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Oct 17 · 114
Begin and End
Ashly Kocher Oct 17
Endings are beginnings
Beginnings are endings
Yet, you still embrace the growth of your journey
Even during those difficult stages in your life
Not changing, rather growing
Fulfilling your heart desires with love
Surrounding yourself with positivity and everlasting happiness
Fully embracing one’s true self
Oct 11 · 289
Moon Rise
Ashly Kocher Oct 11
In alignment with the moon
When it rises to the fullest, I will too…
Sep 21 · 77
In and Out of Focus
Ashly Kocher Sep 21
A little out of focus
Helps you focus in
The blurriness of the big picture
Is where the journey and dreams begin to focus in
Sep 15 · 197
Bad Days
Ashly Kocher Sep 15
Bad days are just stepping stones to the path that will lead to brighter days!
Sep 12 · 451
Ashly Kocher Sep 12
She gives herself permission to have
Days of doubt
Grieve in silence
Just lay around

She gives herself permission to
Not to be herself
Not to smile
Hide and cry

The she is me and I am her
I give myself permission
To let my emotions
Sometimes take over

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you need or want to feel without carrying the guilt of not “being yourself”
Sep 8 · 65
Darkness Falls
Ashly Kocher Sep 8
Darkness cascades over us at night
Amidst the chaos in our lives
Beneath the shadow of the moon
Glimmer of hope follows through
Angel wings turn black as black
Protecting us and having our back
Though can not be seen, glowing at night
Darkness falls, yet the real angels rise
In the quiet and still of those dark nights
Ashly Kocher Sep 6
Silent wardrobe hanging from the racks in your closet
Different outfits for each experiences in your life
Some hanging by a thread, wanting to toss away, yet can’t seem to part with them in someway
If they could talk, they’d have a lot to say
Hanging emotions tucked away
Yet the only thing you wear constantly, everyday, is the mask to hide your face
A continuous battle of emotionless energy to hide the pain
Silent wardrobe,  definitely is love to hate
Sep 5 · 135
Soul Creations
Ashly Kocher Sep 5
Scattered words turn into beautiful creations within the soul that can not always speak for itself
Sep 4 · 71
Ashly Kocher Sep 4
Fragmented existence
Broken, scattered pieces, clear as glass
Like grains of sand
Slipping through the cracks
Holding onto something that you can never get back
The past is in the past, otherwise suffocating you
Yet, instantly can be transported back, in time
Like broken hands on the clock stuck in constant  rewind
Spiraling down the unsteady staircase
Falling completely into a hypnotic state
Snapped back to reality, difference of perspective staring you in the face
Aug 30 · 67
Ashly Kocher Aug 30
There is no spotlight needed
When hiding behind your words or stories you write
Gathering your timeless words of coexistence that translates into your minds eye
Yet, never being noticed, that maybe you really are in the spotlight…
Hide behind my writing, not trying to be in the spotlight  so to speak, yet maybe we are and don’t realize it.
Aug 29 · 199
Art Flows
Ashly Kocher Aug 29
The art of speaking, is very challenging
Yet the art of writing, flows like running waters
Aug 25 · 75
Ashly Kocher Aug 25
Shadows are a beautiful thing even though it’s dark, but all shadows have light that passes through to guide and help us along the way.

Then other toxic shadows, throw shade casting a dismal darkness that prevents you from moving forward or growing in one’s journey.

It’s an invisible string, holding you captive because deep down you believe that said shadow is suppose to help and love you, yet it’s drowning you within your tears and covering your light.
Aug 24 · 227
Lasting Pictures
Ashly Kocher Aug 24
When you can’t put into words
That feeling of love
A picture will show
The lifetime of memories
That will always last long
Aug 5 · 250
Solid Ground
Ashly Kocher Aug 5
You may be standing on solid ground but as long as you continue to walk, the path will continue for you
Aug 3 · 110
Story from the Clouds
Ashly Kocher Aug 3
Turn your world upside down
Step into your dreams
Walking through the puffy white clouds
Here’s the story you wrote for me

