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Carl Barton Apr 2014
Shepard me as I am born into this world.
Nurture me as I grow through each moment.
Hold me as I try to stand for the first time.
Catch me as I take a step or two before falling.
Help me as I begin to learn.
Comfort me as I allow my heart to be broken.
Heal me as I come under the curse of sickness.
Find me as I wander off and get lost.
Love me as I become someone a parent can be proud of.

or in an alternate reality...

Hate me as I have become too much of a disappointment.
Leave me as I go against everything you hold dear.
Hurt me as I regain strength after the abuse you put me through.
Judge me as I fall in love with an unacceptable partner.
Censor me as I learn what you attempt to hide.
Drop me as I climb out of this pit you call life.
Push me as I balance on the tightrope of sanity.
Mock me as I stumble and stagger unable to stand alone.
Hinder me as I work to live with each gasping breath.
Stop me as I change into a seed of life before I ever see light.
Carl Barton Apr 2014
As the sun sets and a darkness falls over the city, there is one who rises.  Although his body has been broken and his mind has begun to grow frail, he will continue to fight until he meets his mortal end.  He's faced jokes, riddles, luck, birds, ice, vines, and even his own mind.  A child once tortured by the winged creatures of the night, consumed by the guilt of his parents' demise.  Now as an adult he uses his fear to torment his enemies and the guilt that once consumed him is now the only motivation he needs.  Though he cannot live forever, the symbol of hope he has created will last on for eternity.  And the face beneath the mask may change, but that light in the sky calls only one... He is the Batman.
Carl Barton Mar 2014
Breathe until you gasp.
Eat until you starve.
Drink until you choke.
Speak until you're speechless.
Listen until you're deaf.
Look until you're blind.
Stand until you kneel.
Walk until you stumble.
Run until you trip.
Drive until you crash.
Fly until you fall.
Fight until you flee.
Swim until you drowned.
Bend until you break.
Love until you Hate.
Live until you die.
Be until you are not.
Carl Barton Jul 2013
The game is played on a pitch,
or a field if you will.
With eleven players to each side;
some with extra special skill.
There is kicking and passing,
and sliding and tackling.
Three officials call the game
and some players tryout acting.
Shots saved by the goalkeeper
or blocked by a defender.
A corner kick sails in;
leading to a game winning header.
The crowd, so excited,
they shout out and chant.
Losing is a myth,
we know our club can't

A glory some know as soccer;
it's football around the globe.
Who will win the world cup,
and head home with the precious gold?
Carl Barton Apr 2013
It* is all just an *illusion
When you think you've got It all
When It finally make you happy
When It cannot possibly go wrong
When It is perfectly perfect
...It's gone
Then you think about It
And you realize It was never there
You never really had It
It was just an *illusion
Carl Barton Apr 2013
Can't move,
Unable to escape.
Imprisoned by these feelings

No thinking,
Restricted from dreaming.
ENSNtrappedARED forever by these feelings
Carl Barton Mar 2013
Quiero que tú te caigas.
Quiero que tú tropieces.
Quiero que tú quiebres.

No quiero que tú me necesites.
No quiero que tú pienses en mí.
No quiero que tú me veas.

Quiero volar.
Quiero dejarte.
Quiero ser libre.

Quiero que tú estés triste.
Quiero que tú sientas dolor.
Quiero que tú seas sola.
This was an assignment for my Spanish class.  I really like how it came out though, nice and simple.
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