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Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Easier to snap stitches sown by a witch,
Individual infliction, comforts to materialize,
Mentally-made pain,

Not one to take a knife to my vein,
Mentally tortured till I'm convinced to claw at those arteries
Peer pressure, I am more than just a friend look for gain,

Naturally nourished before incubation
Neurologically nestled till you learn of our need,
To share an existence, that I will also perceive,  

If only we could say, If only I could see,
Our minds can ******* the bold,
Those egos bring us deeper than the worms,
The roots of a cemetery’s dying trees no one can reach,

Keeping us quickly exiting this existence,
The discovery of complete darkness or another chance to perceive,
The mystery that keeps you listening to me,

From lobes that function and breathe
My torment fostered from a self-destructive process,
Thoughts fomented in the cranial corridors of a mind in need,

Independent and only recently unaware,
The mind doesn’t fear the electric chair,

Each day will bring trouble,
But some will bring you peace and a sense of a soul once more,
In the wake of mind that mandates, manipulates,
Be the powerhouse that reaches for your own controls,
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
From broken to reaching for Revelations,
My chance to spread some angelic wings,

I was eroded by an ****** enlightenment,
With those who knew the limits of lust,
But not individuals of the evening,

Wishing to feel complete,
Once feeling the glory of a lover,
With tangled toes and tossed feet,
Sweat, moans, and humanly harmony,

Realizing the relationship was destined to be a Shakespearean tragedy,
I lost someone I still hold dear to me,
Because I couldn't live that life,
The liar dressed like a priest,

Erased by memories, moans of relief,
Please keep in mind baby,
No dirtiness for me,

I’ve been particular with those laid into the bed of this thief,
Where I can reap the natural fixes of her beauty,
Absent of love,
Away from everything,

With a life too short for worldly inflicted woes,
When your existence is timed by faith filled beliefs,
Making me work for the air I need,
For the breaking that I avoid,
With every breath I take,
I’ll prop you up with a pillow,

Life will break you at the jaw,
Before sucker punching you into the ground,
******, bruised, and still lacking a crown,
It will be tough but you can defy,
What we think is divine,

Tap into that humanity,
Pay homage to the genes that evolved till they could conceive,
Convince some Apes to use their knees
From paws to fists,
From animals to intellectual fruition,
Apr 2013 · 1.5k
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Stoplight Lynching,
Drive-by Reaping,
Soul snatching police officers,
Throat tearing teacher’s with a theme
Violence in the genes,

Scheming while masquerading what you are to be,
Playing charades because social acceptance is in,
Evolving from barbarism to greed,

Juxtaposed Imposter,
Judicially Jaded,
Think you can wield a blade,
When congressional dribble will bleed you away,

Martyr Mishaps,
Minds without maps and easy to catch,
A congregation in need creeds,

Stoplight sinning,
Drive-by finishing,
Soul savoring deities,
Throat slicing teachings,
Ignorance is a conquering king,

All encompassing,
All controlling,

Ignorance is a conquering thief, compromising our mental capacities for the sake of Almighty Themes.
Apr 2013 · 605
Confessional's Convicts
Carmelo Antone Apr 2013
Yellow bellies cry,
A decree to defy,
A life to satisfy,

When the days become the moments to excavate your existence,
Elevate from your unsealed coffin,
Instead of having to scratch at earth after it smothers you,

It’s a cliché in so many ways,
A roller coaster of yells, thrills, and shrills,

Bringing us to a rise like the sun being timed,
The warmth of light, ascending towards the clearest of skies,
Strapped in like the others, with the same state of mind,
Smiling because of the rails they gave us, our guides,  

Daring till we descend into darkness,
Blindness of a foggy night,
Strapped in because this ride will pass others by,
But that doesn’t mean we can’t survive,
A life that will remember those who think twice,  

Victimized because we speak against authoritarian audacity,
They're testing our humanly elasticity,
Forgetting other minds,
Their worse enemies,

No matter if he’s a priest,
No matter if somehow he was allowed to teach,
The people are here to preach.
Carmelo Antone Mar 2013
Running through the forest,
Beyond the intruding trunks,
Over roots that reached from the soil,
I've been snapping twigs,  
Only to leave a trail blood,
Staining the forest floor crimson green,

But it is his nature to go his own way,
To tear through the pain,
To become the greatest thing he can perceive,
Draining the decadence from his veins,

It isn't like he is a thief,
Just a minuscule entity,
Till he solidifies his being,
So that others can learn of him, even by turn pages on three rings,

