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Ashly Kocher Feb 2020
Ashly Kocher Aug 2021
You do not have to be at
To give
Remember  that…
Ashly Kocher Oct 2019
1000 words
500 smiles
100 good jobs
50 hugs
All of that equals
That you are LOVED
Ashly Kocher Dec 2018
Some interesting facts about me:
1. My name was suppose to be Tyler Bo if I was a boy.
2. My name given to me was Ashly Marie ( yes spelled without an E )
3. I was 3 months premature and born without a wind pipe.
4. I was only suppose to live for 3 days if that and if I did survive I would be a vegetable my entire life.
5. I was put into dance classes at age of 4 and gymnastics at age 7.
6. I love anything chicken.
7. I love the theatre ( musical especially)
8. I am a manager of a restaurant alongside my husband.
9. I married my best friend.
10. I’ve only been writing for about 2 years or so.

Just some interesting facts about me...
Ashly Kocher Jan 2019
10 minutes of fame
On national television
Can’t be beat
But boy, did we feel the heat
My husband and I were on the show Gordan Ramsey 24 hours to hell and back that aired last night. It was filmed in the town I live. It was a crazy, insane experience. 10 mins of fame was nice! Lol
Ashly Kocher Sep 2018
Let me love
             Love your heart
Together forever
                          Forever, Always
Ashly Kocher Apr 2020
10 years, how can it be
The day “You and Me” became “We”
I love you more with each passing day
Happy 10 year wedding anniversary!

I love you always and forever baby 💜
I married my best friend and true love 10 years ago today!!
Ashly Kocher Oct 2019
1+1 = 2
11 years on adventure with you
2 hearts that became one
Look at how far we have come
Together forever and always
You and me
Can’t wait to see
Where our next journey will be
Love always,
October 17,2008 is when my now husband asked me to start dating officially. It’s been an amazing 11 years. Wanting to post yesterday but obviously couldn’t.
Ashly Kocher Mar 2018
I got 12” yesterday....

Of snow.......
Funny pun for today! Lol
Ashly Kocher Mar 2019
First: Best Friends
Second: First Kiss
Third: Will you be my girlfriend?
Fourth: Will you Marry me?
Fifth: I do
Sixth: Starting our lives
7,8,9,10 years together loving you...
Ashly Kocher Jun 2017
I can't believe it's been this long
12 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
12 years ago before my husband and I were together.. his father passed away. I've known him for many years prior and always loved him. Even though he wasn't around when we got married I still consider him my father in law. Rip Harold.
Ashly Kocher Sep 2020
One kiss
12 years ago today
A Ferris wheel paved the way
The smell of car exhaust in the air
You looked into my eyes, I was scared as hell
You took a chance, a leap of faith
Everything happens for a reason
Even in mysterious ways

One kiss
12 years ago today
I couldn’t be happier now
I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way...

I love you always baby 💜
12 years ago today, my now husband kissed me for the first time after being best friends for over 10 years. I will never forget that day because it was the first day towards our truly wonderful life we have created together.
Ashly Kocher Jun 2018
I can't believe it's been this long
13 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
Ashly Kocher Jan 2018
As it gets closer to midnight
The clock winds down
Another year to be found
Kiss the one you love
Hold them tight
The start of a new year
Is in sight
A time to change
Have a blank slate
Cheer to 2018
Being amazingly great!
Happy New Year. One hour and counting!
Ashly Kocher Jan 2019
As the holiday season comes to an end
The old year is gone but a new one begins
A blank start for you to fill with the same hopes and dreams you had last year
Reach your goals, follow your dreams
Happy New Year, 2019!
Ashly Kocher Dec 2020
2020 has been a struggle as so many can say, but for me, particularly, it’s been a struggle everyday.
From continually working through the pandemic, from having a miscarriage when I didn’t know I was pregnant, stress, anxiety, fear, not being myself. It’s been a emotional rollercoaster.
We all have different feelings and perspectives on what has been going on all around the world, this is just mine.
Ashly Kocher Jan 2020


