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Austin Pursley Aug 2019
Brought upon this world we were,
Just to suffer our own thoughts,
Thought we’d stumble around and find a cure,
Didn’t know that we were lost,
I look at you and love you, but I hate you just the same,
Because you are my tether to this earth,
You are my joy you are my pain
Austin Pursley Jul 2019
I’m just a poorly made machine,
I need a factory reset,
My minds tearing at the seams,
I bet you wished we’d never met,

I’m more trouble than I’m worth,
You say you’d never think that way,
It’d be so easy to leave this earth,
I don’t believe but still I pray,

That you’ll forgive,
And forget,
I always loved you,
The one thing I don’t regret.
Austin Pursley Jan 2018
Been without it... so I couldn't help to doubt it,
Hard to breath inside this room,
when i feel so **** surrounded,
Dance around it,
I'm really not tryna talk now,
I'm really just tryna walk out,
And Hit 60 past the park,
I Switch to 6th, hear the engine roaring out the car,
I see the sirens... and they're racing from afar,
I rev it up, cuz ain't no ****** way Im seeing bars,
I'm Seeing stars,
Feeling the black out, but I'm back now,

Told u I'mma wrap the ****** beat and imma ****** it,
Momma said to never leave a trace, so I threw detergent in,
I'm a ****** spit, not tryna make a name,
I just wanna pay my bills, so I got a place to stay,
wasn't always the ******' case,
Get high or imma die trying,
I Almost did both,
I swear to god  I wasn't lying, when I lost my ****** mind,
I couldn't do it by myself,
I knew that I needed help,
My screws loosening themselves,  uh..Breath of fresh air,
Lemme check my self esteem,
Bout to turn into machine, and burn rubber till it screams,  
Boil water, let it steam,
Naive, but let em dream,
Gotta lifetime of depression before he's off to better things,
Feel like life is sometimes tearing at the seams,
And it seems as though I might not even make inbetween,
I got my eyes  down low and I'm not stopping imma fiend,
Imma bull, I'm seeing green, close your eyes, picture me
Austin Pursley Apr 2016
I wouldn't say it was necessarily my decision,
I just let my life play like I was watching it through a vision,
I remember every minute; was never watching for the high lights,
Was waiting for the day id have to ***** to say it's my life,
Instead I scream it's my right, literally living the high life,
Literally living for seconds I'm inhaling, hungry for seconds,
I'll wake up early just because I'm ready for breakfast,
Never had a chain, I lost my head, they call me necklace,
Throwing a hissy,
Fit, starting to wish she,
Would drive home but she just drank all the whiskey,
That ***** gotta be dizzy,
Darian, where you at, starting to wish you were with me,
Wish this bowl wasn't empty,
Wish my friends were more friendly,
I'm so cold,
My souls cold,
You ever thought?,
That you stopped living at 16, smoking *** in apartment complex, parking lots,
So very gifted,
She makes me feel so high much more than ever a spliff did,
I knew her long ago but never knew that it had meant this,
Grandmama as my witness, 6 years later bout to hit it,
Austin Pursley Sep 2015
I just wanted you to feel the way I felt when you left me,
I'm starting to panic, it's leaving me breathless,
Losing my mind,I've been walking round headless,
I just wanted you to tell me that you never meant it,
That you didn't love me you thought that we were pretending,
Just go ahead and end it,
Go ahead and spin this,
World upside down and **** me up I guess that you meant it,
I shoulda said something a year ago, I swear to god that I sent it,
I swear to god I'm just friendless, too ****** up for friendship,
Too ****** up for you to say that you don't wanna end it.
It ended a year ago, just blew you up in my head,
Spent a year as a zombie, I'm the living dead,
I lost my mind, walk around without a head,
I spent a year under the covers, coming home to find my bed,
Empty with a note saying you missed me,
Couldn't wait to kiss me and flip me,
Over, dissect and dismiss me,
It's time to commence total rinsing,
I'm washing my hands, because now I know you don't miss me
Austin Pursley Jul 2015
My past is too present,
I can still feel your presence,
I smoked an ounce of **** just to get rid of my headache,
But god ****** my head aches,
And ****** my bed takes,
Up too much of my time,
Thought about you and I can't wait,
To get rid of these demons that been saying I can't shake,
Off the mentality I'm done and or that I will be at this rate,
I just hope that you miss me,
I know you don't miss me,
I just hope that you will when you see how far that I will be,
And I swear I'll be wealthy,
Take care of my family,
Won't end up opposite if I could show you what can be,
And I wish that you'd let me,
But I know you won't let me,
So it's questionable why the **** I just spent these,
Last few years on someone who never gave a ****,
Won't you come back?
I deserve a second look.
Austin Pursley Sep 2014
I am the one to break your cycle,
Sadly, mine is never broken,
You will crush me like my dreams,
I guess that's what I get for hoping,
Please just crush me in my dreams,
Just do it while I'm sleeping,
So that when I do wake up,
You'll already be leaving,
You can pack my stuff up too,
I won't need it anymore,
Return my house key to the ring,
On the way out lock the door,
Rev the car up in the driveway,
Light a smoke and watch the clock,
Press the gas into the floorboard,
And didn't lift until time stopped.
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