Confident he will be confined to the history books,
Despite being destined,
Despite living with the acceptance,
Dredging the evidence,
Of being fit for a grave someday,

Staining the leaves,
We might as well strive,
To leave our mark,
To sight our sites for the sake of a dream,
Whatever helps you and me sleep,

Not seeking violence,
So bless you all,
I wish there was a god,
Because I’d pray,
I beg,
I’d follow the one who could tie the unknown fray
Uniting us all
Bring the silence to my lips,
And peace during your stay,

But demanding an almighty beacon will not help right now,
It is just us my friends,
On a world siphoned from stars,

So we must insure the change,
Because there isn't an chance a deity could save us from our social decay,  
There is no need to cover up your granddad’s scars,
The pillars of our personal rise ,

Not a loss cause but on course for an evolutionary delay,
That is why he’s running through the wood,
Stumbling over roots,
Spattering chromosomes all over the place,

He's you and me,
Just sprinting through an existence,

Only to be sliced by those that brought you into this natural cage,
Captives unable to escape a fate,
Invisible stage, my arrival was set to a predetermined date,

Pleading pity, I was conceived without a say,
We must avoid those twigs they consider the vines of divinity,
To show them your just another human,
Potentially the ending to our plight through a naturally nourished might.
Feb 2013 · 988
Complex S.I.C
Carmelo Antone Feb 2013
Strife wields the knife after your rifles raise high,
No need for a biblical sign since it takes only a few to steal the spot-light
And only one to spoil a life,

The notions of potentially prospering a home,
Planting a peaceful place,
Where pigmentation does not define your days,
But the way in which you prove yourself,
Because this is truly an extraordinary species,  
Hindered by man’s inherent ignorance,
An internal enemy described as grace,  

Barbarians breeding thieves,
Inhibited from sanity,
Inebriated with fury,
Incubated in hatred,
As you continually cultivate such cruel beings,

Some individuals can defy the trend,
Some of Adam’s relatives rose because they knew the knuckles could do so much more than listen to a serpent,
From their roots of savagery,
It’s in the blood to be a parasite,
But it is in the genes to eradicate these devilish deeds,

Imaging the possibility like a dead-head hippy,
The chance to see a society,
Distancing itself from the armory,

Poverty pushes people to find relief via a knife,
Causing those governing eye’s to raise their rifles high,
Forgetting to sight the white of their eyes,
And turning bystanders into enemies.
Feb 2013 · 763
Hip-shot Blind
Carmelo Antone Feb 2013
Hip-shot with a blind eye and not willing to die,
I still have a few more limbs to lose before I dribble into the absence of life,
Though when I return to a crawl,
I will continue on till I perish with pride,
When I know I gave it my all,  

Crossed eyed because I studied between the lines,
Sought to doubt the testaments of man, the lies with ancestral lines,
What I found left me yearning to put some six feet into the ground,
With a smile smearing to a frown, I would happily shatter a crown,
Or the existence of the insignificant,

But I control my hate,
Like the thorns that leaked the blood that I share,
Just a religion’s token of glitter and gluttony,

A sign that you forgot, not everyone is friendly,  
Best walk in the shoes of an enemy,
It could be anybody,
With a different ideology,

Because I've been continually caught on your hook as you dangle this like a prize,
Extorting an opportunities at the expense of another’s existence, another life
You’re letting this fall apart!
You’re gains hurt the persistence of my survival beliefs,

From a mother yet you labeled it a start,
How do you know what it is like womb warm with a beating heart?
What if this is just a different hue of life’s light,
What if this isn't the reality you have in mind,

Not knowing if there is even an Almighty,
You've got the clothes to fill the pews,
Not knowing what came before,
You are assured what lays ahead is subjective,
What you think happens after death,
Make me want to put a bullet in my head

With perceptions based on day-dreams,
Our ancestors sown the cloths of this social clot,
Allowed till we see through the hues of faith-based thought,
We can stop it if we breed more born-again humans,

To introduce an infant,
Rather than indoctrinate the innately ignorant,
To help improve the indigenous,
Than strive for spiritual dependence.
Jan 2013 · 2.1k
Hatching the Heathens
Carmelo Antone Jan 2013
Shotgun shells sound like church bells when you’re aiming to heal,
No longer concealing something you hostler with a smile,
When you see the eyes of those you despise,
Those that have taken too much life to embrace the precious present of perception,

Revenge runs like a river Mosses could never part,
Tumultuously pulsating my persistence,
To fit the final piece,
To solve the puzzle without your presence,

Culture cultivated conflicts,
Decades of decadence,
Helms of disillusionments,
Steering us towards a powder-keg revelation,

A man of peace is still a militant in the wake of Diablo’s dissidence,
There is no such thing of justified killings,
Only ending life for economic stability,
Can’t ******* me when your ethics are themes of fables,

Not trying to incite fear, just sharing the truths of this rough reality,
The intolerance tolerated by so many ignorant maggots,

Not saying we are a lost cause but if you are keeping your mouth shut you’re just a bystander while the vagrants harvest the infection,

So many hurdles to split but so many who can overcome a conflict of greedy governance,
To many tyrants to topple when they trickle down table scraps,
Why do you think so many of us stay strapped?

