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16.3k · May 2018
6 Feet Under
Ashly Kocher May 2018
Can you hear me?
I’m down here...
6 feet under...
Not where I’m suppose to be
You come and visit me
I hear you constantly pray
To talk to me again
Hold my hand
Hug me tight
Well I’m right here
I hear everything you say
I cry with you
I laugh with you
I pray with you
I am always with you
Even from 6 feet under
I pray myself
To heal your pain
Dry your eyes
Help you move on
Don’t forget me
You know where I am
Always in your heart
Forever your friend
I will continue to grow old with you
Until we meet again
When we walk together in the sky
Holding each others hands
For now I stay
6 feet underground
Loving you
Praying with you
Hearing your voice
As I lay in silence
6 feet underground...
Wrote this from the perspective of a person who has passed away and what they see and feel everyday....
12.0k · Mar 2018
Ashly Kocher Mar 2018
My name is Ashly (yes spelled without
the E)
I was born without a windpipe and was 3 months premature.
I underwent surgery for a tracheostomy and died on the operating table.
I was revived.
I was hooked up to many machines and my parents were told I wouldn’t live for more then 3 days...
If I would survive more then 3 days I would be hooked up to machines my whole life and be in a “vegetative state”
Doctors told my parents and family “I would never live to see my 18th birthday.”
I lived in the hospital for almost 2 years.
At age 2, I myself, ripped out my tracheostomy (which could have killed me)
My family rushed me to children’s hospital and the doctors decided to let the hole in my neck close and see what happens.
My doctors don’t know how I made it through the night or days after.
I went home after a couple weeks and that’s when I started living my life as a “normal” child.
All of my sisters were involved in dance classes, my parents( doctors didn’t agree) enrolled me in to classes.
Dance became my passion, along with gymnastics and musical theatre.
Something my family, doctors or even myself never thought I would EVER do.
On my 18th birthday it was a mixture of emotions.
I made a milestone that no one said I would ever see.
I competed in dance and gymnastics until I was 19 years of age as well as did over 60 musicals at my local theatre company.
I never thought I would ever have a boy love me because I had “too many problems” or even get married for that matter.
Fast forward, I am now almost 33 ( June .11th is my birthday)
Married for almost 8 years to my best friend.
Happy doesn’t even cover what I feel everyday waking up next to my love.
We may not have a “family” of our own but we are happy and in love over the moon with one another.

So why did I just ramble on with this?
Because I’m a MIRACLE and a SURVIVOR.
Even though I don’t remember much from my childhood and what I and my family had to endure, I have been fighter since my first breath.

Just a little insight to my story. I left out some details but y’all get the idea. Hope this helps to feel why I write and my story.
6.3k · Mar 2018
In your eyes....
Ashly Kocher Mar 2018
I see it in your eyes
You try to disguise
The smile on your face
But there’s fear inside

Fear of not being good enough
Not giving 100%
Fear of losing
Not being the best

Just be happy
In all you do
Living life is more of a challenge
Even if you don’t show
The fear on the outside

We are all hurting somehow
In many different ways
It’s how you take actions
To climb to the top of the mountain
6.1k · Mar 2018
Facebook Post (so sad)
Ashly Kocher Mar 2018
As I read a Facebook post
I immediately get angered...
Someone had announced they were expecting their 4th child, they found out with a girl...
They went for another ultrasound and to their surprise it wasn’t a girl after all
It was a boy (“it” was hiding)

They posted a status saying “feeling emotional”
“Felling depressed “
I thought to myself “why?” Your having a healthy baby...
I continued to read and it says..
“ We are depressed because we wanted a baby girl, please pray for us during this difficult time and we now adjust to having another boy”
I was confused because your blessed to have another child as so many (like myself) aren’t blessed to have children...
I understand you were happy when you were told it was a girl, but to post your upset and please pray for us?
I don’t understand that part....
Many people around the world would be overjoyed to have a child and your depressed over this....
So sad, especially when you write this on a social media site for all to see...
I pray that you love this healthy child and come to realize how blessed you are to have baby #4......
Rant over.... sorry I just don’t understand people sometimes...
2.8k · May 2019
Ashly Kocher May 2019
On the window sill
Be still
Be still
This is not a drill
Oh your colors are bright
Black and red
Black and red
Spread your wings and fly
Thank you for appearing
Sending love
Sending love
From someone special
Up above
2.8k · May 2019
Dream Catcher
Ashly Kocher May 2019
When sweet morning dawns
giving dreamcatcher sight,
the bad dreams flee
unable to survive in light

