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Bamboo Bean Mar 2015
Love, camaraderie and poetry
You always did love it here.

HOW DO YOU save a poem as a DRAFT on here anymore? Help! I've been gone for a year and the save as draft button is gone?

Acacia tree sunsets over Lake Turkana
Yes, you always did love it here
Drawing Crocodiles on my wheel

The mouse in your hoodie
The hurt
the homeless
and all those people
you always did love it here.
1 year, 7 months, 7 days later and courage to get on Hello Poetry again, and tears and tears.
Bamboo Bean Feb 2014
Seems like every time
I sit down to write a poem
the words come out
"I miss you".
a lot a lot!
Bamboo Bean Feb 2014
These are the songs I listen to while I cry and think about my beautiful sister and friend who I lost in July. What are your crying songs?

1. Consequence, The Notwist
2. Stuck on You, Lionel Richie
3. Hear You Me, Jimmy Eat World
4. Silence, Matisyahu
5. Drive, Ziggy Marley
6. Asleep, The Smiths
7. To Build a Home, The Cinematic Orchestra
8. Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley
9. Worry List, Blue October
10. Take a Little Time, Josh WaWa White
11. Ghost Towns, Radical Face
12. Kettering, The Antlers
13. Santa Monica Dream, Angus and Julia Stone
14. No One's Gonna Love You, Band of Horses
15. The Scientist, Coldplay
16. Fire and Rain, James Taylor
17. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Birdy
18. Yamaha, Delta Spirit
19. These Waters, Ben Howard
20. See You Soon, Coldplay
21. Unconditional Love, Tupac
Bamboo Bean Jan 2014
Waking up in the morning feels like a mistake
what the hell am i?
I drag through these miserable days like a two-legged dog.
My value feels like dirt.
I am *****
I am lonely and lost.
Bamboo Bean Jan 2014
Bipolar, if you had asked me what I knew about it six months ago I would have said it means that a person goes from being really happy to really sad sometimes or, if I would be honest I would have said I hadn't a clue about it.
Bipolar means to touch heaven and hell.
This year began with me being in a severe depression, often holding a loaded gun to my head with a finger lightly depressing the trigger. Bipolar, after all, is the highest killer of all psychiatric illnesses with 1 out of 5 committing suicide and 1/2 attempting it. I felt completely alienated from anyone- severely out of place in the world, as if my birth was some sort of horrible mistake.
But I'm holding onto hope, hope that all these meds(Lamictal, Saphris, Abilify) may eventually enable me to have a life again. This year I lost my sister to suicide(she was 27 and also bipolar), I cannot put anyone through the pain that I've felt due to her leaving like she did. I must "carry that weight" as the Beatles would put it.
If you too are Bipolar I would love to chat, please message me. I'm looking for a friend who can relate, hell, I'm just looking for a friend.
Bamboo Bean Nov 2013
Something good
a night of terror-less sleep
a friend who's there
a pain pill
a memory without the inevitable crash
tears wetting the clay
a *** that doesn't crack
art that's honest
losing one of many addictions
peace pipe
a starry-flourescentless night
lose my mind
for something good
1,500 pills
2 manic episodes
1 hospitalization
loads of shame
prison of Blah
more depression
all I'm looking for-
the one thing I need tonight
something good.
Bamboo Bean Oct 2013
I am crawling through the mud of the Valley
of the Shadow.
The skies are dark,
the water cold,
I am blue and I think I am drowning.

It feels like a hurricane is brewing
and the flash-floods are coming soon.
But maybe this rain is just a
reminder that God is
Crying too.
a constant reminder.
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