forward or rewind
No matter how much we want to skip
This moment
Fry Sep 10
Every night
Words I can’t even understand
At max volume
The lights left on
As I roll over
You shake me awake
Now I have nothing
To use to decide
If I’m making the right decision
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