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14.7k · Feb 2015
Seducing him
Carolin Feb 2015
Coming into his dreams
seducing him for fun.
Stripping the clothes
off her skin to make him
turned on. Starting to kiss
his neck while he sits on bed
with his legs wide spread.
Coming into his dream
seducing him with her silky
chocolate brown hair. The way
it falls down covering her *******
resembles the same way the
angels fell from the heavens
above. Kissing him there and
there marking his skin every
where while he takes off her watermelon coloured
underwear she kisses him
deep and hard before the sun
rise and before its time for him
to wake up and open his hazelnut coloured brown eyes. She comes
to his dreams to ****** him in
the dead of every single night* ~
8.0k · Jul 2014
How words can be seducing
Carolin Jul 2014
Did you read what
Tyler Knott Gregson
wrote "Wasted are the
days where the skin
beneath our clothes
doesn't get touched"
she told him. Before
she knew it he fiercely
ripped open the buttons
of her shirt. He took his
hands and touched her
chest freeing all that
was trapped within.
Lips to lips they created
a magical kiss. Skin on
skin they felt the shivers
begin. Body heat filled
the room sweat dripped
like rain slipping off
forest tree leaves. Moans
got louder as they felt the
thrill begin. She said kiss
me over and over to write
fine poetry on my skin we'll
read It together to see if it could
rhyme after we have a glass of red wine ~
6.5k · Aug 2014
Red Velvet Cupcake
Carolin Aug 2014
He reminds me of
red velvet cupcakes.
His clothes are dark
like it's wrapper. Skin
as sweet as the white
frosting placed as the
topping. Cheeks blood
red like the colour
additive added in the
recipe. He's sweeter
than honey coming out
of the queen bee. I'm
telling you he's a cupcake
to me*. ~
5.5k · Apr 2015
A nerd
Carolin Apr 2015
A nerd who loves
numbers and letters.
A nerd who wears geeky
glasses and attends all
her classes. A nerd who
bathes in literature every
night and can speak to him
in the language of poetry.
He fell in love with a nerd
like me* ~
Check my Facebook page :)
4.0k · Jul 2014
Cupcakes and chaos
Carolin Jul 2014
Can you be my cupcake tonight ?
If you be the cupcake ill be your
sprikles and frosting . Your chubby
blushing cheeks remind me of red
velvet cake . Im **** sure what im
saying is no mistake because you remind
me of that kind of cupcake . Did anyone
ever tell you that your sweeter than sugar
before ?! Because if not than here I am
telling you your sweeter than blood red jam .
Now come on darling undo your shirt and
let me take a bite out of your heart tonight ~
3.0k · Jul 2014
Be My Batman
Carolin Jul 2014
If you be my batman tonight can i be your batwoman ?
Would you take me on a ride in your love shack tonight ?
Take off my leather batwoman costume and fill this room up with **** love fumes . We'll be happier than garden flowers that bloom . I'll stay up all night to watch the full moon beside you . If you let me touch you would you wrap me in your bat wings ? Come on babe tell me you'll be my batman tonight ? I'll curl up beside you in the dead of night . Now undo my black leather costume strings with your batman hands and feel my every inch while i play your favorite song and start to lip synch for you in the middle of the night ~
2.9k · Nov 2015
Describing My Man
Carolin Nov 2015
Your a fairytale. A merman
with pretty scales. A fantasy
a man that looks really fancy.
The eyes you have look crystal
blue. They make me want to
take a dip in them cause they
remind me of the deep blue sea.
And oh God the way you look
at me just makes me want to
stare at your pretty face for an eternity. Your eyes hold the
best of poetry. I saw love in
them the first time you turned towards me. Your beauty made
my skin blush from the inside
out and flowers bloom in every
corner of the room we were
standing in. I'm lucky to be
with a man like you. A man
that looks like the portraits
I have hung up on my
bedroom walls* ~
2.8k · Jul 2015
I'm The Werewolf
Carolin Jul 2015
I'm the werewolf of the night.
The one you fear looking at
straight in the eye. I'm the
werewolf that howls at the
silver moon. Left alone in
the dark feeling sad and
blue. Not having a ****
clue of what to do.

I'm the
werewolf that carries it's
secrets under its skin and
fur. While others talk about
what bothers them while I
sit as my blood boils from

Not knowing of how
to tell the people the mess
that i've been dragged in
since that night the black
wolf sank it's fangs deep
down into my skin.

