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Carolin Jul 2014
One love two mouths . Jeans off and placed on the ground. Shirts unbuttoned in a room filled up with **** love fumes. Hands move up and down as we create love in an abandoned town. Cheeks blush while the blood rushes up to the seduced minds of these young lovers. Lights off candles on cause tonight we're bringing life to this abandoned town ~
Carolin Nov 2014
He tastes like
wine pouring out
of twisted fragile
vines. The vibes he
creates can blow
your ******* mind.
The way he makes love
to you causes your
legs to violently shake from the joy.
The curves formed by
his smile can make
you walk a mile wondering
how can someone be
so pure like that?
His laugh holds the innocence
of an orphan child. The
marks on his skin look
like tree roots under gentle
earth's soil. Skin so soft and
delicate as if he smothered it
with cocoa butter oil. He holds
the loyalty of the pharos Gods.
The loyalty of the sun to the
moon. The loyalty of a caterpillar
to it's cocoon. And the loyalty
of  young couples madly in love* ~
Carolin Feb 2015
The sweat on his hands
makes her feel as if she's
standing in front of the ocean
with her toes curled in the
golden sand. She traced the
marks on his skin and found
the map that lead to his heart as
she started tracing them from his
back till she reached the front of
his chest. Truth be told the marks
looked like fine art. The green in
his eyes reminds her of forests
and gardens bursting in to life.
Daffodils and dandelions is what
she thinks of when she sees him
smile. She hears the beating
of his heart from thousands of
miles and when distance splits
them apart. Two souls collapsed
into one is how they describe themselves.
Two mouths and one love is how
they describe the way they kiss. The
vibes he creates are how she measures
fun. Her world spun the minute
he said "You and I were designed
for each other. Destiny and fate
have planned for us to become
one". No man on earth can
stop the love that has begun.
No man can deny that he and
she have become one. The feelings
they share have been officially
written down by the angels up
high in the blue skies above* ~
Carolin Nov 2014
I hate tax accounting as
much as I hate white icing
on my cake. For ****'s sake
why do they give us such
complicated courses as
requirements to take* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
His smile can cure cancer.
He's the prettiest shade of
handsome. Probably if he
asks me to dance with him ,
from excite i would't know
how to answer. A collection
of beautiful cells , stars and
atoms , that's what he's made
of. Skin stretched perfectly
over his lovely bones and
wide manly shoulders. Curls
looking like wild flowers hanging
up in his hair. He's the most
prettiest man that God has ever created. He's a flawless doll above
us all. Sometimes one could say he's like poetry but i won't deny he's better than what the poets wrote back in
the old centuries. Starting with Shakespeare and ending up with Edgar Allen Poe.  A fine piece of
art is what i could say to define
his kind. But above this all he's the love of my life because he's the
fairest of them all* ~
Carolin May 2015
His gentleness and
kindness makes her
blush for an eternity.
The words of love he
speaks hold the powers
of sweeping her off her
little feet. All it takes to
make her heart skip
a few of it's beats is
one deep look in his
hazel nut brown
coloured eyes ~
Carolin May 2015
What hurts you hurts
me. The pain you feel
tears my heart apart.
And i can't make it
stop. But i'll be by
your side my dearest
love. To watch over
you. To feed you. And
to kiss some of your
hurt away. I'll be by
your side to hold your
hand so you won't cry.
I'll be there for you no
matter what just like I
promised on the day I
said my wedding
vows ~
Carolin Apr 2015
She walks in the room where
her mom is in. No one listens
cause she flips on the news
with the volume on high. "Hey
mom i met a guy from twitter
he's supposed to meet me first
day of college same age but
different faculty" she'd say.
Comes back from college
enters home. Finds her mom screaming and shouting and
if she could she'd probably kick
her daughter out the door.
Slams lunch on the kitchen
table "don't talk to me with
attitude cause i'm sick and tired
of you and your talks are such
a bore and make sure you don't
drop any food on the floor".
That's when she decided to not
to try with her mom no more.
Took her secrets and tucked
them under her skin. She hid
her twitter love in the chambers
of her heart. Walked in and out
of home without a single word
to say. She found love far from
home. That's what she's holding
on. She got her flowers on
mother's day all she heard from
her mom was why'd you waste
our money instead of thank you
for remembering me on such a
day. No more trying this place
isn't home. Home is in his two
arms and wolf like looking eyes. Waiting a few more years till