Unity will be the divinity of the 21st Century,
So come and askew the ancestral atrocity,
It is ours and it is time to mend what went wrong,

For years your parent’s have allowed the intolerance to thrive,
And I don’t plan on dying without continuing the strive to question those that came before me,
Never forget our Nation’s success thus far found a foundation on the broken backs of Africans,
Never forget economics ignited the 1776 resistance,
And the Civil War only highlighted the plague of intolerance,

For generations we’ve been jaded by the justification of covering the cracks of a indentured foundation with mortar laid by the enslaved,

Censored, questioned, and indoctrinated because gramps likes his traditions,
Nothing but renditions of racist propositions to steal land from Native Americans
Nothing but blissful ******* to forget the fact that this was the land of the free, with some restrictions,
Some historically cited situations,

Guilt is something that their conscience can suppress,
When the money is present,
When wealth has no limits, at the sake of the impoverished,
Greed is just the first pest we must end.

Yet there are so many faults to overcome,
And seven billion should be enough,

Personally united because of our right to explore humanity,
Jan 2013 · 661
Judith’s Guy
Carmelo Antone Jan 2013
The gun at my hip is ready to make you disappear,
The club your ancestor loved is no match for mind I run,
Think you’ve got the better of me,
Let’s wait and see who welcomes another day of agony,

Life is rough and resembles damnation,
From conception,
Making it to your twenty’s, ******* impressive,
I would have aborted your ***,

Just a dramatic demon,
Despite the deaths of other humans,
Across the ocean,
Far from where I hide,
Far from where I can see,
Where I would mind,

Out of sight,
A place where the bodies lay,
Where militaries fill graves,

Land of the free, land of the incubated,

Belated by your brutality,
Why do you think I reach for my 9 milly’

Betrayed by your humanity,
Why do you think my trust in you diminished?
Because you are ******* human,
And Darwin wasn’t dimwitted,

Ignorance graced by intellectually \ lives,
Sprinkled amongst the ash,
However I feel like I should last,

What was I talking about?
That’s right your demise,
At the hands of you despise,

But this shouldn’t be a surprise,
Since you spawned this stupid stride,

I feel like picking on those who can’t find their way out of a compromise,
I don’t mean to pry,
But your confessional is so humanly inviting,
I’ve gotta criticize your justifications for the way you live a life,

The fact you can’t forget the dollar,
The fact you still pop a collar,
Who the **** do you think you are,
You are just a bump in the modern mold,

What am I saying?
Oh yea you’re the prey and I seek relief,

I believe in the possibilities of this species,
But evolution out grew a generation of intellectuals,
So who is going to take the helm?
And make sure we don’t end without spewing a few words,

A generation enslaved by self-entitlement,
Nothing is given to you my son,
You’ve gotta reach for you guns,
And earn your stripes,
Carmelo Antone Jan 2013
Accent of my deceiver,
Scent of that liar,
Something that I once acquired,
Before despising the sight of her,

Tail I tugged,
Before you sliced me at the throat,
Warmth of another’s bed,
You are no longer plaguing my head,

Feeding into the thoughts I bred,
The fears I cultivated,
Despite decades before my timely death,

A weakling at one point in life,
When a robber wields a knife,
When a priest lays his hands upon a victim,

Even the evangelical fall,
Even the strong-willed think of letting their throat slouch,

You are only human,
I’m more than you’ll ever be!

