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Bunny Dec 2017
How could you love me when I'm so broken?
How could anyone love me when I'm this...
Broken? I've tried to be positive but,
It comes out negative. I know you don't,
Like it, but it's part of me. Part of who 
I am. I try baby, I really do.
Babe, it gets better when I think of you. 
You need to except it, because it's true.
I promise I'll be here for you whenever. 
I don't lie, because I can't lie to you. 
It would cause me great pain if I do lie. 
You only bring positivity but,
Sometimes you just gotta be negative. 
It's okay, you bring the positive ****
Out of me, and I ******* love it babe. 
Don't say you **** up because you don't, love. 
I love you so much my precious angel.
Its crap but whatever
Bunny Dec 2017
Yes, you hurt me. 
Can't you just let it be?
You've done enough damage,
But I think I can manage.

You said you loved me,
And you made me feel glee. 
But all of that was a lie. 
You used me to just get by.

You played me to get over her. 
But it all passed by like a blur. 
But hey, I'm okay now. 
I feel nothing now. 

I know it's not you, it's me.
So just let it be.
Let me be me and you can be you. 
Even though I'll feel blue. 

Your words cut deeper than a knife,
But you continued on with your life.
But I  know it's not you, it's me. 
So please, leave me be.
Bunny May 2020
her eyes are round like orbs, 

they are hazel lile the nut.

her hair is golden and wavy, 

however it is not thin. 

her face is a little round 

and her cheeks are a little chubby

always flushed like roses

her lips are plump like cherries

her body has curves like an hourglass 

her ******* are round and beautiful 

and her *******, the same color of her lips,

are like little peaks

her beautiful body is what makes

me love her, however

her personality is what counts. 

found this going through old school work
Bunny May 2018
Still got your things hanging on my wall.
Still got your things laying on my bed.
Sometimes I even hear your voice in my head.
And I still have your notes you ever sent to me.
I remember all the things you've said to me.
The good and the bad.
But what I remember the most is the memories we once had.

Even though you broke my heart many times.
I still ******* love you and care about you.
I miss you.
A whole ******* lot.
Bunny Dec 2017
No no, you can't pull it out of me, you see
But sometimes we have to let it be.
Even though you're feeling down, 
Don't you dare look at the ground.
I will love you with all of my heart, 
Even when things break apart.
I get things are hard at home, 
But it's like you live your life in a dome.
I'm sorry for the way you feel and have felt,
But sometimes you have to play what has been dealt.
Don't take this the wrong way,
Or you will pay.
I know I say this a lot although, 
I will love you through 
Thick and thin, no matter what you say
I can't pick a perfect day, 
Because everyday with you
Is my perfect day.
Bunny Jan 2018
I'm ******* crying.
And don't you see?
Open your eyes for me.
Give me some attention.

Do you not care?
What happened??
You're too busy for me now.
Does that not bother you?

Do i not matter to you anymore?
Was I a game to you?
Do you not love me anymore?
Don't even bother anymore.

Of course I don't matter.
I'm nothing to you.
I warned you that I'd be nothing to you.
But you didn't listen and I have to pay for it.
Bunny Dec 2017
Her eyes stared in the distant night sky. 
She could see the tress swaying in the wind 
As she started to walk.
​​​​​​Down the grassy pathway,
Her feet taking her to somewhere unknown.
She just wanted an escape.
An escape from reality.
And what better way than to escape to the forest.

Her feet guided her to the cliff.
The escape.
The rushing water down below.
From afar she saw the tree,
The tree she used to climb. 
Now thinking about what could have been, 
She jumps taking her last breath 
She remembers one last thing;
The trees swaying in the wind.
Bunny Dec 2017
I miss you.
I miss your laugh.
Your giggle.
Your smile.

I need you.
I need you to live.
To breathe.
So I can have a life.

You are my life.
You're my everything and more.
I love you.
But you're not here.

You're over there,
With him.
And I can't help but hate him.
'Cause baby, he's got your attention.

I want your attention.
I want you.
I want you to be mine.
I want to be with you.

But I can't cause you aren't here.
I'll wait forever if I have to.
But baby, don't make me wait forever.

— The End —