Causing the pain to spread
from vein to vein. Causing
me these fevers and aches
as my body transforms and
shakes in the dead of night.
Causing me to go mad and

I'm the werewolf that saw
it's life and freedom taken
away in the light of the day
as I was about to be another
wolf's prey.

I was once an innocent
little girl that loved walking
alone in the woods. I was
once a little girl that thought
evil and magic don't exist
in the world.

But this is me
today a werewolf running
around looking for fresh
prey. Looking for a soul to
take before the night
fades away* ~
2.7k · Jul 2014
Seduce me
Carolin Jul 2014
Drink the wild air
with me. ****** me
with your devil's eyes.
     Fill my veins with your
     lovely venom tonight
     and make me your slave.
I won't even mind if you
sink in your **** fangs
and drink out of the fountain
     of pain flowing in my
     every vein. All I know
     is that I crave you from
     the skin to the bone* ~
2.6k · Nov 2014
About a course i hate
Carolin Nov 2014
I hate tax accounting as
much as I hate white icing
on my cake. For ****'s sake
why do they give us such
complicated courses as
requirements to take* ~
2.2k · Jan 2015
Crayola crayon box
Carolin Jan 2015
You remind me of a
crayon box. And the
colours of purple and
blue. The colours of
sunsets found inside a
mango peel and the
shades of green in your
eyes before you take the mango
peel off and see it from inside.
And when you wear that
green pullover of yours
that reminds me of  leprechauns
and four leaf clovers. I
know this might sound crazy
but darling its oh so true.
Orange and brown look
good on you too. Your
cheeks look like strawberry
pink when they freeze from
winters cold breeze. You
also remind me of my favorite
black crayon that i never
let go of during every single
art class. Deep mysterious
and full of secrets and stories
to be told. You remind me
of a crayon box because
you hold more beautiful colours
than any rainbow holds.
And that's why i smile every
time i touch my little crayola
crayon box because it always
brings me thoughts of you* ~
2.0k · Jan 2015
Describing a man
Carolin Jan 2015
His voice is like
marmalade and blue
jays , it can drown out
the sound of your
nervous bones and
mend broken chests
and hearts. She drowns
in the colours of him as
it washes away her every
sin. Being with him makes
her whole. To die next to
him will be indeed such a
heavenly way to go. Oh
for she was just one of
those lost homeless souls
until his warmth and love
built her a cozy home. If
she could crawl under his
skin and be cradled in his
rib cage like a child at night
, she would of done that
instead of sleeping next
to him wrapped up in his
dazzling arms of gold* ~
1.8k · Aug 2014
Nap Nap
Carolin Aug 2014
Nap nap on my lap.
Nap nap after you trace
the map on my skin.
Nap nap on my chest.
Let my heartbeats be
your lullabies or even your
favorite melodies. Nap nap
so in the dream we'll meet up
and fly in the night sky. I'll be
your pillow while you curl up next
to me. Rest over me. Come on
darling you can nap right here
on top of me* ~
1.6k · Nov 2014
What words have ...
Carolin Nov 2014
Every word has
a pulse. Every poem
has a heartbeat* ~
1.5k · Aug 2014
A kiss
Carolin Aug 2014
He kissed her
a kiss so seducing
and deep. It caused
the angels to faint
and the demons
to weep. The earth
almost got knocked
off it's axis as it watched
and shouted out loud
for an applause to watch
it again on repeat* ~
Carolin Jan 2015
There lay sadness so deep in
his hazelnut brown eyes. It
startled her. Could this be
because of a mother’s love
that chocked him deep down
to the bone. Drifting away
through the black and grey
trying to avoid everyone who
came into his way. He found a
girl who was sad and blue. “I
might as well follow you on
twitter too” he said to himself.
Exchanging thoughts and ideas
they decided to stay together.
Become better and walk out of
the misery they lived through.
A date and two he found himself
drenched in her love. “How
could you be prettier than emeralds
and all the stars. How could you
be prettier than the fresh blood
red roses people leave for their
loved ones over their grey silver
grave stones ?” You brought me
to life when all I wanted to do was
stay home till death comes and
picks me away to the heavens like
they say. “The sadness in your eyes
told me that you need someone to
love you and stay” was all she said
while she looked at him straight
ahead as he blushed and turned ruby
red. Take this feather and ink and
write me down into your story. Ink
my skin with words of love. But let
me tell you one thing first I see
dandelions and happy wishes too
behind the darkness you hold inside
of you. And gardens about to burst
with wild flowers , butterflies and
daylights sunshine. He held her tight
and poems began to roll down her
arms and thighs*