Take a seat boy
Before I bury your skull,
Beneath my heel and off my feet,

I’ll be there to hold your hand,
While your heart begins to cease,

I’ll be there, when you can no longer speaking,
As you stare towards the sky then to me,

I’ll be there to keep eye contact,
For you see the smirk,
Smearing across my face,

For you to feel my grip tightening,
As your breathes continue fading,

And right before you realize,
Right before what lies ahead,
Specifically for you,
Is an eternal darkness, reserved for,
The wickedest of souls,
Oh how I yearn to watch you decay,
Counting down the days,
Till that moment when I’ll find you on the forest floor,
before comforting you too insure you die alone,

Payback for everything,
We are all the victims,
The guilty!
Carmelo Antone Jan 2013
I’ve been looking for the dark side of the son,
I’ve been trying to poke holes in what props you up,
I’ve been desperate to bring your generational growth,
To a stunted halt,

Founding Fathers to doubt,
Slave owners who colonized under god,
A place ripe for ideological blows,
And the collapse of what we believed before,
We had a chance to see,
How much isn’t known,

I’ve been creeping in your crib,
Under the bed with the boogie man,
The sadness you feel throughout your adulthood,
And the death you see after your midlife awakening,
Please fear me,

Growing amongst others that act like humans,
Grouped amongst an idealistic species,
Where they’ve preached individualistic babies,
When your genesis,
Exemplifies our resemblance,

Beacon of truth,
I will end you,
How dare you dismantle me,
Despite my invisibility,

We will end your corruptive ways,
The enemy in the corner,
An American insurgency,
The lack of the people’s ability,
To fight for the freedoms we perceive!

Erroneous burn in hell,
I’ll make sure I continue to swell,
Instead of letting you become the reason I fell,

Revelations will become your reality if you think I’ll be exiting,
You insignificant ****, how dare you think I will spatter like mud,
I didn’t come from violent thrusts, and a mother infected by another’s muck,

I rose because of your intolerance,
I am the after birth of a racist,
Founding Father’s with economics,
Not bothered by the ******* of another human,

Not to deny the atrocities of my ancestors time,
Yet we are the turning of the tide,
We are the generation that will correct the rhyme,
The ones that will begin the age of man’s prime,

We are the flow of a barbarian bloodline,
We are the evolutionary wonder that continues to surprise,

Learning to compromise is not a means to survive,
You fool humanity is a fire burning out,
And I am the evidence of Mother’s doubt in man,

A germ was your genesis
And I am your omega,
You insignificant residue,

I will end you,
We will defy you,
I will smother your existences,
We will overcome your dominance,

Justifying my social anxieties,
We need to fixate this desire,
To set foot on the land for the free,
To cultivate minds of humanity,
Jan 2013 · 961
Molly and Her Little Lucy
Carmelo Antone Jan 2013
Nothing better than I chance to show you how I’ve froze over hell givin’ Beelzebub a chill,
Your fables hold little weight when you try to justify their existence as long as I continue dissect your deities,

Not that I am entitled but I can careless about how you explain yourself without the brain,    
I’ve been broken and forced to put the pieces back together because I’m not ready to embrace the oblivion without a say,
Without of a chance to reciprocate what you didn’t do for me,

I’m telling you to **** yourself till I fill in your grave,
Get ready son for your vacant destiny,
I’m done with the mental constraints of your needs,
I’m fed up with taking a beating for the ignorance that breeds,
Your about to bounce a check that will leave you dangled at the neck,

Not a threat but I didn’t oppress the armed of ancestral resistance,
That desk can’t keep you from the reach of those who believe in unconditional independence,
And you know why you walk a thin line,
It isn’t because of those nickels and dimes you earn overtime,
It isn’t because you drive home to a white picketed life full of lies,
It’s because you know if one of us grabs a mic we might turn to the tide, the next chapter of this species existence,
Making you extinct,  

You think daddy’s inheritance will let you pass any Bill,
But it only takes one to change the tone,
One to alter the course of ****** fostered governance,

Not suggesting a *****’s renovation,
Or an imperialist’s intervention,
But an interruption to this Nation’s corruption,

**** your principals, **** what your father’s told you,
It’s our turn to mend this debilitated democracy,
To end this domesticated atrocity,

So sorry not trying to foment insurrection,
Just asking the children to picket your legislative lickings,
The documents you pen in order to silence dissidence,
But I’m not going to fear old men with millions,
Sep 2012 · 914
Mordecai Mortified
Carmelo Antone Sep 2012
Simplified to a piece of meat with a spine,
Labeled the byproduct of life,

My molecular structure is nothing but a virus,
So pious, others think they understand me,
When they are also mirroring this miniscule existence,

Not just a beating heart and forgetful mind,
I’ve got time to dissect you, with my own ideology,

Lacking benevolence,
Unable to see a difference between humanity and vengeance,
Bluntly put we are the manifest of an infest

Economically choking the impoverished,
Politically petrifying reality,
Socially suffocating society like an infant in her crib,
You’ve diminished the privilege of innocence,
And believe body counts bring pride,

