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In rain
when i weep
who understand my tears on rainy water
The thought came on my mind,When i'm in rain and i wish..susshhh
someone in my life who understand when i weep ..they feel
Thanks for reading.
I'm tied to the chain in the cage
Tear this chain up and break this cage down
to release me forever
Oh set me free, please!

I'm not in the happy mood
I'm soaked in tears,
Turn my tears into joy
and give me some peace,
You give me comfort, please!

Why are you silent again?
You don't see the wrong thing!
Never take the wrong turn in your life,
Just find the right path
and try to release yourself always!

You'll be free to reach the goal,
but I will be there in the jail!
Hey there who are free, I'm the victim
Think about it, just a bit
Oh, release me, please!

I would take the sweet smells
in the morning like you
I want to bloom the flowers too,
I wanna sing the morning song
for you in the cool breeze.
Let the dew of peace fall on me
Oh, lemme make a paradise!
Darling, will you go to my village?
There's joy when you'll enjoy
moonlight reflection on the water
And the green forest vines
will touch your soft legs
Babe, let's go to my little house!

With the simple village girl
You'll go to the flower garden
and take strange flowers on
as you wish for your bun
Babe, let's go to my little house!

In the green forest, you'll walk
with me to hear the chirping birds
and talk to villagers as you'd like
There are so many folk songs
Babe, let's go to my little house!

In the sunny summer noon
You'll come down into the river
The boatman will smile at you
and raise the sails soon
Babe, let's go to my little house!
Baby, don't worry,
I love you more
than my soul
You're my dream
and only goal.

I feel so sorry,
I'm not there with you
right now
But I always find myself
in you.
Soon I will get back
to you.

I love you, I miss you
Baby, don't worry!
I feel you, I want you
Honey, don't worry!

Sweetie, I will come soon.
Your memories
still make me smile
I remember
you were climbing a stile
to walk with me
in the afternoon.

One day all the dreams
will come true
'Cause everyone knows
our love is true.
There is no need to worry!

— The End —