They made vows to be together even
after fifty. Promises seem like sweet
nothings and cheesy, but what they felt
inside was real. "Exterior is only what
beauty defined. Interior is where your
heart refines" she said to him everytime.
Their 'ILoveyous' never been feigned to
just saying it. Everytime those three words
versed out loud, they can feel their hearts
glued together. Beating to the same nocturne
rhythm. Both beautifully in tune, in sync.
Both of them knew this is how they truly
feel. Heart's that were once armored with
steel. Stolen and found their nest where they
truly belong. Like a ship that needs its keel.
They sail through stormy oceans to finish their
last song* ~
Erenn in italics
Carolin in bold
Collab number six.
This can't get any better than this. This poem is dedicated to two special people. I hope this sets a smile on their faces when they read it.
It's an honor to work with such a talented friend and poet.
Like , repost and give us your feedback.
Here is his link please drop by his page and visit
Carolin Jul 2015
On lotus flower petals
that float into the Nile
too I will write the words
of I love you* ~
Carolin Dec 2014
She whispered to the
blue shy sky secrets of
love.While he told the
silver moon about his
online crush.Winters cold
breeze carried their words
above making the roses and
tulips flirt and exchange kisses
and hugs. Does he love me does
he not? Does she love me does
she not he thought. Angels twirled
at heavens doors as they watched
the young two blush from above
He never believed in online dating
But this girl got his feet up his lips
He was crushed by a few in the past.
But fate has its twist as they met on the
net. Both made a comment on youtube
Only two on the comment box. Only two
love the same song. "He's pretty cute."
"We love the same song!" The two started
exchanging emails That's where fate laughed
out its sparks
. *Sparks that were brighter than
those we see in Central Park.
This was it they lit up each other's
dark. Getting all excited to meet up
in real life. He held her hand and that
was when she knew he's an angel in
disguise. Exchanging smiles he said "I want
you to be mine". "I'm willing to love you till
the end of time" she said. Laughs and
giggles spread they both felt light headed
and like little kids. I love you they said as
their lips first met
Erenn in bold
Carolin in italics
Its our 2nd collaboration
He's talented i enjoy writing poetry with him
Im looking forward to write more and more
Visit his page
1.4k · May 2015
He saved me from the sea
Carolin May 2015
Wrap me up and save
me. I'm drowning in God's
seas again. The waves
are hard to escape. I can't
breathe as the water is filling
up my lungs again. People
gathered to watch my
miserable life end. No
one offered me a hand.
You were the only man
willing to dive and take
the swim. You dragged
me above the waves. Held
my head up and cried in
pain "Please don't do this
again". "Breath in breathe
and out". "Breathe in the
words trembling from my
mouth" "Breathe in these
words of I love you and i'll
always do till the very end"
he said as he dragged me
to the sea shore. Where he
laid my body down. Kissed
my lips and neck. Where
he picked the seaweed
off my golden coloured
dress* ~
1.4k · Dec 2015
Mad Love
Carolin Dec 2015
Clothes stripped on the
porcelain floor. Shaving
foam applied on his beard.
A razor blade is held up
against his throat. Her
******* are now fully
exposed. They sit against
the sink his eyes blink as
she moves up closer
to him.

Head back on the wall.
She's got full control. Sharp
blades caress his skin. She
whispers sweet poetry as
the blade touches him. Feeling worried feeling little and thin.
He let's her carry on and do
her thing.

Silence falls as lust begins
to show in their eyes. They
both feel the heat and tension.
As she wipes off the cream
that's placed over his chin.
The good vibes start rise and
the love fumes caress the
walls and doors. He tells her
a story of a bride and a groom.
Little by little they find
themselves standing in
the bedroom.

Their hearts beat in sync.
Lust isn't making them think.
Passion stirs in their veins. They
both head to the bed. Skin on
skin. Chest to chest. Lips caressing each others necks. She moans
as he roars. Romantic poetry trembles out of their tongues
and wet lips. Chaos settles
in their hearts.