What will 2020 bring for me?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Ashly Kocher Sep 2020
20/20 vision is perfect
Yet 2020 is far from
Ashly Kocher Jan 2018
Hiding the pain I’m always feeling
My story is coming to an end
I’m trying to be brave and enjoy the rest of my life
The inevitable is going to happen in due time
I have fought so hard and tried my best
It wasn’t enough but I have been blessed
Been blessed for my family and friends who stood by my side
It’ll be soon that we all have to say goodbye
It’s more like “see you again”
When we will meet around the bend
Don’t be sad for when I’m gone
I’ll be with you when the sun rises at dawn
Thank you for all you have done for me
Everything happens for a reason and for me
My reason was to teach everyone to love and be happy....
I wrote this for a friend who just found out her liver cancer has become worse and she has two months max to live... Lee her in your prayers!
Ashly Kocher Jun 2017
32 years and still going strong
From they day I was born I wasn't suppose to be here long
Being born premature
And without a windpipe
My parents and family were filled with fright
I don't know how I am still here today but
I am a baby miracle in every way
Living life to the fullest
And loving it so
Never thinking I'd be here
Where did the time go?
I thank God everyday that he kept me here
Spreading my infectious smile and giving cheers
32 years and going strong
From the day I was born I wasn't suppose to be here long...
My birthday is tomorrow and I wasn't suppose to live for more then 3 days after I was born... thank God everyday for keeping me here.
Ashly Kocher Jan 2021
(Who is me)
Is scared to be
(Something she is not)
For all to see
Yet happy as can be
(How is it possible)
To set my intentions free
Read all together, then read every other line.
Ashly Kocher Jan 2021
Regardless of your views
Today we welcome in a new
President of the United States
Respect is key from all parties
In hopes we can move forward with ease
Ashly Kocher Jan 2021
Regardless of your views
Today we welcome in a new
President of the United States
Respect is key from all parties
In hopes we can move forward with ease
Ashly Kocher Mar 2018
500th write
Since I joined this site
In less then a year
I’m full of excite(ment)
To connect with people all over the world
Through our different ways of writing
It’s been such a joy
I really can’t believe how far I’ve come
Here’s to 500 more....
There’s a lot of work to be done

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart
For all the critiques and love
I look forward to connected with more!
Wow. Can’t believe in less then a year I’ve weitten 500 poems for this site. I’m overjoyed for all the love.
Ashly Kocher May 2018
Wham bam
Thank you sir
A quickie in the morning
Is what we deserve
5 minutes and it was done
But at last it was fun
Ashly Kocher Aug 2019
Your lifeless body laying there, the silence was dark
The chill grew colder, the time passed by
The wait was over, it was time for goodbye
We surrounded your bedside, we prayed and sang
I know you heard us, and still to this day
The silence is now broken but the chill is still cold
Well be ok, I'm sure you know

I hope your watching over me each and everyday because I know your still with me in some way
I look to the sky and I know your still there...

You will always be my "Papa Bear."
I wrote this shortly after my dad passed away 5 years ago today. I always called him Papa bear.
Ashly Kocher May 2018
Can you hear me?
I’m down here...
6 feet under...
Not where I’m suppose to be
You come and visit me
I hear you constantly pray
To talk to me again
Hold my hand
Hug me tight
Well I’m right here
I hear everything you say
I cry with you
I laugh with you
I pray with you
I am always with you
Even from 6 feet under
I pray myself
To heal your pain
Dry your eyes
Help you move on
Don’t forget me
You know where I am
Always in your heart
Forever your friend
I will continue to grow old with you
Until we meet again
When we walk together in the sky
Holding each others hands
For now I stay
6 feet underground
Loving you
Praying with you
Hearing your voice
As I lay in silence
6 feet underground...
Wrote this from the perspective of a person who has passed away and what they see and feel everyday....
Ashly Kocher Apr 2018

Ashly Kocher Jun 2018
6 words that mean the world to me....

I love you always and forever......

                     ~The End~
Ashly Kocher Oct 2018
A glancing pass
A childish dare
When I was a child
We got the timeout chair

We played outside
Til the street lights come on
If we were allowed
We would have played until dawn

Riding bikes
Playing games (outside)
Nowadays children won’t know how it was
That’s just a shame

Not all, but most kids
Glued to the video games
Television and iPads
No socialization to be had

Growing up when I did
Taught me to be grateful
For what my parents did (for me and my family)

Taught to be humble, strong and kind
Treat everyone with respect
To all of mankind

Taught us to work for the things we wanted
Work hard but also play hard
Was something they instilled in me all the time

Sometimes social media can be a twisted place
It sometimes feel like it’s a waste

Go outside
Catch some fireflies
Look at the stars
In the night sky

Hang with friends
Playing hide and seek
Mother may I and
Kickball, was definitely one to beat

If the children of today
Could go back to our times of how we played
They wouldn’t know how to act
Since a video game was blocking their way

So many things have evolved
Keeping up with the times is great
But social media has somewhat ruined it all....
Ashly Kocher Dec 2020
8 months today
Since I met you
While I lost you
8 months today since I found out I was pregnant while having a miscarriage....
Ashly Kocher Nov 2018
When in doubt
Turn around
Reflect and think
Ashly Kocher Apr 2018
What started out as friends (best friends) grew into something more then we both ever expected
     Timing was right
         Under the stars
            Back of your truck
Ambiance of the Ferris Wheel lights shining behind us...
You took a chance and a leap of faith
Leaned in and kissed me
We are forever changed....

My love
My world
My best friend
Butterflies flutter inside of me
Hold my hand
Kiss my lips
Hug me tight
Stare deep into my eyes
Say " I do "
I love you too
8 years later and this all still holds true.

