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Bless Senora May 2019
Beating vessel,
We've encountered way too many departures,
Settled for far too much fickle feelings,
Heard countless goodbyes.

So perhaps this time around,
We ought to stay safe
Behind these walls
That we should have built long ago.

This time around,
Let's cut to the chase, dodge the bullet
And say it first:
So long, perhaps in another reality.
Wrtten: May 2019
Bless Senora May 2019
You make the golden leaves rush down to kiss the earth
You make everything feel lighter,
As if being is weightless
And you draw the air from summer to turn it crisp and cold.
You know I've always adored the moon,
So you whisper to the sun to sleep earlier
So that the moon can stay out much longer.

Autumn, I've been waiting for you
But I know you can't stay long.
Despite your ephemeral presence,
You have brought me pure bliss--
For you put the grace in falling,
In beginning,
In ending.

See you again soon?
Written: March 2019

Before spring came, I met a person that felt like autumn.
Bless Senora Feb 2019
Her eyes were glued to the night sky
As she basked in the moon's soft glow
And the stars winked from afar,
She felt a tinge of thrill.
For the first time in a long time,
Hope embraced her.
Life might just offer some good will.
It was something new,
For madness
And darkness
did not envelope her this time around.
  Jan 2019 Bless Senora
one day,
we will reunite
beneath the blossoming
of the flowers that have awoken.

The songs of the church bell
will ring from a place afar,
we won't race towards it -
no, we are happy right where we are
because the sun is resting
upon our frozen cheeks,
and our souls are at peace.

We will share tales
of our pasts and families,
that we will no longer return to -
let us pluck the petals
from each and every flower
that we have set our sights upon,
and it shall drift onwards
floating across seas of clear blue,
and mountains of longful beauty.

Sitting in a circle,
our smiles at their brightest
and our laughter at its loudest -
one day we will reunite
but for now,
Bless Senora Jan 2019
As the sunset slowly melt into the horizon,
And the waves tirelessly sink into the shore,
There is still beauty in falling,
In disarming,
In loving,
No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise.
  Nov 2018 Bless Senora
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Never had I imagined this
After I first saw you
Sitting in the corner of the coffee shop
Sipping tea with a hint of hazel
Matching the light in your eyes

I used to love that coffee shop
One we went back to many times
At least at first
You would order the same tea
With the same hint of hazel
And I would adore your acute audacity
Ordering tea in a coffee shop

I had friends who told me many things
They hadn’t been afraid to see the truth
Telling me we were moving too fast
Not really understanding where we were
But instead taking the present to define everything
Perhaps I should’ve listened

I had thought you were what they describe as ‘The One’
But your brilliance in my life
Blinded me of many things I should’ve paid heed to
Placing me on the edge of your storm
Instead of reaching the eye of it
As I should’ve

Maybe this is why the movies are fictional
They only exist in our lives until the end credits
Whereas I lived past them
And witnessed the reality
Beyond the list of directors, producers, and actors
Living in a cycle of after-credits

We went to that coffee shop one last time
And I looked
Looked for that same spark which I had latched on to
All those years back
But this time I truly saw you, past the light
This time you ordered coffee
Black, with no hint of hazel
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