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Arthur Doletzky
"Always be true to yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out looking for a successful personality and duplicate it.". Bruce Lee
Kira Nerys
India    I try to feed my soul. But I always end up confusing myself more than ever. "Write poetry like there's nobody reading, Love poetry like ...
the earth laughs in flowers
Jennifer Louise
United States   
I prefer writing in a notebook. All works are my own, even the notebook. All works are copyrighted.
Leia R
ATL    i don't even care if you find this anymore. maybe i finally want you to see how i feel about you
san diego,ca    I love to dance, cheer, sing, play piano, go to church, and write poems. My cousin falen acon inspired me to write poems. Instagram @nikiahevans23 ...
Meghan O'Neill
Michigan    I write poetry. Sometimes...
Xander Duncan
I like words

— The End —