No matter what you think is best,
You are an earthly pest,
Consuming everything,
And never leaving anything for the rest,
It’s time to take our test.
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Jun 2012 · 938
Carmelo Antone Jun 2012
Sticking to what I know best,
I’m just a product of my generation,
****** up and full of ideals,
Thoughts that my parents think they can quell,

But they just help me to rise to my knees, speak, and breathe,
Sorry mom and dad but it is soon to be my world,
And I have time to recreate,

Already biting the bullet since I was an infant,
The hardest part seems to be, keeping me contained,
Since I was raised in such a connected age,

You know I believe gays can get married as long as I perceive,
We already did our adolescent time; let’s search for something divine,

Like tolerance of another,
Not simply because of their skin color,
But because they are a brother,

I think it’s alright not to look to the skies,
For answers Earth can derive,
Like how I evolved from an ape after others went extinct,

Realizing what is best,
Our children are the remedy to society’s unrest,
When you let them develop a tolerant cortex,

We already bit the bullet as we grew,
We already know what must become the norm,

To breed tolerance is to breed the cure,
How can we not embrace those that know better?
How can we not receive those that can remedy this place we call home?

May the racism rise from your veins,
May you realize that two guys loving one and another,
Is as lovely as the way I feel towards my girlfriend,

May you see that children with two mommies or daddies,
Are maybe as happy as I was with the heterosexuals that raised me,

Sticking to what I know best,
I think its right to tolerate,
The processes of humanity,

How precious is it when you can breed?
A tolerant being,
How wonderful when we better a place founded by thieves, slaveholders and maniacs with cufflinks.
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Jun 2012 · 477
Digging up the Dead
Carmelo Antone Jun 2012
Too heavy to comprehend,
This hold is tearing my blistered hands,

My ****** feet are staining the ground beneath me,
As I’m struggling to type the words that make me, who I am,

It’s like these keys are falling from my reach,
I’m writing as fast as I can,
As quickly as the sinking sands of an hourglass,
My existence measured through what can be physically perceived,
We are able to understand,

It hurts but not like breaking up with a cliché girlfriend,
This burns much more than ending a relationship based on ***,

I loved her,
Oh how much I miss you Sam,
I’m having trouble turning the page,

Too heavy to comprehend,
The end of something so beautiful,
Something that made me a man,
But I guess we weren’t working parts of the Almighty’s plan
It’s so hard to see us end,

I tried to salvage a relationship founded on love,
I tried to change before you witnessed the monster within me,
I tried to save, the beauty we discovered,
As I wrapped you in my arms,  
Before we fell,

But it isn’t my fault,
And the blame is not yours,
When we both ****** up from the start,
Two young lovers, with so much heart,
It’s so sad this is how we had to depart,
But I will always have a place for you in my heart,
Jesus we will talk,
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Carmelo Antone Apr 2012
To intense to endure this mentality,
The human condition was not meant for this kind of pestilence,  ,
This kind of using,
When the ingestion leaves you mentally cringing,

I  was consuming for the feelings of escaping thieves,
To vicariously experience something just as devious,
As I put my faith in capsule cradled dependencies,
“******* it’s so hard to type with keys that keep falling from my reach”

May I experience such a moment of going beyond what only my sobriety may perceive,
For only an instance before I go back to the way things use to be,

Am I a pioneer or a deviant, an explorer or a ******?

Pupils suspended like flying saucers, smearing across a starry sky,
The eyes that exemplify my concocted climb,
The sights that remind me I’m destined to decline,
But not before a few more twists and turns along this mentally mutilated ride,

“******* Jen can you come soon so we socialize before I’m institutionalized”
I didn’t know I’d be hindered by the human condition,
I didn’t want to be alone,  

Thinking I’d be mentally prepared and not physically impaired,
Ever after it’s end, I am still unable to comprehend, something made by man,

Bringing me close enough to consider, the divinity of the whitest doves and the blood of lamb,
Like a pagan explanation to why we act this way,
This ingestion had left me somewhat insane,
Afraid of what others can create in this century,

So I pray that you will heed what I have to say,
So I hope you stay away from something that may leave you a casket-case  
Because there isn’t anyway to save us all from seeking to flee this reality,
And momentarily forgot about the ugliness of our actual identities.
- Thank you for reading this poem.
Apr 2012 · 1.3k
Domesticate Me
Carmelo Antone Apr 2012
Twenty-three and coming from my teens
I’ve developed along already categorized genes,
By those who think they know me,
When I’m only twenty-three with a molding mentality

