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Clark Jun 24
love isn't so much a force

love is the pain
the apathy
the hurt
and the weariness

that is healed when something comes around
to meet you where you are
Clark Jun 20
if you are to fear
do not let it be that you are not enough
do not let it be that you are not loved
do not let it be that the fear will never stop

let it be that you are loved
and have loved
too much
let it be that your fear teaches you lessons that you learn
let it be that your fear will one day lessen the hold on your chest
let it be feared that
fear can not conquer you
Clark Jun 18
we are loved
and forgiven
take care
go and come
in peace.

it will not be truly solved,
not now.
it is liberation.

they are loved,
so why not you,
Child of God?
Clark May 20
we eat bread
we drink coffee
a hundred thousand times

read three hundred books
write two hundred less
we look at the tree outside our bedroom window
a hundred thousand times

a hundred thousand times
i will run
i will go back
i will run
i will go back
a hundred thousand times

eating bread and drinking coffee
one last time

read one last book
write until there is nothing left to say

a hundred thousand times
Clark Apr 30
no matter the day
no matter the time
i will always shake.

in fear i will tremble as a willow tree
in strength i will roar as an earthquake

as an addict i will shake in withdraw
as a friend i will shake with laughter

in silence i will shake
in din i will shake
i will shake in darkness
i will shake in the light

i will shake near and far

in shaking i will move

i will never settle
Clark Apr 28
i am chocolate
produced of bad labor

you are coffee
i melt in your hand

love me
be my compliment
but do not hold me long
Clark Apr 18
when did we decide
that watching and hearing were enough

that touching was just too cumbersome
and smelling was just too heavy

i believe we are scared of what does not happen in movies.
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