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Sian Mathers
Manchester, UK   
24/F/Canada    Sarah Ahmed
19/Agender/Maine    I like unhealthy food, long school bus rides, and making a big deal out of things. he/they/she
Kara Jean
Poetry with no plan
Tasmania    An Englishman, born in the West Midlands, I moved to Tasmania (Australia) in 2011 with my beautiful wife.
Dr Strange
Atlanta    The shadows are my home, In an abandoned shed I freeze As I rock back and forth thinking to myself Writing down ever letter that ...
James Christine
colorado    forever kid that can be found monkey-climbin trees, tracking mud through house, inhaling mountains of cookies, and exploring unknown lands. spend most of my days ...
16/M/Canada    a lost boy searching for his home in a world without houses
Martin Narrod
33/M/CA    I'm standing at the shoreline, the coastline calling, I've got rocks in my pockets and two lines left in the letter. for penguins

— The End —