I was once vicariously raised through parentally guided means
Socially slit by those that promised me prosperity if I was studious,

Taught the importance of individuality,
Yet forced to be obedient
Then indoctrinated with an educator’s prescription,
An addiction they picked up in a higher institution

I’m finding it hard to follow your lead, when you found nourishment in my youthful innocence,

Socially stitched through generationally fostered fixes
Notions that you could promise me providence,
I’ve been cradled in a crib riddled with termites

Time shows little sympathy for those who have yet to comprehend the promise of a six foot end,

Yet you trained me to believe you didn’t domesticate me
Despite being conceived in a place I was not well received,
You taught the importance of obedience
Yet I’m finding it hard to accept your ancestral credence,

When this place has been passed along bloodlines,
When my generationally guided grandparents' felt the final close of their eyes,
And left me a world pieced together by both atrocities and glimpses of humanity

I’m finding it hard to speak in a world with such narcissistic sympathies of the traditionally raised

Yet I’m socially sutured by the fact that I still breathe,
While being born in a place that once found stability through a slave trade,
A middle passage that led to a devious democracy
I’m so grateful we can mend what barbarians once began,

I’ve had time to age, enough to take the reins,

Though before we build our shrines of this age,
You can still pray for something beyond the grave,
Yet never forget how we've been stranded, left here to continue, or to fray,
To humanize a species that earth derived,
Or to let the braids of life untwine and give way,  
During our generations' stay.
Please Enjoy
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Content copyright 2011-2012. Matthew Charles Antone. All rights reserved.
Apr 2012 · 2.6k
Bedside Lynching
Carmelo Antone Apr 2012
Leashed by loves lynch till I’m dropped by my lack of respect for the beauty’s presence
Thank god she wasn’t curbside taking tips with perked lips for a stranger’s ****** fix,
But I needed to feel the evidence that the pieces fit,
That’s why this is about me and a barstool princess

Getting close enough to taste the moans of *****’s venom
Get close enough so I can know my needs can be fulfilled

Like a lunar eclipse this species keeps grinding its teeth when teased
Time and time again we’ve been taunted by,
The mistress our ancestors once described as the serpent of Eve,  
When procreation was preached as an STD

Yet we’ve been perpetually pivoting,
To defy the chastity of a species

Grandfathered misconceptions relating to why you and I exist  
As wickedness warms in the covers of the lustfully parallel
So let’s drown in this bliss,

From head to toe, eye caught, grazes at the nose,
From the bar stool to a lonely man’s home,
From one dollar tips for two *** and cokes
To the bedroom of this writing,
The nights like this, that remind me I am alone

But this isn’t about me loathing the fact that I won’t hear her whispering for more body warmth,
Nor am I looking for you to pity me because I’ll be sleeping solo
Enough is enough since we are humans seeking ****** catacombs

I’ll try to be an adult about how the human molds but it started me at childhood,
When those that conceptualized love gave me this world,
And now I no longer have to listen to what I’ve been told

This is about how to perceive something we can never truly control,
Lucky enough to avoid a contraceptive despite unable to remember the doctor’s pull,
Its night’s like this I get to question,
When will my sheets meet the perfect fit?
When will this be more than just a humanizing fix?
Apr 2012 · 1.3k
Ideolo-psycho (II)
Carmelo Antone Apr 2012
Hand on the good book that I never read,
I swore my loyalty though you know I like to fib,
Even as your see the guilt gushing beneath my skin,
I’ve been holding the prosecutor’s hand, with another on the switch,

A spineless snitch waiting for the green light to fry you for what Benjamin did,

So sorry this couldn’t have been different,
But the chair only seats one according to our governance,
And I’m not the victim with a scheme preached as providence

So sorry for the inconvenience
But I want to feel the pulse of the pompous cease,
And watch the stillness of eyes that once blinked,
When they found the oval throne of a tyrant
Instead of the virtuous,
The one who was to lead us,

So who’s stopping me from strapping you to that seat?
Since my crime caused the scene
Since your fathers where the ones who put your sons to sleep

Coming from the cranial cracks of the insane,
Those that tried justified slavery while promising us all equality

I am the reason they put price tags on humans
And why this isn’t the land of the free

I’m the governor forcing your loyalty
Or I tell everyone you’re a traitor before finding you guilty,

I’m Uncle Sam’s mistress,
The thought process of social unrest,
When the enemy was a homegrown threat,
When Plymouth protest turned to disobedience,
I was with the Protestant,

I’m the crack in the Liberty Bell,
The judge, jury, and judicial jezebel,

The King, the colonial, the freedom fighter, the insurgent
I’ve once facilitated your independence,
I was your lust for a better existence