“ Heaven is far, but I am not, always watching over you, protecting you on the spot. Every day and every night I pray for you and love you so much. Don’t ever be scared, for I am there, every step you take. I miss you more with each passing day but the view from up here is magical in every way, especially since I get to watch over you all the time, I love you always my precious family of mine”
Jul 23 · 492
Painting Pictures
Ashly Kocher Jul 23
Follow your passions
Imaginative colorful dreams
Painting a picture
For all the world to see
Jul 14 · 342
Wild Dreams
Ashly Kocher Jul 14
Take a ride inside your wild dreams
Float effortlessly down a calming stream
Hitch a ride on top a bumblebee
Smelling the roses endlessly
Chase the stars
Catching one for good luck
Find your soulmate and become lovestruck
Get caught in the rain
Dancing around the clouds
Be yourself no matter who’s around
Jul 13 · 257
Ashly Kocher Jul 13
It may rain
It may pass
A storm is coming
Destruction won’t last
Take cover or brave the storm
Either way, your ahead of where you were before
Jul 11 · 176
Two Words
Ashly Kocher Jul 11
What if…
I mean
How beautiful…

Powerful enough when two words are changed…
Jul 9 · 110
Silent Encore
Ashly Kocher Jul 9
Getting lost in the silent conversations inside your head
Only, to you, they are just invisible, not silent by any means
Getting louder and louder like a drum solo waiting to end
But then the encore starts right back up again
Jul 8 · 158
Your Eyes
Ashly Kocher Jul 8
Your eyes glow like the moonbeams in the night sky

Painted face, encapsulating the ocean blue waves

Soft and dainty, looking like grace

Swimming within the tears that haven’t yet hit your face….
Jul 6 · 148
Building a Foundation
Ashly Kocher Jul 6
We handcraft our love  with emotion, hard work and existence

Building a foundation or sacred space

Sometimes cracks appear or the foundation starts to crumble

Picking up the fragmented pieces like a scattered puzzle yet to be finished

Even though it takes time and perseverance, you always manage to rise up

Building your space stronger then you ever could imagine

One step at a time…
Jul 2 · 330
You Are…
Ashly Kocher Jul 2
You are stronger then you know
You are happier then you seem
You are braver then you think
Your beautiful path awaits thee…
Jun 27 · 799
Dark of Colors
Ashly Kocher Jun 27
Through the dark
Light carries a sound wave of energy
Sparking tears of invisible emotions
Triggered from iridescent colors
Coming from all different angles of darkness
Illuminating colors of your imagination
Jun 19 · 75
Find Your Spotlight
Ashly Kocher Jun 19
Maybe the spotlight didn’t shine on all of your dreams
But somehow it just dimmed on this fantasy
Better yet, the light just hasn’t been found
Or maybe its not noticed on this side of town

Step into the sunlight
Shine your smile for all those tonight
Who’s going through a tough time
Be the light to shine so bright
Maybe your their dream’s coming to life
Disguised within your own work of art

Like the ocean waves sing the melody
Be the voice for those drowning emotionally
Your spoken words come to life
Spreading love and joy
Look, you found your spotlight!
Jun 15 · 667
Two Lines
Ashly Kocher Jun 15
Two lines
Means a drastic change in your world
Yet, never getting that chance
Also, means a change in your world

