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Cara Nov 2018
with eyes spotted with stars
and lips painted with blood
the perfect mix
of your best dreams
and your worst nightmares

she loves like Aphrodite
fights like a fatale
bleeding light
spitting blood

people touch her and warm
people abuse her and blister
with hair as soft as silk
but hands as rough as granite

she smells of honey and jasmine in spring
but tastes of rusty iron and lemons
her body is a wonderland
but her heart is hell in an ***** form

a voice as soft as fleece
but a scream as sharp as a blade
many fight for her
many fight against her

she is a shooting star
and a fallen angel
satan loves her
gods envy her

you won't learn her name
or her heart
but you’ll learn her history
and the list of names she broke before you

— The End —