Dream catchers are the magic trick to capturing your nightmares or so they say
Caught like flies in a spindly web, guiding you to the morning when you've lost your way
Hope it's gone for good
Not to return in the coming nights
Setting them free, never to return to that fight

They never say how to empty them or release the dreams, so I make a mosaic or poem out of it to set them free

Dream catchers attempt to make you feel better to sleep
Don’t hesitate to worry if you try and peek
No matter how long
No matter how short
Your beautiful nightmare
Will get trapped and restored
Waking up slightly confused
But yet wanting more

Let the cobwebs do its job
For when you fall asleep at night
Your dreams will be caught, and not lost
Wrote most of this myself, but some sections are from others who commented on my let’s collaborate post. Shoutout to those who commented. Add onto this if you would like, let’s see this write take off and take flight!
2.6k · Oct 2018
Pouring my Heart out...
Ashly Kocher Oct 2018
My name is Ashly (yes without an E in my name). I am 33, my husband is 47 ( yes 14 years apart). I couldn’t be happier with Brent in my life. On Wednesday, October 17 we will be together for 10 years, even though we have been best friends for close to 20 years.
April 18, 2010 we were married surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was the best day of my life, well both of our lives.
As any normal newlyweds, we went on a honeymoon, to Disney because that’s our “happy place”. Assuming we would start a family in the coming months or years.
Fast forward to today.... still waiting, and waiting....
After hearing for a couple years..
Are you trying?
Are you pregnant?
When will you have children?
The clock is ticking
Time is running out
So forth and so on...
Now many don’t ask who know
Many just wonder if we even ever wanted children or to start a family.
Seeing all my high school friends and others throughout the world posting on social media “We’re expecting”
“We’re going by two feet”
I kindly reply with a smile on my face, but emptiness in my heart. Forcing a smile and a nice gesture.
It’s not because I’m not happy for others, but discouraged with myself.
Why me?
Why us?
Are we not good enough?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with my husband?
And the list goes on and on...
I’ve tried to tell myself “everything happens for a reason” and I try to stick by that quote, but unfortunately for this situation, it just plain *****.
It hurts, it’s mortifying, it leaves unopened and hurtful scars that you can explain or be seen to anyone.
As time goes on, it gets harder to think about because let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger. It’s a constant struggle to keep a smile on my face and happiness in my heart especially with this constant void.
It’s ok.
I’m ok.
We’re ok.
If it would happen at some point, I’ll be happy and proud, but if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be and that’s ok.
I am who I am suppose to be, who I’m suppose to be with and we are happy. Even if that means we will never be direct parents to our own child.
We both can be role models, aunts and uncles, friends and families to others.
Although the sand through the hourglass is running thin, our lives together is where it all begins.
Happiness and struggles
Love and pain
We are one together and that’s the most precious thing I can say.
I love you Brent, with all my heart, even if we’ll never be parents, I wouldn’t want to go through this with anyone else.
I know myself and many others go through the same situation and it’s very hard to talk about. I am here to she’s my story and hopefully help someone else who is going through the same thing, will have the courage to speak out. Your not alone.
2.3k · Nov 2019
Ashly Kocher Nov 2019
The moment when
Everything is
But yet it’s
Into place
2.2k · May 2017
Ashly Kocher May 2017
We got word that your still here
But you came to and your living in fear
For five seconds you were awake and mumbled "I'm scared"
Then slipped away...
You remain in a coma and unresponsive
What kind of life is that to live
We are all praying for you and love you
But it's ok if you have to just let go....
Found out our friend came too for 5 seconds and mumbled I'm scared then slipped back into the coma. She's been unresponsive for the past two days. I know you don't know me or her but please send love and prayers.
1.9k · Apr 2017
Who I am
Ashly Kocher Apr 2017
Please don't tell me I'm fat
I'm not pretty enough
I am who I am
Isn't that just enough?
I'm just one of the guys
But have the girl parts
Say what you want
But I'll keep dodging the darts
1.8k · Apr 2017
Love from you
Ashly Kocher Apr 2017
I closed my eyes to fall asleep
I saw an image and felt a warm breeze
The image I saw took me by surprise
I really didn't want to open my eyes
To my surprise I saw your face
You smiled at me and said everything will be ok
Even for a couple minutes to see your face
You sat in your race car and took my pain away
I felt a moment of love from you
All the way from heaven I got to see you...
I saw my dad in my dream last night   He used to be a race car driver when he was younger. It felt so good to see his face.
1.7k · Nov 2018
Forgive and forget?
Ashly Kocher Nov 2018
Apologizing is somewhat easy
Forgiving may take time
Forgetting is what makes it somewhat impossible
1.6k · Sep 2021
It’s Time
Ashly Kocher Sep 2021
It’s time to DREAM

