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From this painful bliss
the fact I ponder on if
I could change it
it is what it is I suppose

You help yourself
in the beaten world
The only people there are family
Sometimes their not even enough
to stop the thoughts of how scary growing up is

You cant trust today's society
everyone says they care
then few carry out a task
that proves their loyalty

Strangers will creep into your heart
pretending to know you
pretending to relate
Claims of being there for you till the end
then, ****, they're gone
They cowered down and flee
when things get difficult

There's your heart. Sitting there
bumping and thudding
In a pile of blood on the cold floor
that's it
you've lost it all in a matter of minutes

You counted on them to take care of your battered heart
Turns out were all cruel inside.
I have issues
some small,
some big,
some I just can't wrap my head around

My brain is being corrupted
One small thought at a time
Eventually, it will drain out of my mind
every thought, moment, and disbelief
to ever cross my mind

Onto the floor in a pile of sorrow
no understanding, no promise for tomorrow
things my mind creates, the scenarios
don't even make sense

Perhaps for a moment
I could stop the world...
think, comprehend, and decide
How will overcome the next challenge?

Where is this corrupt world taking me?
This is a piece I wrote when I was feeling down and not really knowing where to go or what to do or even who to talk to. Hope you guys enjoy.
Cole Brantley Mar 22
she says its because shes hurt
she doesn't know what to do
who to turn to
everyone has left her
let her down

no one knows the true trials
she has persevered through
no one feels the ache in her heart
a longing for touch

she feels lost
loss of spirit

i will revive her
i break my back
picking all of her pieces up
taking her into my arms
she will be relieved of all sadness

i will give her the love
she never sought possible

— The End —