They finish their hot mess
and lay on their backs to rest. Hearing the pendulum clock
go tick tock. Wrapped in blankets they cuddle and snuggle. And
wait for dawn to come along.
So they head to the dock and
talk about their future plans and dreams. To kiss and hug as
they wait for the morning
sun rise and kiss their
faces and blushing
cheeks* ~
1.4k · Dec 2014
Chaotic Love
Carolin Dec 2014
We moved in waves.
Lost in love , lust and
star dust we felt the pulse
rush. Loving him is a must.
I'll give up anything and
everything just to keep our
chaotic love
alive* ~
1.4k · Nov 2014
Eating skittles
Carolin Nov 2014
Eating skittles while telling
my love silly riddles. We throw
pebbles in the river and watch
the ripples forming circles.
Trying not focus much at how
they multiply and look pretty as
fine poetry. We believe that would
help us avoid feeling light headed
and dizzy. If we were at the sea we'd
hug and watch the waves crash on the
shore. Bowing down to kiss our wet
sandy toes. As the clouds part so the day
light shines down on our fragile skin
and the skies write our love story that's
about to begin* ~
Carolin Feb 2015
We are like two different thoughts synced with our heartbeats,
We are like the wayfaring bodies traveling on the same streets,
We are like the moon and the sun, loving each other afar,
With galaxies around me, yet wishing for a shooting star.

We are like the coffee and the tea, gulped during a winter breeze,
We are like the pheromones generated by a gentle squeeze,
We are like two steady boats flowing in tranquility,
With innumerable happy faces around me, yet i find yours very pretty*

Your face is prettier than me.
Beautiful than the blue oceans
and skies. Calming like the waves
in the shallow rivers. Calming
like the way morning dew falls
down on rose petals. We are
like kings and queens living in
royalty. The way you look at me
and the way i bow down to you
when you call me your majesty
makes me feel like living the life
of luxury. We're like
peanut butter and jelly and how
they get mixed up together while
they make their way down to
one's belly. We are like coffee
and cream because of the way we
both go together. Most of all we
have a love that's not mainstream.
Not like those couples we see constantly
on TV. You make my
every day seem like a valentines
to me. Just by bringing me treats and
kissing me under the sheets
while we sit together. Every day i pray
that this is how we'll stay for
an eternity. I pray that we'll be husband
and wife for an infinity* ~
Bluestarfall in bold
Carolin in italics
Our first collab together. Looking forward to write much more later with him.
He's fun and talented it really was a wonderful experience.
Please check his page later from the link below :)
Carolin Dec 2014
Christmas lights dangling
from the roof to the floor.
Mistletoe hung up on the door.
Christmas is coming get up
and decorate your lane.
Don't leave it blank and
plain. Rudolf's nose is
pomegranate red. Must
be from the cold the people
said. Hang the socks up
stuff them with candy
and be a little handy.
Gingerbread cookies
aren't baked yet. Should
we worry or just get in
a hurry. Christmas is
coming. Christmas is
coming. Oh Karl would
you get the door i think
i can hear Christmas
Oh dear the cookies aren't baked yet
And I’m looking bad too

Stop worrying about that honey
I’m always here for you

Oh don’t forget to set the mistletoe
On our old oak door

Right so please stop worrying
I’ve place the socks too

Come on now, come on now
We got to go
There’s tons of discounts
For us on that store

Can’t we just stay, just stay
Inside of our house
I’m freezing cold now
So timeout of this winter wonderland

So now it’s 12MN
People outside are calling “Yoo-Hoo”!
Come out now
‘Cause it’s quite lovely
To stroll around with you

Let me drink this med
Then I’ll come with you
Though I’m kinda sick
Let us enjoy the evening view

Settle down with me and help
me out with this eggnog. We can
gather around the tree instead of
strolling out endlessly and free
while the snow falls on our blood
red cheeks. Dinner is ready on the
stove. Tell me if it’s well cooked
or a bit raw. The Holidays make
the adrenaline kick in. That explains
why we’re over stressing on everything
since the day had begun. Now settle
down *** and sip your eggnog with
me while I turn on the lights on our
lovely Christmas
tree** ~
K Chua in italics
Carolin in bold
Hey HP people
It's our 2nd collaboration together :)
He's a talented writer ...
From all parts of world
Happy holidays
From Carolin and K Chua
All the best to you!

