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Apr 2013
Stoplight Lynching,
Drive-by Reaping,
Soul snatching police officers,
Throat tearing teacherโ€™s with a theme
Violence in the genes,

Scheming while masquerading what you are to be,
Playing charades because social acceptance is in,
Evolving from barbarism to greed,

Juxtaposed Imposter,
Judicially Jaded,
Think you can wield a blade,
When congressional dribble will bleed you away,

Martyr Mishaps,
Minds without maps and easy to catch,
A congregation in need creeds,

Stoplight sinning,
Drive-by finishing,
Soul savoring deities,
Throat slicing teachings,
Ignorance is a conquering king,

All encompassing,
All controlling,

Ignorance is a conquering thief, compromising our mental capacities for the sake of Almighty Themes.
Carmelo Antone
Written by
Carmelo Antone  Dallas
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