Since the struggle against a parliament
I’ve been dealing you an idealistic hand,
Since the election of the forty-third,
I am the notion that this isn’t the promise land
Like a revolutionary remedy
I am the idealistic ******,

The enemy of our mentalities
The thought of defying the constraints this reality
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- This poem is the second of one I wrote previously
- Reason for second version: I used this at a poetry reading on 4.6.2012 (so I updated the poem)
- I hope you enjoy
Apr 2012 · 871
The After (Part II)
Carmelo Antone Apr 2012
Awaking to tangle toes and sunlight woes,
Noticing the lines of light slipping through the blinds of my bedroom window,
Outlining the voluptuous beauty I met the night before,

Our angled shoulders showed us how far we were willing to go,
How close it took for us to see that this was more than just barstool’s hello,  

Though before we settled the score,
I just wanted to be the bartender’s chore,
I didn’t know what to think when we found a catacomb of salvation within sheets once used for,
Covering those I use to bring home,
Those without self control,

Already in the lead after awakening to a morning of migraines and meaning
I’m about to see you to the bottom of a bottle and its only 10:15

Forgetting my chivalry for a chance to defy their chastity
What are positives of monogamy?
What is the probability that this will unfold into anything more
Besides a need to fill a void, to humanly heal  

It’s is time see if this more than just a physical dependency we both adore.
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Mar 2012 · 755
The Before (Part I)
Carmelo Antone Mar 2012
Beauty between the sheets where once my lust ended with a ****** sleep,
My god we just meant and I know I’m not thinking with a humanizing member,
But with a heart that dictates the breath I need when I pray for what might come to be
Beauty I met at a barstool,
It didn’t take a dogma’s loyalty to put your leash on me,
The type of woman I’ve always feared,
An Achilles who could handle her heels

Beauty I met while we sipped on something stronger than wine,
When we crossed a line that only those who dare to chance being physically combined,
By sunrise I pray you will be mine

The kind of woman I need to keep me line
The kind of beauty my mind could never describe,
The kind of Woman a Shakespeare could never scribe,
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Mar 2012 · 781
Carmelo Antone Mar 2012
Do you not understand who I am?
Do you not realize only one of us is seen as a man?
So I guess I’ll be the one justifying the ditch digger’s prevalence

Since I am the omnipotent,
The Almighty’s significance,
The reason your existence may end in a matter of seconds

Never to understand what we can’t comprehend,
When I was woven within your tendons, I awaited a tear,
I’ve been cuddling your cranial creases,
Waiting for a chance to leave you malignantly impaired

Don’t you know who I am?
The Uncle of Sam,
The child of liberty,
The holiest lambs

I am your conscience,
I’m what makes’ you a man
I am the life force only the dead can comprehend.
Mar 2012 · 1.4k
Killing Cupid
Carmelo Antone Mar 2012
Luscious lovers strangled by sheets of seduction,
Is this for real or is this our thirst for another,
Do I need companionship?
Or was the **** simply not good enough,

A man on a makeshift crutch
With a dependency fed by lust
Not a ******* son,
But close to the Judas of Love,

Defying what those before me had done,
Doubting the prospects of the one
So beyond the romance and the monogamous harmony,
All I care about is the curves that caused us,

To get close enough to realize,
It’s no longer about trust,  
Since a physical attraction caused us,
To get close enough,
To experience what we can’t live without,

Is this a weakness or my evil plot?
To enjoy what I perceive,
Without the prospects of a teaching an infant to walk,

An action that caused a religious reaction,
A natural necessity once socially ingested,

We are fighting to keep from,
Regurgitating our misguided perceptions,
Of what brings you and I close enough,
To abandon those popular convictions

An extension of humanity,
The exemplification of our species physical conformity,
In the wake of a pleasure, an enjoyable experience,
Came prospects of fostering generations to show what we’ve done,

My fantasy goes beyond the seductive sheets of lust,
As I hope that my words will one day be carried with those who follow,
Those who will inherit a world of,
****** deviants,
Ego edified lunatics,
And love.
Mar 2012 · 936
The Voluptuous and the Vow
Carmelo Antone Mar 2012
Clutch the throttle to keep us on the go,
So the momentum will leave what we just did to our memories,
To what we know,

Because I’m already regretting the prospects I couldn’t surmise,
And how you had the upper hand when I wasn’t even tongue tied,
So keep that pedal to the floor,

