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Feb 2013
Hip-shot with a blind eye and not willing to die,
I still have a few more limbs to lose before I dribble into the absence of life,
Though when I return to a crawl,
I will continue on till I perish with pride,
When I know I gave it my all,  

Crossed eyed because I studied between the lines,
Sought to doubt the testaments of man, the lies with ancestral lines,
What I found left me yearning to put some six feet into the ground,
With a smile smearing to a frown, I would happily shatter a crown,
Or the existence of the insignificant,

But I control my hate,
Like the thorns that leaked the blood that I share,
Just a religion’s token of glitter and gluttony,

A sign that you forgot, not everyone is friendly,  
Best walk in the shoes of an enemy,
It could be anybody,
With a different ideology,

Because I've been continually caught on your hook as you dangle this like a prize,
Extorting an opportunities at the expense of another’s existence, another life
You’re letting this fall apart!
You’re gains hurt the persistence of my survival beliefs,

From a mother yet you labeled it a start,
How do you know what it is like womb warm with a beating heart?
What if this is just a different hue of life’s light,
What if this isn't the reality you have in mind,

Not knowing if there is even an Almighty,
You've got the clothes to fill the pews,
Not knowing what came before,
You are assured what lays ahead is subjective,
What you think happens after death,
Make me want to put a bullet in my head

With perceptions based on day-dreams,
Our ancestors sown the cloths of this social clot,
Allowed till we see through the hues of faith-based thought,
We can stop it if we breed more born-again humans,

To introduce an infant,
Rather than indoctrinate the innately ignorant,
To help improve the indigenous,
Than strive for spiritual dependence.
Carmelo Antone
Written by
Carmelo Antone  Dallas
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