If you understand, I am with you…
Jun 9 · 72
Look Around
Ashly Kocher Jun 9
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is right
Maybe everything is right
And nothing is really wrong
All about comes down to perspective and how you personally look at the things around you
Jun 7 · 164
Ashly Kocher Jun 7
Timeless moments transforms into timeless memories woven into puzzle pieces left in our hearts
Jun 6 · 287
Good Day
Ashly Kocher Jun 6
Everyday is a good day
Even if things don’t always go your way
Look for the positive, spread the love  
Everyday is a good day
No matter what!
Jun 2 · 82
Focus on Everything
Ashly Kocher Jun 2
Don’t just focus on what’s right in front of you
Focus high above
Look past the horizon
Reach for what’s beyond what you can see
Live for the small things that make you happy
Smile for all you can see and what you will see
Love yourself always and show love for all around
Focus on everything, not just one thing…
May 31 · 257
Smearing Emotions
Ashly Kocher May 31
I wish my words wouldn’t
Disappear on this paper on which I write
But my tears fall slowly down my face
Smearing my emotions all
Over the place
May 29 · 205
Ashly Kocher May 29
Even a wilted flower who is losing its color and hanging its head, still has life when you continue to water it....
May 26 · 381
Ashly Kocher May 26
She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens.
She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying.
She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.
Her love is unconditional.
There's only one thing wrong with her.
She forgets what she's worth!
May 25 · 139
Trust and Believe
Ashly Kocher May 25
Trusting that you are on the right path
Even if that path takes a different turn
Trust in the direction; you will always learn
Following your heart
Living for your dream
Trusting yourself and just
May 12 · 146
Ashly Kocher May 12
Don’t look at me and say
“ Wow you’ve changed”
I’ll look back at you and say
“No, I’ve grown”
May 11 · 399
Angel Baby
Ashly Kocher May 11
I never got to meet you
Since I was saying goodbye as soon as we met....
Two years today since my miscarriage 💔
Still haven’t comprehended that day, even two years later.
May 9 · 58
Am I a Mom?
Ashly Kocher May 9
Are you a mom?
How do you answer that
When you have no physical proof of human life
No, I mean yes, no I’m not…
It’s just easier to say No
Then to answer with Yes
Since you know it’s followed by a millions questions you’d rather not answer
So quietly you carrying in your heart your little Angel, trying to be strong everyday…
May 9 · 207
Ocean Eyes
Ashly Kocher May 9
Eyes are like to ocean blue
Crashing like the waves, crying a few
Tears of happiness
Tears of joy
Tears a of sadness
Every emotion different at a certain time or place
No two ocean waves are the same…
May 8 · 66
Blinding Love
Ashly Kocher May 8
Love isn’t blind
Love is blinding  
Like the radiant sunshine filling the sky
Our love speaks volumes, when we look in each other’s eyes
No words to be said, our touch ignites, the fire inside
Love isn’t blind
Our love is blinding
Ashly Kocher May 2

F  E  E  L  S

Apr 29 · 751
Ashly Kocher Apr 29
Hear the whispers
Listen to them cry  
Softly telling you
“Everything is alright”
Apr 5 · 153
Ashly Kocher Apr 5
The flames desire grows brighter with the spark of the soul’s energy, igniting the passion of one’s true self
Mar 27 · 79
Lucky One
Ashly Kocher Mar 27
Wandering alone through the emptiness of emotions
Worthless feelings of nothingness fill your soul
Numb to the invisible pain your body holds
Yet, triggered expectantly, no warning ahead, truth be told  
Energy is always at 1000
Brainwaves always crashing around
“Your the lucky one who calms me down”
Mar 26 · 426
Ashly Kocher Mar 26
Our illusions are boundaries that are not set in stone but rather illuminating colors of the rainbow
Mar 5 · 81
Ashly Kocher Mar 5
Trust in yourself and you will see, as clear as the reflection staring back at me
Into the waters so deep and blue
Like the tears falling from your eyes, sad but true
Creating a puddle in which you stand
Trusting in yourself that your are strong enough to withstand the drowning feeling of love at your feet
Trust in yourself and you will see…
Mar 2 · 85
High/Low Tide
Ashly Kocher Mar 2
High tide hides it all
Low tide reveals everything so small
Rippling waters
Interlocking waves
Blanketing the tiny grains of sand then washing away
Tiny treasures to be found
Otherwise, lost again when the high tide comes back around
Feb 27 · 89
(Don’t) Run/Hide
Ashly Kocher Feb 27
Don’t you fall
Your heart is heavy
You’ve carried it all
Pick up the pieces
Carry them too
Find a safe place
Release it all

Reflect on yourself
But don’t you worry
You are STRONG

Read that again…
DON’T Hide
Your heart may be heavy
Yes, you’ve carried it all
Find those lost pieces
Carry them too
Find your happy place
Reflect and relax your soul  
Feb 25 · 75
Find Yourself
Ashly Kocher Feb 25
Someday, you will find yourself
Under the rubble of all that’s left from the exploded emotions you’ve endured throughout your years
But, always remember, without the journey you’ve been on, you wouldn’t be the warrior you are today
Those different layers of life, have showed you the way…
Feb 24 · 186
Distant Memories
Ashly Kocher Feb 24
What is happening to me
Thinking of the distant memories
Ways heavy on my heart
Feb 23 · 85
Beautifully Triggered
Ashly Kocher Feb 23
Into a
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