Check out K Chua's link below
1.3k · Nov 2014
Erotic Love
Carolin Nov 2014
Shivering bodies
quivering lips. Pants
unzipped and dropped
down low below the hips.
This is it he says. Standing
by the edge of his bed.
Observing me with his
beautiful eyes touching
me between the thighs.
Im on the edge of high she
says and you're my angel
in disguise. While she takes
off her dress his hands
caress her neck her flesh
her legs and every inch. Hands reaching out for her bra
to unclip. How do you feel
he says. Naked , exposed ,
wild as can be and free she
replies. Take me into your story write me down on your pages
let me stain your soul with the
ink of love. Wrap me in your
arms till the day i die she
says while he traces her
curves and reaches her
heart. Promise to never
tame me and keep me wild
as she kisses the back of his
neck. I'll love you for an
eternity and we'll explode
together like the stars up in
the galaxy* ~
Carolin Dec 2014
She has ink dripping
from her lips. He blames
that on the poetry she
drinks after each and
every kiss she gives to
him on his cheeks and
ribs. Sometimes in his
mouth as she claims that
it's her cathedral and the
only place where she
confesses all of her darkest
sins. He sends kisses down
her spine. As if it holds the
knobs to the doors of her
fragile broken soul. Hoping
that each kiss will lead him
in. This is the story of where
their new life begins. There
tangled in the sheets of his
warm cozy bed. And that was
the moment when they both
paused and said the best is yet
to come. And our young love
will live on and on* ~
1.3k · Aug 2014
Maple Leaf
Carolin Aug 2014
I'll try to be brief.
You remind me of
a maple leaf. How
bravely it falls.
How it's flawless
as it dances while it
makes its way down
to the solid floor.
Your skin is lovely light
brown just like the maple
leaf laying innocently on
the ground. The way the
winds carry it away from
town to town. Is similar to
how the winds carry to me
your voice and sound.
Whenever im feeling down
ill carry a maple leaf around
in the pocket of my ripped
jeans. This way you'll be kind
of close to me. You'll always
be hanging on a maple leaf
tree during the autumn
season. Which is the season
where our love was found.
And that was the first time
our souls had ever felt wild
and free* ~
Carolin Dec 2014
Never experienced the
light before he came. She
only had the dark to blame.
Sitting hours alone in the dark's
violence that ruined her home.
Sitting on the grey stone near
the river bank almost broken
and ******. She felt him pat
her back. Tracing her tear
stained face with nothing but
his fingertips while the other
hand was on her shirt with
black lace. We'll get through
this hand in hand he said. While
pushing away the dark clouds
above her head. It was only a
matter of time that he proved
to her what he said. Sun's light
shined down on her face. Making
her smile light up with grace

Every rubble he'd seen, fear cowered
for the first time. As he became stronger
to save as much lives possible. He never
knew what love meant, until he met her.
It was her eyes, its like the rainbows mixed
together to emit that ethereal iris. This heart
of his, will mourn to the world if she'd been
gone from him. It was with her he found his

Being together would complete his life.
He wanted her to become his future wife.
They spent hours exchanging words of love
soft kisses and hugs. Day after day they
got more attached. It was obvious that they
perfectly matched. Adjusting wild flowers,
daffodils and dandelions in her hair. Oh so
pretty how they blend like a chameleon
when left on a branch or a chair. She felt that
her heart started to become more aware of
the love they both share. “How could I be
unaware of such beauty , it makes me forget
the word afraid” he said*.

Even if the world we're living in is dying.
Even if our love were to be short lived. I'll
be with you till the very end" she said. They
could see it, as their lives disappearing in sight. They clenched both their hands tightly
and render to the justice that preached hope
but enslave innocence. But they were content
till the end. They died together, their souls
embark on a new journey. To eternity, to a
forever after. Together* ~
Erenn in italics
Carolin in bold
This dude just has mind blowing talents honestly that's all i can say. Looking forward to write more and more with him. So glad we become friends :)
Check his link below :)
Carolin Jan 2015
Your name is a golden
shiny bell hung up in my
heart. It tastes sweeter than
apple pie and red hot cinnamon
flavored gum. It warms me more
than the heat that radiates from the
sun. It’s spelled out in four short
letters that sound fun when pronounced.
Its true i'm telling you, your name is a
golden bell hung and tangled between
the ventricles of my heart. It sounds like
secret prayers whispered in the dark.
Your name is slowly taking over my

it is a mantra now, reverberating throughout my being
in a place where repetition is sweet fulfillment
and to say it , feel it, taste it on my lips..
To drown in the essence, the flavor...sticky sweet
like hot candy floss on my tongue
like a prayer on my lips
and a song in my heart .....
a prickly, tender stroking of every pore in my flesh
your sweetness becomes my depth and in that...
I am whole, satiated and warm with glowing rapture
I awake each hour to the hunger
and the more I indulge the more it becomes a thirst
and yours is the only nectar to quench this perpetual desire
thirst, hunger, desire, longing ..... You