she'll be long gone moving into
a new place carrying her memories along. A place with no screaming
or cursing no hitting or abuse.
No fear or chocking on a noose.
Just a home with him and her.
Just a home with no storms. A
home waiting for a caring husband and a loving wife to carve their
stories on the walls and bring
them to life. And like
he'd always say the best is
yet to come one day. Hold on
your faith and pray i'll be by your
side always and stay* ~
Carolin May 2015
I hit back
when the
ink hurts
me* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
I bleed out these
words and poetic
lines just for you* ~
Carolin Jul 2015
My hands and
fingertips as
poetry across
your skin* ~
Carolin May 2015
I sewed a dress with
nothing but the best of
musical notes my own
ears have ever heard.
I sewed it from the
melodies that fell
from his maroon
coloured violin* ~
Carolin Jul 2014
You came to me in a dream and teared up everything.
You tore off my black angelic wings. Don't they say in
the dream you can do what you always wanted too. Strip
off my dress without any kind of stress. Lick my fire blazing
burning flesh. Tell me im sweeter than sugar venom and cinnamon
flavored candy. In this land of dreams we can run wild and free between
these high forest trees. Take me for a coffee date up on a cloud. Shout I love you
out loud. Since you tore off my black angelic wings ill let you play with my
new sewed on doll strings ~
Carolin May 2015
A girl with a mouth
full of fires. And a
boy who put out her
flames with his gentle
tidal waves* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
He kissed her
a kiss so seducing
and deep. It caused
the angels to faint
and the demons
to weep. The earth
almost got knocked
off it's axis as it watched
and shouted out loud
for an applause to watch
it again on repeat* ~
Carolin Jul 2015
He kissed her a kiss
so seducing and deep.
A kiss that swept her
off her feet. A kiss that
lit up all the lanterns
she had inside. A kiss
that let her soul
shine during her
darkest of
times* ~
Carolin Nov 2014
He carries the scent of
spring and looks prettier
than pearls on a string. He
carries the best kind of beauty
within which makes him differ
from all the other men. She collided
with him as he stirred the chaos
under her skin. Whispering  in
her ear all that hurt you in the past
is about to end. Heat filled up the
room before they knew it they were
surrounded by love fumes. In a room
with just them two they had nothing
much to do. Under the covers they went
and kissed like mermaids lost at sea
clinging on their humanity. He exhaled
his cigarette smoke and she inhaled it in
in the form of poetry. It wasn't planned but
they won't deny they were happier than the
seas clams resting inside under their shells.
Looking at the roses in the vase present in his
room they saw them bowing down after they
saw the view sighing in a big loud aweee they
clapped with their delicate petals shouting out
for an applause. And that was when he decided
to strip off her clothes* ~
Carolin Sep 2014
If you kiss the rose
will the world clap and
shout for an applause ?
But if i kiss you would you
stop and take off your
clothes ? What if we try ,
we won't lose a thing or
die. I'll breathe in life and
scraps of poetry down
your throat. While you
breathe in your darkest
secrets to me tonight. It's
your light that scares me
not me your darkness and mysteriousness.  But we'll
find a way to set that feeling
apart. If i kiss you in the dark
we might create a spark. I wanna
try that with you as we
stand under the black night
sky. I'd really like to try that
before i die. So tell me darling
when your up for a kiss in the
dark* ~
Carolin May 2015
He gave me a ladder
to climb. To touch the
velvet skies up high. And
catch the silver moon. He
gave me a ladder that lead
to heaven where the angels
play their harps and flutes.
Where they twist and twirl
in pretty white gowns. Where
they flap their wings as their
voices rise up while they
sing about all beautiful things.
I'll wait for you and set a table for
two he said. We'll dine and
have a glass of wine from
freshly twisted vines. While
we dangle our feet from the
fluff of clouds. Laugh loudly
till our heart beats become
in sync. And sprinkle glitter
and gold after midnight. Where
the world is silent and every
one is asleep. Where the
young hearts are up telling
each other stories of love.
Where the girls and boys sigh
as they read romantic poems
about you and I* ~
Carolin Jan 2016
I have nothing to give
you but hollow ribs.
Rose thorns and
pebble stones.
I have nothing to give
you but these words of
love and broken music
I have nothing else to
give you but my every
inch for you to french
with those beautiful
cracked lips.
And for you to trace
with your fragile shy
fingertips* ~
Carolin Jul 2015
I was alone as i plucked
the flowers from the weeds.
The daisies from the leaves.