It’s time to DANCE

It’s time for YOU

It’s time for ME

It’s time for US!
1.5k · Mar 2019
Ashly Kocher Mar 2019
I’m finding myself very stressed
I think it’s time to decompress
Stress free....
If it was only that
1.4k · Jul 2021
Open Book
Ashly Kocher Jul 2021
I’m an open book
Flip through and see
Come and learn about me
Word by line
Sentence by chapter
How I’ve reached my
Happily ever after
Ashly Kocher Apr 2019
Two years ago
I joined this page
I don’t even know what to say
I’ve written thousands of poems
Since that day
Getting better and better
Along the way...
Thank you all
For your love and support
Each and every single day
Here’s to many more
Writing up to five poems a day
Maybe I’ll get recognized someday
For my work of encouragement
One of these days...
1.3k · Apr 2021
Wedding Anniversary
Ashly Kocher Apr 2021
The day
You and Me
Today is our 11 year wedding anniversary 💜
1.3k · Aug 2020
Ocean Eyes
Ashly Kocher Aug 2020
Ocean waves in your eyes
Crying begins at high tide
Tears are crashing
Emotions high
In your crystal
Ocean eyes
1.3k · Jul 2019
Possibly a Dream
Ashly Kocher Jul 2019
Let me know
Know when your ready
Ready to begin
Begin a new journey
Journey into the unknown
Unknown of what lies ahead
Ahead is our future
Future to opening doors
Doors that will help
Help lead you to your dreams
Dreams of the imagination
Imagination that keeps you believing
Believing which is not impossible
(Im)possible is possibly just a dream
1.3k · Apr 2020
Ashly Kocher Apr 2020
Empty classrooms
                       Empty buildings
                Empty studios
         Empty gyms
Empty churches
             Empty restaurants
                     Empty bars
      Empty feelings from within
Empty homes
Empty beaches
Empty birthdays
Empty celebrations
Empty world
Empty life
But what’s not empty is our hearts full of love and drive....

Even though everything is (empty) emptiness causes happiness when oneself emerges from a dark place and overcomes the battle to find that dim light at the end of the tunnel...
1.3k · Sep 2017
Hurricane Irma
Ashly Kocher Sep 2017
The clouds roll in
The storm is starting
Rain is falling
Wind is howling
Darkness appears
The sun is no longer
People flee
Animals take shelter
Others hunker down
Braving the storm
48-72 hours
Of a catastrophic storm
Hits our country
With major damage to be done
We pray for you
We pray for safety
God will shed his light
The sun will shine
Things will be repaired
Life will go on...
I have family and friends in Florida. Please pray for everyone's safety in the massive storm heading to land.
1.3k · Apr 2017
Ashly Kocher Apr 2017
Close your eyes and all you will see
Is a lifetime of happiness and who you will be
The path ahead will lead you down
Down the rabbit hole that will be found
Open your eyes to a different world
That's  full of life and colors of imagination
Climb the trees and cross the bridge
Take a journey into the unknown
The Unknown that will let you be free and soar down the river and be who you want to be
1.3k · Jun 2021
That’s Love
Ashly Kocher Jun 2021
Opened chest
Exposed heart
Beating movement
That’s love
1.2k · Oct 2018
Falling Petals (repost)
Ashly Kocher Oct 2018
I don’t know why but I love this so much
1.2k · Nov 2018
Why Labels?
Ashly Kocher Nov 2018
Why is everything labeled?
                                                    Gender fluid
Does it really even matter?
                                 Are you happy?
                Do you love yourself?
Do you love your partner?
Then who the hell cares!
Embrace yourself, love yourself, be yourself!
I feel it’s beautiful to see everyone happy, regardless of your “label”
Stop labeling everyone and LOVE everyone
Even if it’s not “who you are”
Let everyone be happy and live their life...
      Men to woman
Woman to men

                 Who cares!
          YOU ARE LOVED
        BE YOURSELF!
I think it’s beautiful no matter what you identify as in life
Throw out the labels
Show some LOVE!
1.2k · Jan 7
Ashly Kocher Jan 7
Living in sadness
So you disappeared
Now you left your sadness
With those still
Living here…
1.2k · Jun 2018
Three sides to every story
Ashly Kocher Jun 2018
You know the saying
“There are two sides to every story?”
I believe there are three sides to every story....
The front cover....
     The back cover synopsis...
Everything in between that can be portrayed in many different ways....