Your name sweeps my feet
off the ground. It sounds like
secret melodies carried by the
winds and entering my ear. It’s
the only word that I want to hear
throughout this entire year. These
four letters shall forever be carved
on the chambers of my heart. These
four letters are what let me fall in love
from the very start. Inking my skin with
these four letters is all what I really want*

like a tattoo, indelibly inked upon my soul
there is you and your music and the melody
which haunts my dreams and fills my every waking hour
to utter your name is like a prayer
to hear your voice is a symphony of ecstasy
playing upon the strings of my heart
dare I say it out loud
would the entire world fall for you'
as I have done?
I’ll share the joy but never,
even at the cost of my own life,
will I release this feeling from my being
you are the message I have waited
my whole life to hear
sing it to me now, in dulcet tones of passion
create your vision of us in your own fashion
and now I own your name, your song, the dream
but you own me..For I am yours...entirely.
sing ..... And I promise the perfect harmony* ~
Wolf spirit in italics
Carolin in bold
It's our first collaboration. He's a talented poet. I'm really looking forward to write more and more with him. Really glad we met Mr. Wolf it was a great experience to work with you.
Feel free to leave us your feedback ...
And here is wolf spirit's link below ...
1.2k · Jul 2015
Flowers In Skulls
Carolin Jul 2015
And i wrote this :
Dark art has it's own
spark. Flowers in skulls
have brave hearts.

The way they grow out
from death.

The way they fight to
survive and bloom into

Fascinating the living and
the dead with the way
they grow through the
holes where eye *****
should exist.

They get to have a vision
of their own before
decomposing and turning
to ash and dust like
skeletons under their silver
grave stones.

Isn't courageous of them to experience life from
someone who's dead ?

As their roots cover every
inch of bone on the human

Growing stronger than
never before.

Bursting into life and
colours instead of fading
out into the black
and grey* ~
1.2k · Jul 2014
Paint me
Carolin Jul 2014
Paint me on a paper or paint me in your head. You can even paint me lying down on bed.
I don't care where you paint me as long as you paint me beside you. Splash the paint on my skin and watch the sin begin. Paint me in red or in different shades of blue. I don't care if you even paint me kissing you. Just promise you'll hang my portraits up on your bedroom walls. Cause they will scare any shadow that comes out and crawls ~
1.1k · Jan 2015
Silent Fighter
Carolin Jan 2015
He was a silent fighter.
Trying to get rid of the
demons in his lungs. Wasn't
long till she came along.
Asked him what's wrong
and collided her tongue
with his while she held him
in her wings. That was the
minute the demon living in
his lungs turned to glitter
and gold. And it no longer
left him with the pain that
almost drove him insane* ~
1.1k · Dec 2014
His Fire
Carolin Dec 2014
His fire keeps her
body warm in this
cold winter snow.
His fire chases her
bad dreams away
during the middle
of the day. His love
however stitched her
wounds from the nasty
words that her fake
friends and family used
to say.  His burning
flames keep her safe
especially when the
time is late and after
midnight. His fire will
forever be her favorite
craving and desire.* ~
1.1k · Jul 2014
A once in a lifetime love
Carolin Jul 2014
Slap your skin onto mine . Tell me baby is this devine ?
Slash my lips with one last kiss . Hold me through the night
and touch these hips . Trace these maps that are carved on my
flesh using nothing but just your fingertips . Tell me I love you
and stay with me . I'll hold your hand for an eternity . Let your
light guide me through the dark night . This love I have for you
feels so right . I'll hold you in my arms and promise to cradle you
every night ~
1.1k · May 2015
Stay Up With Me
Carolin May 2015
Stay up late with me
and decorate the moon.
Hang up on it shiny little
lamps and stamps. Stay
up with me and watch it
shine in the night's sky.
And hold hands as we
watch the stories we
have in one another's
eyes. Stay up with me
all night and be by my
side. Watch the moon
enjoy it's new lights
and sigh* ~
1.1k · Jan 2016
Eskimo Kiss
Carolin Jan 2016
I'll build an igloo from
your snow. I'll build an
igloo from your winter.
I'll build an igloo so I
can get a chance to
eskimo kiss your little
buttoned shaped
nose in the
cold* ~
Carolin Jan 2016
He left a part of his
heart under my  

Stitched it up with a
silver coloured

Told me words of love
while the needle went
out and in.

Placed a kiss on my
rosy cheek and told
that he'll put my pain
to an end.

He wove love onto
my skin.

While his fingertips
were begging to
undress the champaign
lace I was wearing.