And placed them in your
cigarette pack then placed
them in your bag.

And when you came along
you asked if I forgot to take
my meds.

Even though you knew this
was for your safety as it had
nothing to do with the voices
in my head.

All I want for you is to stop
smoking those **** LM
blue and Marlboro too.

Because you have a beautiful
garden inside of you.

And I fear that the smoke
might damage the rose
petals and the wet
summer grass you
have within.

All I want is to see you
constantly bloom the way
flowers due in the month
of April and June* ~
Carolin Mar 2015
Im drowning in
your love everyday
and i don't want to
be ever pulled out of
your waves. I refuse to
be dragged out and saved.
For your love is all that i
ever have craved* ~
Carolin May 2015
There is a land mine in my
lungs. It explodes when your
not nearby. And im left alone
with my soul wanting to cry.
Wanting you with me. Wanting
to feel your body heat. And your hands all over me.

There is a car crash in my eyes.
When i don't see you i see terrible stories and lies. Your presence
makes things easy and alright.
Your love makes the blood pump normally through my arteries. Your
all that i want darling. Your all
that i want sweetheart* ~
Carolin Jan 2015
A love that holds
waves with the power
of flooding cities.
A love that can burn
skyscrapers down
to the ground. A love
that's silent like a
flickering vanilla scented
candle flame. A love that's
untamed like winter's
winds. A love that's free
like autumns falling leaves
A love that has a pretty name.
Our love* ~
Carolin Apr 2015
I refuse to let the culture
stop me from loving you.
I refuse to let people get
in the way. I'll use my nails
to cut the noose they'll try
to choke me with. The
tears that will fall from my
eyes will be like ocean waves.
They'll put out the fire and flames
that will catch on their gasoline
soaked ropes they'll use to
tie me up with. Our love
will live. It's free and true.
No man will come through
me and you. And i'll always
fight when it comes to you.
A love like this deserves a
chance to grow and bloom* ~
Carolin Jan 2016
Seamless, endless, we have
wrapped our story into one;
Where do you begin, where
do I end?

Wherever the road will
allow us to go, promise to
hold my scars and wounds.
Promise to hold me tight
to create new paths of our
own. To share one another
as if we're islands, as if we're
cathedrals, as if we're
treasure lands.

Keep worshiping me my love.
Keep this weary heart pumping
keep it healthy and strong.
Fix the cracks found in the
four chambers of mine. Fix
the loose door knobs as well.
Fix me with kisses and hugs.
Fix me with your tender love.
Fix the broken in me and