Despite the fact that I wanted this,
And I’m praying that our actions won’t lead to a crisis
It’s so hard to deny my mistakes,
When I watch your every move,
Hoping you want more

Even when you’re just doing what you like,
My objections to your advances fall short,
Since I can’t help but feel this is right,
Despite our love costing another their life

Because I’m feeling the consequences of not being able to surmise,
The price of our compromise,
Because I’m feeling the effects of,
My throat being sliced for favoring your roll of the dice,

This is not a love letter,
This is not the note you write before you leave your wife,
This is not an explanation of why you hoisted your neck too high,
This is about the ballot you sign to elect our guiding light,

He or she, it or we,
Whoever will be able to lead a society of the competent,
A society of the weak,

This is life and you’ve got to realize,
I’m regretting the prospects I’ll never being able to surmise,
The advances you made to get a prize
A chance to keep me tongue tied

Because a ballot is no better than a television to remind you and I,
That we are attracted by what we see,
Not by what you’ll do once your seen as a king,
And whether you choose to lead
Feb 2012 · 2.0k
Handicapped Unity
Carmelo Antone Feb 2012
Regrettably recording these words,
I’m not a poet or else this would probably flow,
Though I could care less if you don’t want to hear what I have to say

Because I’m comforted by a chance to reason the existence of a soul,
So I could care less if you don’t need to be told that, I’m human and oh so vulnerable
What more can I ask for?

Able to feel the consequence of lusting for something more,
I’m lucky enough to have escaped the 21st century womb,
And avoid the convenience of a couple cuddling with a contraceptive

Understanding that I might just get one chance to say,
I’ve wanted to make the most of my time
Since I’m physically deprived,
What more can we ask for?

Not sure what will happen when these lids seal eyes that were once bloodshot,
I’m so scared of what lies after a life,
My molecularly defected design,

So I must reconcile with the fact that,
My chance to survive without a heart and mind,
Depends on how I use this time,
As we look for the divine our intelligence derived,

Glad to possibly experience the consequence of stepping out of line,
So I could care less if you think I’m a detriment to society
Since I desire to exist beyond the confines of what can be physically defined,

Happy to discover that the divine was not stamped on the penny or the dime
I’m now comforted by the consequences of being materialistically maimed,
Because I didn't find spirituality through Sunday sips of wine

Almost six feet down and comforted by our unknowns,
Maybe you’ll remember me if you made sense of this,
Because I’ve been counting the days before I’ll realize,
If I made the most of my existence
Poem taken from student portfolio
Feb 2012 · 959
Carmelo Antone Feb 2012
Hand on the good book that I never read,
I swear my loyalty though I’ve been known to fib,

Holding the prosecutor’s hand with another on the switch,
Waiting for the green light to fry you for what we did,

So sorry it couldn’t have been different,
But the chair only seats one,

I apologize for the inconvenience
But I chose an existence,
While they strap you in for a crime I committed

I swear to tell the truth,
Or at least what I feel is best
I am the pen and scribe,
The governor seeking your obedience

I’m Uncle Sam’s mistress,
With the thought process of social unrest,
When the enemy was a homegrown threat,
I was with the Protestant,

Swore to tell the truth,
I've been known to fib,
I’m the ******* of Lady Liberty,
The child of Benjamin

The judge, jury, and judicial jezebel,
I’m the means to an end,

The King, the colonial, the insurgence,
I’ve once facilitated your independence,
I am your lust for freedom

Since the struggle against a parliament
I’ve been dealing you an idealistic hand,
Since the election of the forty-third,
I am the notion that this is the promise land
The thought process of the patriots
Feb 2012 · 848
Mary’s Vice
Carmelo Antone Feb 2012
Voluptuous virtues he swore he would share  
Fraternizing with folklore for the sake of a faith based cure
Reading the words of a quill scribble scare,

Touting the tales of those who have already seen where this go’s,
Flirting with prescribed predictions despite doc being six feet below

Unable to hear this
Those of a breathless conviction
Of a possible conscience

Personally pathetic, the absence of your acceptance,
Mortality is not insignificance
So keep this between us if eternal darkness sparks your interest,

I’ve grown intolerable of,
In horror of,
The Extorting,
******* of,
Prophesized certainties

The lives they took the souls they shook,
From shillings to dimes,
For centuries you’ve tried
Labeling me at infancy,
Condemning me as if it took a martyr to open my eyes

You’ve been attempting to defy the possibility that,
Good can be,
Physically derived,

Scared of the potentiality
A human worthy of being primed,
To senate your anxieties.
This is a poem taken from my student portfolio and can also be found on

— The End —