Let that sink in for a moment...
1.2k · Sep 2018
Heavy Heart (10 words)
Ashly Kocher Sep 2018
1.1k · Jan 24
Some Days
Ashly Kocher Jan 24
Some days are good
Some days are bad
Some days you just have to hang your head
Some days you laugh
Some days you cry
Some days you just want to be alone
Some days hard
Some days are rough
But always remember
1.1k · Nov 2018
Ashly Kocher Nov 2018
I am thankful for.....








Happy Thanksgiving to all!
1.1k · Jun 2020
Letter from my unborn child
Ashly Kocher Jun 2020
I’m sorry I had to leave
I’m sorry you blame yourself
I’m sorry the timing just wasn’t right
I’m sorry I left you in pain
I know you feel broken inside, you just won’t admit it
Something wasn’t right, I had to go
Leaving you feeling helpless
Broken and confused
Not understanding why
Saying hello and right away goodbye
I’m sorry I had to leave
Don’t blame yourself
The time wasn’t right
But I will see you one day
When I get to look into my mothers eyes, for the first time...
1.1k · Nov 2018
She is a Warrior
Ashly Kocher Nov 2018
A warrior speaks through a vulnerable state
Through heartache and pain
A broken smile can be strange
Her passion and love for music and dance
Has given her life a second chance
Never seeking for pity just the awareness to spread
Of this broken piece inside her head
The music, the lights, the love, the friends
Has built her up and restored her again
The lights go down, the curtain raises up
The first note blares as the fog and lasers turn on
Her smiles fills the stage
Her passion can be seen
She is a warrior
Even behind the scenes

Stay Humble
Stay Strong
Stay You

She is a warrior who gets a second chance at doing what she loves to do
Ashly Kocher Apr 2019
A symbol of faith
A part of history
Worshiped prayers
Stained glass windows
Gargoyle statues
Architectural beauty
Heart of Paris
Up in flames
Smoldering down
Now it falls
Hearts breaking
Sad day in history
As millions throughout the world have seen
Experiencing the masterpiece and pure beauty in this gothic creation
As it is Holy Week, around the world
We celebrate the rise and fall of life itself
Hoping that God will restore structure and life through the rubble and ashes
Symbolizing what God did for us, all of us...
We may not know or understand why, but we will always remember to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and rise above it all

“There exists in this era, for thoughts written in stone, a privilege absolutely comparable to our current freedom of the press. It is the freedom of architecture.”
Narrator from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1.0k · Nov 2017
Ashly Kocher Nov 2017
Why did I get this trait
To forgive so easily, never to hate
You can walk all over me
Stab me in the back
I will get angry and pull away
But I’ll always forgive and come running back
I can’t stay angry or upset with people
Which I guess is a good thing in the long run
           In the end
It makes you look like a weak person
Even though you are a
Human being for allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable
Keeping your heart open and filled with love for all you are surrounded by in you life
1.0k · Apr 2017
Who you are
Ashly Kocher Apr 2017
Stand tall
Stand proud
Be happy for you
And what you have
Love yourself for who you are
Have confidence in yourself and you will go far
Stop beating yourself up for things you cannot change
Take the road less traveled and keep your chin up
Just believe in yourself and don't f**k it up.
1.0k · Aug 2017
Papa Bear ❤️
Ashly Kocher Aug 2017
Your lifeless body laying there, the silence was dark
The chill grew colder, the time passed by
The wait was over, it was time for goodbye
We surrounded your bedside, we prayed and sang
I know you heard us, and still to this day
The silence is now broken but the chill is still cold
Well be ok, I'm sure you know

I hope your watching over me each and everyday because I know your still with me in some way
I look to the sky and I know your still there...