We curl together as if in a Mother’s womb.
Twin souls joined and birthed forth into this
world forever entwined, Let us be each other’s
healer, lover, and best friend until our end.
Never more to walk alone blindly through the
long and lonely nights; only sunshine to warm our
way, hand-in-hand, evermore to stay* ~
-By Maureen Lancaster and I
Carolin Aug 2014
I love you future and
present tense.  I love
you today and will love
you in all my tomorrows
promising to kiss away all
your sorrows*  ~
Carolin Nov 2015
Hearts bleed when you
place them in the wrong
hands. Lips crack when
you kiss the wrong men.
Our bodies become drenched
in misery when we sin.
The eyes cry from all the
pain they've seen. And the
soul is left broken from the
inside wanting nothing more
but to die. And our minds
never pause and ask why.
But when the sunshine pours
down on your face. Things
will get right into place. The
past mistakes will wash away.
And you'll find a reaching
hand. A hand of a man that
will clean the blood off your
face. A man that will mend
your broken chest and caress
your heart with tender love
and care. A man that will help
you get back on your feet
again. Give you hope and
faith. A man that will love
you despite your past mistakes.
Before you know it you'll be
his bride. And the angels
will write your history on
the fluff of clouds up high
in God's blue skies. You'll
get married and have beautiful children that look just like
him. And a new chapter in
your life will
begin* ~
Carolin Jun 2015
He took my clothes off.
One at a time he left me
with nothing on but my
socks. Gardens grew on
the places he kissed and
touched. As we sat alone
in his bedroom we watched
the flowers open up steady
and bloom. And that was
when I knew that we were
both madly in love* ~
Carolin Apr 2015
A nerd who loves
numbers and letters.
A nerd who wears geeky
glasses and attends all
her classes. A nerd who
bathes in literature every
night and can speak to him
in the language of poetry.
He fell in love with a nerd
like me* ~
Check my Facebook page :)
Carolin Jul 2014
Slap your skin onto mine . Tell me baby is this devine ?
Slash my lips with one last kiss . Hold me through the night
and touch these hips . Trace these maps that are carved on my
flesh using nothing but just your fingertips . Tell me I love you
and stay with me . I'll hold your hand for an eternity . Let your
light guide me through the dark night . This love I have for you
feels so right . I'll hold you in my arms and promise to cradle you
every night ~
Carolin Aug 2014
Like a ****** building
a damp with logs of
wood a poet builds
his own. Using nothing
but scattered words
written down on
paper by the help
of a pen , to help
block himself from
the world's cruel
reality for as long
as he could. Because
to him it's doing him
no good ~
Carolin Jul 2014
Writing poetry to help free the brokenness in me. While the blazing flames of fire paint different shades of desires on blood red stained bed sheets. I lay here down on my feet with nothing surrounding me but my papers and feather pen. Hoping the black ink won't dry out cause ill have to finish this journey even if i have to bleed myself dry. I'll have to write the rest of my poetry with my own blood if my black ink decides to run out ~
Carolin Dec 2014
Can you keep a secret ?
If I whisper in your ear.
Find a spot so you can keep it.
Until the coast is clear. We can
sit in the meadows as the deers
pass by near and the shadows
disappear. As the fear fades away
and your mine for the year. Today
tomorrow and for a forever. Can
you keep a secret if I whisper it to
you under the hotel chandeliers. Where
the crystals shine bright and
. Can you keep a secret
As we sit by the babbling brook
We could hide in the country side
Were no one would think to look
If we stayed in the city
I'm sure we'd be found out.
Can you keep a secret ?
If I tell it to you now. As the
roses bow down to us while
we sit on the grass and blush.
As we feel our pulses rush. With
a gentle touch and a hush I’ll
whisper to you the sweetest
words of love
Mike Hauser in italics.
Carolin in bold.
My first collaboration with Mike Hauser.
It was a fun new wonderful experience to write with such a talented friend.
Check his poetry later ...
Carolin Feb 2015
As I close my eyes my mind
takes me to you. Not only by
flesh but by heart and soul. As
I close my eyes I feel your love
coursing through my blood. As
I close my eyes I replay the way
your hands caress my thighs by
surprise and how you manage to