Happy Anniversary to my love.
8 years happily married and wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait for more adventures to come and see where life takes us both.
Ashly Kocher Jan 2021
She peered into the absent part of her own heart, only to find, to her surprise, the absence of lost time she’s left behind
Ashly Kocher Jan 2018
Powerful words stick in your head
“Your fat”
“Your ugly”
“Your not ******”
“Your worthless “

You put your blinders on because
“I love him”
“What was I thinking”
“He makes me happy”

Abuse in any form is degrading

Don’t be fooled by love
Look beyond the words or actions of another

I was a victim of verbal and ****** abuse
I didn’t see anything wrong until I got out of the relationship
Look further into yourself and make the right decisions

Don’t be another victim of this cruel thing called
This was over 10 years ago but sometimes still haunts me. I’m
Happily married now and couldn’t be happier with my life. Stay strong to all who endure this disease.
Ashly Kocher May 2019
I created love
In my heart
You ripped it out
Threw it on the ground
Stomp on it
Splatter my blood
Said I wasn’t good enough
We’re done

Ashly Kocher Sep 2018
You can’t get acceptance from others  
Before you fully accept yourself...
Embracing your flaws (we all have them)
Loving yourself
Truly embodying who your meant to be
Accepting things at face value
Being true to yourself
Accepting who you are

Then others will accept you, for YOU...
Ashly Kocher Jun 2019
Accepting someone back into your heart and your life who has caused you pain and did you wrong only means that your human and you have a heart yourself
Ashly Kocher Feb 2018
Accept me

For me

Or just walk away

If you don’t accept me... juat let me be me...
Ashly Kocher Mar 2019
All I ask of you...
... is that you accept and love me.....
For me.....
Ashly Kocher Feb 2019
Feeling of being surrounded by friends on Hello Poetry
Even though we’ve never met in real
Y’all  understand and accept me for me
For that reason, I’m truly blessed as can be
Ashly Kocher Feb 2021
You see that mountain....?

It looks to high she replied

“Climb as high as you can, even if you don’t make it to the top, you’ll feel accomplishment with every step on how far you got....”
Ashly Kocher Dec 2018
A change in you
A change in me
Follow me to the garden and see
Under the flowers that grow
Just like you and me
A change in you
A change in me
We all start small
We all grow tall
Like fresh fruit off the vine
A change in you
A change in me
Take a walk through a guided path
Blink your eyes and see
A change in you
A change in me
We’ll grow up together happy
Even if our guided paths take a detour
But we all need a little
Change in you
Change in me
Ashly Kocher Apr 2019
There was a young boy
Who wandered by
Peering into the window
As we wondered why
30 minutes or so went by
Standing all alone outside
We finally asked if he was ok
He said he was lost along the way
We brought him inside, out of the rain
He was so grateful, kept saying thanks
He called his mom, who was in New York
Come to find out, he was just lost
His counselor was looking for him, he wandered out on his own
We gave him some water and a slice of pizza of course
They came to get him, asked “how much does he owe?”
I simply relied “ nothing at all”
We took care of him and kept him safe
We made him happy and put a smile on his face
Before they left he came up to me
He said “ My name is Jermaine, I just want to thank you... you have no idea how much that means to me, thank you so much for taking care of me...”
It may not seem much to some of you
But for us tonight, a small act of kindness, really rang true
Ashly Kocher Jun 2018
A curve ball was thrown and instead of taking a direct hit
I became the matrix, bend over backwards and
let it fly past me...
Ashly Kocher May 2018
Wake up
Go to the bathroom
Have a cigarette
Feed the fish
Say good morning to my husband
Get coffee
Sit on the couch
Watch tv
Have a cigarette
Go to the bathroom
Get ready for work
Repeat for 12-14 hours

Come home
Sit down for an hour
Feed fish
Cuddle with my cats
Get ready for bed
Wake up 5 hours later
Repeat cycle over again....

            My life.....
Ashly Kocher Jun 2019
Going a day without
Feeling Joy...

Is just a wasted day....

Be happy
Be positive
Be blessed..
Ashly Kocher Sep 2018
I try
I try
I will
I will
I promise
I promise
I’ll change
I’ll change
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I can’t
I can’t
I understand
I understand
I’m empty
I’m empty
I’m done
I’m done

I’m am addicted
I wrote this for all who suffer with addiction.
Ashly Kocher Feb 2019
Dear Lord,
Lay your healing hands
Upon this little girl
Ease her pain
Take it all away
Make her comfortable
Heal her soul
Let’s this little girl
Rise above it all
So much more
Life to explore
Dear Lord, please heal
This precious, wonderful, beautiful and amazing
Little precious, Addi Girl..
I wrote this for a little girl who’s extremely sick and not doing well. Look her up on Facebook under Addi’s Journey.
Ashly Kocher Feb 2019
Dear Lord,
Lay your healing hands
Upon this little girl
Ease her pain
Take it all away
Make her comfortable
Heal her soul
Let’s this little girl
Rise above it all
So much more
Life to explore
Dear Lord, please heal
This precious, wonderful, beautiful and amazing
Little precious, Addi Girl..
I’m reposting this because this girl is in very bad condition. Please send love and prayers to her. I do not personally know her or or family but have followed her journey.
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