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Dec 2010
I                                                                ­                              
                  cried           ­                                                                 ­                                      I                
                the day                                                              ­                                             cried
             you left me                                                               ­                                    the day
             and it broke                                     I                                                        you left me
               my  heart                                     cried                                                  and it broke
                                                           ­          the day                                                  my heart
                                                           ­       you left me
                                                              ­    and it broke                                        
                   ­                                                  my  heart                                                        ­                                                                 ­  COME
                                                                ­                                                     I
                       I                                                                ­                         cried
                  cried                                    ­                                               the day
                the day                                                              ­               you left me
             you left me                                                               ­        and it broke
             and it broke                                        I                   ­            my heart                             I
               my  heart                                        cried           ­                                                          cried
                                                           ­             the day                                                              ­  the day
                                                             ­        you left me                                                        you left me
                                                              ­       and it broke                                                       and it broke
                                                           ­             my  heart                                           ­                my heart

                the day                                                              ­                            
             you left me                                                               ­                              I                                                                ­                BACK
             and it broke                                        I                   ­                            cried    
               my  heart                                        cried           ­                            the day
                                                             ­           the day                                 you left me
                                                              ­       you left me                           and it broke
                                                           ­          and it broke                             my heart              
                                             ­                           my  heart
Unfortunately you can't read this properly on you phone. I tried and the whole effect was gone.
Written by
Breathing Ice
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