You will always be my "Papa Bear."
Today marks 3 years since my dad passed away. I wanted to repost two of my poems I wrote for him. Miss my papa bear so very much!
1.0k · Nov 2021
Broken to Beauty
Ashly Kocher Nov 2021
Broken thoughts
Like an unfinished puzzle
That feeling of always missing a piece
Never to be found
Until you least expect it
When the unfinished suddenly becomes complete
Be patient, for then, brokenness turns into beauty and all is found
999 · Nov 2017
Ashly Kocher Nov 2017
What is real
What’s pretend
Go to hell
Come back again

Are we human
Wondering souls
Roaming the earth
Until we grown old

Making mistakes
Fulfilling dreams
Everything around you
May not be what it seems

The grass isn’t always greener
On the other side
It’s all about interpretation
Through someone else's eyes

Crystal waters
Golden white sand
Palm trees swaying
Listening to a band

Looking at something
Believing it’s real
Tangible items
You will always feel

Is it real or fantasy
Either way you look at it
You will see clearly now
When you close your eyes and BELIEVE
983 · Jul 2020
Go With The Flow
Ashly Kocher Jul 2020
Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and sometimes you have to fight the current to make you go exactly where you want to go...
980 · Sep 2021
Ashly Kocher Sep 2021
When you keep that wish
Close to your heart
Magic will soon take hold
959 · Apr 2019
Ashly Kocher Apr 2019
Me waiting patiently
Me still waiting
Patients running
950 · Jun 2017
Who Am I?
Ashly Kocher Jun 2017
You have been with me since day one
Not always around but follow me everywhere
I don't see you all the time
You come and go
When the suns shining bright
You pop out and say hello
You walk with me
Dance with me
Do everything I do
Why can't I always see you
I know I always have a friend in you
Following my footsteps
Loving life as I do
Who are you really?
Are you always there?
Don't ever run away
Always be my friend...
946 · Nov 2019
Ashly Kocher Nov 2019
I’m very emotional
I don’t know why
In a drop of a hat
I will instantly cry
For no reason at all
What’s going on
No one really cares
I just don’t know what’s wrong
Maybe I just need to make a call....
Is Heaven long distance
Probably so
922 · Apr 2021
Ashly Kocher Apr 2021
Breaking down
Whirlwind of emotions
Falling down
Get out of your head
Your on the right track
Times may be tough
917 · Jun 2017
12 years
Ashly Kocher Jun 2017
I can't believe it's been this long
12 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
12 years ago before my husband and I were together.. his father passed away. I've known him for many years prior and always loved him. Even though he wasn't around when we got married I still consider him my father in law. Rip Harold.
906 · May 2018
Mother’s Day(in disguise)
Ashly Kocher May 2018
Even though I’m not a MOM per say
I feel like I am one each and every day
From the students I taught dance or to anyone that looks up to me
I feel blessed to be the “support” in their lives
So maybe I am a MOM in (disguise)
I may not have a child of my own (only my fur babies)
I’m always there for anyone so they don’t feel (alone)
Being a MOM doesn’t just mean giving birth to your own flesh and blood
It’s being an inspiration and supporter to anyone in your life

Today we Celebrate (YOU)
A MOM in disguise
Who wears a mask
Is a superhero to all
Who is always there to pick you up when you fall
Who hugs you tight
Wipes away your tears
Who is your biggest fan
Through all your years

That’s been me
(A MOM in the wings)
To all my “children”
Who have looked up to me
Who now make me believe
That I’ve always been a MOM even if it’s in (make believe )

        Happy Mother’s Day to all
902 · Aug 2019
I Melt...
Ashly Kocher Aug 2019
I melt
When you look at me

I melt
When you touch me

I melt
When you embrace me

I melt
When you kiss me

I melt
When you say you love me

I melt
When your near me

I melt
I mel
I me
I m
I m
I me
I mel
I melt

I am now in a puddle of love
900 · Nov 2017
Ashly Kocher Nov 2017
Thankful for YOU
Thankful for ME
Thankful for OUR Family
Thankful for HEALTH
Thankful for LOVE
Thankful for LIFE
Thankful for US
Thankful for MEMORIES
Thankful for TRADITIONS
Thankful for GIVING

896 · Dec 2018
Spilled Dumplings
Ashly Kocher Dec 2018
Gather belongings
Coffee, leftover Chinese food
Reaching for the door
Door opens...
Dumplings fall
Container breaking
Dumpling sauce spills all over
There goes lunch
It’s going to be that kind of day...
Don’t cry over spilled dumplings
The end
886 · May 2017
Ashly Kocher May 2017
Enjoying a song "one last time"
A senseless act of mankind
A happy joyous night turned for the worst
Ended in tragic with a loud burst
Lives were lost
People were hurt
Some are still missing
All alone and scared
One last time they sang her song
Now Manchester is left in shambles and many are now "gone"
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