And the scar he left
was exactly like the
signature he leaves
on all the letters he
writes for me* ~
1.1k · Aug 2014
Tic tac toe
Carolin Aug 2014
Tic tac toe
wrap me up
with a shiny
     I'll feed you your
     favorite coleslaw &
     promise to come out &
     play with you in the snow.
Baby if you
want we can
even dance
slow and just
go with the flow* ~
1.1k · Jan 2015
Violins and him
Carolin Jan 2015
Her body held the
strings of a violin.
His  fingers tuned
each and every one
of them. Together
they made the musical
begin the minute he
plucked on all her strings* ~
Carolin Jan 2016
Everyone's love has
faded from my heart
starting with family
and ending with

Your arms are the
ones that i'll chose
to run in when drunk.
Your chest is the one
that i'll hide in. Your
collar bones is where
i'll bury my face in.

For it's you that will
wash me clean
from sin.

And wash my body
from the alcohol
drenching it from
within in order to
make me sober
once again.

It's you darling.

My mind and heart
will always chose
you even if in a
room with a
hundred or
a billion
standing* ~
1.0k · Nov 2015
Thank You
Carolin Nov 2015
Thank you for existing.
Thank you for all the
kissing and hugging.
The morning texts and
the late night sexts.
Life without you is nothing.
The world is dark when we
part and go to our homes.
My body becomes numb
the minute you leave me
The shadows and thoughts
creep in my mind and crawl
out to play.
The tears begin to gather
and fall the way heavy rain
does when it pours from
depressed skies.
The noise in my head
becomes loud.
Everything that never made
me happy and proud goes
on replay.
And I start to remember the
times that i've been used
and abused.
Those nights where I slept in
my bed with bruises and cuts.
The secrets I buried deep
down in my thin veins.
It all just gives me the chills
and it feels awful and
You changed my story and
the words I had written in
every page.
Without you I wouldn't have
known the meaning of a
real love story.
I wouldn't have seen the light
or glory. I would have probably
faded out into the black
and grey.
And so today I thank you for
saving me from the
depression that took
over me.
Those eating disorders and
bad habits. All the self hate
I had towards this body of
Thank you for loving me
with your heart and not
allowing any of my flaws
get in your way.
Thank you for everything
you've done .
And thank you for all the
things that you're willing
to do in advance as you
clutch onto my little
fragile hands* ~
Carolin Feb 2017
I feel numb and cold. I
feel isolated and bored.
My hands have sinned
again. This body is no
longer holy without you
by its side. Without your
hands caressing my
arms and thighs.

I painted a map on the
wall. Planned to build a
raft to float across the
ocean hoping to land
on your shores.

I can't sleep alone
anymore. I have to
move next to you. I
forgot what is it like to
feel. Lost my appetitive
and will to survive. I
need you badly in my
bed sheets tonight. I
stained the walls
with geography.

Paint splattered on my
shirt. And now I'm left
with nothing to do but
to write you a love note
and head out to build
that boat.

I'll be kicking these
waves soon. By dawn
i'll be wrapped up in
your arms. And we'll
be kissing again under
the moon light. But now ,
i have these feral
waves to
fight ~
Carolin Mar 2015
Our eyes meet
it's electric , almost magnetic
we look at each other as if we are
the only people on earth,
and in our minds we are the gods
of the universe,
our souls are united , we are not
two hearts but one,
we are the love couple's in folk tales
uniting in this life time.

We exchange words that
sound poetic while we sit
and feel them course through
our every vein. The love we
share is a bit chaotic. We sit
at night up in our attic. Watching
the silver moonlight from the
window frame. Counting the
stars like it's the only game.
We tangle our hands as if they
are tied with shackles and chains. The only thoughts that come
to our brains are thoughts of
our love and how it all happened
as it was  unarranged. Sitting
in the attic you touch my skin.
Making it feel like a wild flame
that's being put out by rain.
Looking in your eyes i see the prettiest sunrise. Holding your
hands feeling ocean waves. I
listen to your heart as its beats
rhyme with mine. I want you
curled under my skin and always
in m mind. I want you standing
safe and guarded behind the
cage of my ribs. Just like babies
do at night in their cribs. We are
the lovers that the poet's mentioned back in the old age

