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Bless Senora Feb 2019
Her eyes were glued to the night sky
As she basked in the moon's soft glow
And the stars winked from afar,
She felt a tinge of thrill.
For the first time in a long time,
Hope embraced her.
Life might just offer some good will.
It was something new,
For madness
And darkness
did not envelope her this time around.
Bless Senora Jan 2019
As the sunset slowly melt into the horizon,
And the waves tirelessly sink into the shore,
There is still beauty in falling,
In disarming,
In loving,
No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise.
Bless Senora Nov 2018
The striking sunset
That I always try to chase.

The overwhelming ocean's deepest trench
That I swim so hard to reach.

The countless constellations in the sky
That I strive so hard to figure out.

Are the sunset,
Are the bottom of the ocean,
Are the constellations--
Insurmountable beauty,
Immeasurable vastness,
But quite frankly,

So darling,
Forgive me for trying so hard to reach you,
For forcing something that isn't there.
I think I'll just stay here.
I'll get used to adoring you from afar.
I'll be contented with the fact that I can never reach you in this lifetime.
For there's still some beauty
In cherishing you from a distance.
Written: August 2018
Bless Senora May 2019
Beating vessel,
We've encountered way too many departures,
Settled for far too much fickle feelings,
Heard countless goodbyes.

So perhaps this time around,
We ought to stay safe
Behind these walls
That we should have built long ago.

This time around,
Let's cut to the chase, dodge the bullet
And say it first:
So long, perhaps in another reality.
Written: May 2019
Bless Senora Aug 2021
I found her as I was navigating through the wilderness;
She's delicate but strong,  fragile yet unbreakable
I met her under the moon,
Held her under the stars.
As the daylight slowly crawled from her legs to her cheeks,
I drowned in the words that I couldn't say
For I know that she's not mine to keep

I found her as I was navigating through the wilderness;
She stayed briefly but her presence lingered long after she left
For she was rare,
And rare moments with rare people will remain to be beautiful
No matter how fleeting they are
Written: March 2020
Bless Senora Nov 2018
The room was ineffably dark,
The silence was deafening,
It was safe to say that I was utterly alone..

I walked,
And walked,
Until I could walk no longer.
I was searching
Searching for something that I don't know.

It was still dark
It was still silent
I was still alone.

It made no sense to continue any longer.
So I stopped.
And I waited,
Until waiting made no more sense.

And then He came..
First a glimmer,
And then a beam,
And then the room lit up,
Both suddenly and slowly.

He offered His hand and I took it.
Relief came unannounced.
The darkness,
The chasing,
The waiting,
And ultimately the surrender--
They all made sense.

There is beauty in surrender.
Bless Senora Nov 2018
Everyday, the shore gazed at the ocean,
Mesmerized by its perfect melange of vastness and sadness.

Everyday, unknowingly yet willingly,
It embraced the ocean's waves
As they repeatedly crash into
The shore's crushed and powdered self.

Everyday, the shore did this
Perhaps this will diminish the ocean's sadness
But no matter how much waves
Have kissed the shore,
Sadness still enveloped the ocean.
Written: August 2018
Bless Senora May 2019
You make the golden leaves rush down to kiss the earth
You make everything feel lighter,
As if being is weightless
And you draw the air from summer to turn it crisp and cold.
You know I've always adored the moon,
So you whisper to the sun to sleep earlier
So that the moon can stay out much longer.

Autumn, I've been waiting for you
But I know you can't stay long.
Despite your ephemeral presence,
You have brought me pure bliss--
For you put the grace in falling,
In beginning,
In ending.

See you again soon?
Written: March 2019

Have you ever met someone who felt like autumn?
Bless Senora Nov 2018
Your subtle beauty was formed in darkness,
Created in her heart's cold atmosphere.

I keep on seeing you everywhere--
Settling on the green grass,
Lying on the sunflower's leaves,
Trickling down the car's windows.

To find beauty in the mundane
Wasn't difficult at all
So I stretched and reached out to you,
But you began to fade
When the first streak of my sunlight hit you.

Would you rather stay in her coolness
Than bask in my warmth?
Perhaps I'll just let you embrace the night for now
And tomorrow I'll rise and try again
Hoping that you'll learn to love
The warmth that my daylight can bring.

— The End —