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  Jan 2016 nikiahevans
That one person you can tell everything to
and depend on them no matter what

A best friend shouldn't have to lie
if they have a true friend that trust them

A true friend is the one that has been down for you since day one

*And stays together forever till the end
Love you lil cousin
  Dec 2015 nikiahevans
Your words can't hurt me anymore.
Nothing you ever say or do will hurt me.

I've become a stronger women,
now it's time for you to become a man.

You can't bring me down.
You keep talking to me like i'm dumb
You treat me like a five-year old.
But if you think thats how you should talk to me or anyone then, you're the dumb.

*You can't bring me down
because I'm going to keep my head up high,
you don't have the right to talk to me like that
if you talk to me that way
you must the dumb one in town.
This was my lil cousins idea I just followed. :)
Im the italic and she's the bold.
Copyright 2015
nikiahevans Dec 2014
Christmas day so
exiting get up and
brush my teeth

Before I could even
brush my teeth I
took a snoop at
my presents

I hear someone coming
I rush upstairs to
brush my teeth after
that I help in
the kitchen

Its time to gather
around and open our
nikiahevans Dec 2014
I was afraid when
I had to too
perform in a play

but when I was
on stage i acted
like no one was

and I did fine
ya you will still
be a little afraid

but what you really
have to do is
believe in yourself
nikiahevans Jul 2014
There's not a cloud today
    Just a sky of  blue
As the sun shines bright
    It feels so new

As you walk down the street
You can see smiles from
  It looks like everyone
Came to town

To enjoy the summer's day
and let time stand still
For a little while
Just Until something
good comes along
nikiahevans Jun 2014
Oh, I can laugh and I can sing
  and I can scream and shout,
        but when I try to whistle,
                the whistle won't come out.

I shape my lips the proper way,
I make them small and round,
but when I blow, just air comes out,
there is no whistling sound

But I'll keep trying very hard
to whistle loud and clear,
and someday soon I'll whistle tunes
for everyone to hear.
nikiahevans Jun 2014
I'm glad I'm me ,I'm glad I'm me
there's no one else i'd rather be
I'm    GLAD i'M ME
because there's no one who
can do the things I can do
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