We are the lovers whom are destined to meet each other in every life time again and again**  ~
Bold by Sajjad
Italics by Carolin
It's our first collab. It was a great experiance to write with such a talented friend.
Check his page in the link below :)
Carolin Dec 2014
She lit the past with a match.
Watched the flames lick the
walls as they danced slowly
then all at once. We'll never be
the same again that's all he said.
Collecting the ash of what was left
and taking my hand to walk over to
the river side in the dead of night. Shut
your eyes and blow the pain away in
the wild winds. This is your chance to
live again and feel your heart beat from
within. Because a beauty like you deserves
to be loved and unbroken. I'll mend your
chest stitch up that precious heart of yours.
And fill the cracks of your bones with
nothing but the purest kind of love. We'll
never be the same again he said as he leaned
down and kissed her forehead. I'll make sure
you never experience anything bad or sad like
you did before we met. Now come on darling it's
almost time for bed. Let me wrap you with my
arms of dazzling gold to keep you warm instead
of the blanket that you just burned and claimed
it dead.* ~
Carolin Sep 2015
On a boat here we go.

Row row and row.
No time to look back
no time to slow.

Running away from war.
Running away from ISIS.
Running away from this

Daddy made no crime.
He had no food , pennies
or dimes.

The sun didn't shine.
The waves kept on going
high and high.

It was obvious that we were
going to drown and die.

Didn't matter if we screamed
or cried.

The angels wept from the
sky while the rich slept on
feather pillows without giving
a **** or showing some

While the terrorists continued
on their mission. The blood
spilling and ****.

I knew i had a God up there
watching over us.

My body was tired and the
waves were about to erode

Shivers descending down
our spines. And foam
escaping our mouths.

Salt and sadness filled our

We didn't beg for dear life.
And we didn't dare to ask

We gave our souls up.
Surrendered and died.

Knowing that there is a better
life waiting for us. Knowing that Christ will welcome us up in his

With his bright light and angels playing their violins and harps.

We sure are tiny humans.
But we died brave as we tried
hard and kicked the oceans
angry waves.

We made it to the heavens
above. While the terrorists
will burn to ash and dust.

As the time comes for their
weapons to  drop and
rust* ~
936 · Aug 2014
Let me be your violin
Carolin Aug 2014
Grab a fist full of my
silk hair. Play with it
as if it's like the strings
that are stretched perfectly
on your maroon coloured
wooden violin* ~
924 · Aug 2015
Baby Bunny
Carolin Aug 2015
Baby bunny goes hop
hop hop. Baby bunny
jumps up up up.

It boxes the stars and
swings back to mars.

Then sleeps at night on
the moon as it whispers
soft lullabies into its ears.

And they float above
the earth's atmosphere.

Miles away from the
meadows on the

Baby bunny drifts away
like the golden sands
carried away by the
winds of the sahara.

Baby bunny drifts away
like dandelions blown  
into the air while held in
a child's hand.

Baby bunny hops up up
and up. Into the galaxies
and its own secret

Leaving mother earth

Not wanting to make
reality make him go

Baby bunny hops its
way to the place it
created in the back
of its little innocent
mind* ~
907 · Oct 2014
Your body ~ My temple
Carolin Oct 2014
Your body is my temple.
The beauty it has is more
than the beauty of a pebble
forming multiple ripples in
the calm of the shallow river
waters. Your body is the temple
that holds great powers from
within* ~
902 · Nov 2014
Winter love
Carolin Nov 2014
The cold and the rain.
The beauty of you
shivering through your
jeans as you stand and
freeze while the breeze
makes its way across
your fleshy cheeks. Making
you cold to the knees leaving
me wanting to take a
picture and keep it in a
golden frame with your
name. A fork a knife and
a cinnobon roll shared
with your wife. How much
exciting can this life turn
out to be. You treat me like
a queen bumble bee. The
honey drops from your
voice while you tell me words
of love and how that you
gave your all to me. I laugh i
smile and stare into your
eyes for a while. This is not
a dream this is reality.
Feeling light and free as a
pretty coloured feather you
manage to make me. Thanks
for existing and making me
so **** happy as i write
down this love in the form
of poetry* ~
Carolin Aug 2015
Can we get married in
the sea ? Swim our
way to the shore ?

Dress up fancy and let
me adjust your bow.

Can we knot our fingers
together and swim out
of the gentle waves ?

Feel the shells beneath
our toes and the love deep
in our bones.

Can we kiss under the water
as you place your hands
under my white fluffy
dress and grab me by
the heart and hips ?

Can we have some wild fun
as we hum the same
song along and our lips
kiss till they go numb ?  

While the salted water
wrinkles the skin on our
hands and feet.

As we exchange emotions
that are soft and sweet.

Can we get married in the
sea ?

Baby it'll be just you
and me I promise it'll be
oh so heavenly* ~
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