take my breath away during the
night and day.  As I close my eyes
I feel you breathe the words of love
down my neck and spine. I feel you
writing them on every inch of my skin
with your fingertips and tongue.  I close
my eyes and I see you take off your
disguise causing the heat in my body  
to rise* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
You made a
home deep inside
my broken bones.
And shut the demons
that used to live their
doing nothing all day
but groan and moan* ~
Carolin Jul 2015
She asked him to bring
her the moon. Since his
air ballon couldn't reach
the galaxies hidden behind
the blue skies , he gathered
all the pretty pebbles and
stones found by the sea
shore. And formed them
in the shape of a crescent.
Then promised her to buy
a rocket ship when has
enough money someday so
he could bring her to the
moon itself. He said that
this was the closest he
could get. She stood with
blushing cheeks that turned
ruby red. While he leaned
close and placed a soft
kiss on her forehead* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
Colour me in colours that don't exist darling if you insist. Dance with me in muddy rain puddles then we can sit by a bon fire doing nothing but laugh and cuddle. Play with my hair if you even dare. Rest your head against my hollow chest and tell me the sweetest of lullabies tonight if you might. Darling im up for anything that will lead you and I to kissing and hugging tight. If you don't mind i can let out a sigh and you can move a hand up gently on my thigh* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
Be poetic instead of pathetic* ~
Carolin Aug 2014
You started writing on
my empty pages. Your
crazy wild untamed soul
made this hollow heart of
mine I carried around in a
lifeless body for nineteen
years beat once more and start to roar
Your hope warmed the cold
blood rushing through my veins.
Wipe your frown
tonight dear cause then
i'll start to cry and make my
eyeliner smear with
every falling tear. Don't
give up the fight with your
inner demons tonight they
just want you to feel nothing
but agony and pain . Your
heart deserves a break for
God's sake don't you be
******* yourself tonight.
I'll stay here up all night
whispering to my god
prayers to make you
be alright. And darling
ill tell the stars up in the
night sky to shine down
on your face with their
grace tonight. This way
you might be a bit fine.
Baby just know to me
your so devine* ~
Carolin Oct 2014
And autumn is to blame
for the ****** of all these
fallen dry red and brown
leaves* ~
Carolin Dec 2014
She fell for him delicately
and effortlessly like maple
leaves down at his feet. She
gave up everything just to
feel his body heat. Together
in autumn weather they fell
for each other hard and deep.
He gave her secrets and kisses
to keep. His love felt soft and
sweet she even felt it at night in
her sleep. Autumn love was what
took over their minds and stallion
steal hearts* ~
Carolin May 2015
I refuse to be dragged in
the dark again. To let my
mother pick on me. Listen
to the trash words being
thrown at me again. I want
to take a stand. Pack my
bags and leave. Never look
back again. Dissolve in the
sky or sleep by the sea shore
at night. Go over to my lovers
home and stay . I'd taste
the devils tears as long as
that'll help me go far from
home. Never spoke a word
about the battles i have going
in my head to her. Never told her about my first poem or what
gives me an adrenaline rush.
Never told her about the words
that make me blush. Or why
did I major in accounting or
anything that has caused me
pain. Never told her about my
plans of wanting to disappear
and die.
They say no hugs are warmer
than a mothers hug.
But they lied. I didn't know it'll
feel so cruel and cold. They
said every daughter has a
special bond with her mom
too but they lied just like they
always do. I kept my secrets
under my skin and never spoke
about them but with him. I dream
of the day where i'll graduate
and move out of this place.
It feels like winter all day. The
walls of my room are like prison
cells they never saw the meaning
of love. They never saw happy
moments , laughter nor painted colours on the ceiling above.
They saw tears roll silently on my cheek. They've only seen my
petals wilt slowly and fall as the
years passed by. They only saw my colours fade away into the black
and grey. I need out of this place
and into my soulmates arms. I
need to go somewhere far
away from home* ~
Carolin Aug 2015
Baby bunny goes hop
hop hop. Baby bunny
jumps up up up.

It boxes the stars and
swings back to mars.

Then sleeps at night on
the moon as it whispers
soft lullabies into its ears.

And they float above
the earth's atmosphere.

Miles away from the
meadows on the

Baby bunny drifts away
like the golden sands
carried away by the
winds of the sahara.

Baby bunny drifts away
like dandelions blown  
into the air while held in
a child's hand.

Baby bunny hops up up
and up. Into the galaxies
and its own secret

Leaving mother earth

Not wanting to make
reality make him go

Baby bunny hops its
way to the place it
created in the back
of its little innocent
mind* ~
Carolin Sep 2015
Baby feet going thump
thump thump.

Baby feet going jump
jump jump.

Baby feet running up
the grassy hill.

With no breaks to pause
and gasp for fresh air.

Baby bunny flops his little
ears to the left and the right
as if they are a helicopters

Ready for take off up high
in the skies.

Holding tight on a dandelion's

With his tail white as milk
and soft as silk.

Baby bunny drifts away in
the summer's warm winds.

Over the river sides and
green hills*  ~
Carolin Nov 2014
Dip my broken wings
into your heavy black
ink. Kiss my cranberry
coloured chapped lips
and grab onto my hips.
Ride me like a dragon
with fiery breath. Let
me touch you and watch
you turn ruby red. I'll wrap
you in my black angelic wings
instead of getting out of your
bed. You my love are who
brought me back from the
dead* ~
Carolin Feb 2017
I wanted suicide. My eyes
could tell about my living
hell. But letting go of all the
ugly and hurt was the key of
ending it all. Holding onto
beautiful things was the
only way to survive.

Holding onto love had me
living my life. Happy and
free it made me. My heart
felt what it was craving for
all along. It wanted to be
caressed and  adored.
My heart never asked
for more ~
Carolin May 2015
Because he pulled
me from darkness to
his light. Because he
held my hand tight when
i was scared. Because
he handed me over his
heart without fearing
that i'll tear it apart with
no care. I knew he's the
one the minute his hand
reached out before the
sun came up. Before the
morning dew dropped.
He came to rescue me
while the whole world was
drowning in it's deep
sleep* ~
Carolin Nov 2014
And you say that it's alright
But darling I know that it’s a lie
From the black in your eyes it
ruins your disguise and every word
you say. I care about you no matter
the things that you do. I'll be there
when you're feeling grey and blue. I'm
telling you this because i've felt that too. Hold still
now so i can kiss you and turn those
lips to pomegranate red. I'll make you
forget every bad word they said. Don't
worry dear love i promise those words
won't replay over and over again in your
head. Lay down now on bed i'll kiss you
hard in order to help you forget every bad
word they said. I care about you trust me
i'm not like those who make you you feel
empty and blue. You just know that i care
about you. I'll hold on to your hand and be
by your side. If you want we can even run away
and watch the riptide for an entire day* ~
Carolin Jan 2016
Written with Nannette Wakefield and I :

Rose petals in the tub
are waiting for you and
I to jump in. Waiting
desperately to caress
our skin.
The night has come and
door bell never rang. Your
phone turns me to voice
mail. I'm all alone crying
on the bathroom floor.
Minutes after I get a
text that your with
someone else.
I cried as I took a few pills.
In the tub I went with my
night gown. The water
covered my every inch.
as I planned to drown. To
drown my sorrow to drown
my misery and shame.
As I was feeling low and
cheap I wanted to shut my
eyes under the running
water and sleep. So much
pain had filled my heart
and lungs. So much hurt
flowed along the blood in
my veins.
I heard echoes under water
of your name. I heard the
promises you've once told
me while I was in your bed.

How could a human heart
be so cold. How could you
kiss one's innocent lips and
play them like a magic trick ?
How could you fake love just
to please yourself and sin ?
How could you expect me
to cope with all of this ?
As I begin to sink slowly
down into the tepid water
I feel so disappointed to
have put my trust in you.
I feel so betrayed and
isolated and alone.
I start to feel the affects
of the pills I had carelessly
taken and then I start to
Who the hell are you to
make me want to end my
life when its you that chose
to cut me deeply with that
sharp knife.
You will not win.  And as I
see a petal float across
my face my heart seems
to be brought back to life
and race.
I sit up still groggy with
the effects of the pills but
with a new sense of my life
my purpose my will.
So don't come begging
me once more. Because
the girl you once knew
and loved does not live
at this door
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