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Panda Nov 2015
A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.
Panda Jun 2015
Short long kisses pressed up against my cheek.
Panda May 2015
Dear Mr. King of Kings,

You are my Father, my mother, my God my life. I live for You everyday; I love You Christ. You are more than I can explain, way more than plain, Your trust is what I want to gain. I am living today because on the cross You felt pain. The price was paid. Good look at the day You've made.

Well Jesus let me be real with You for a moment. I walk everyday just to listen to a word that You'll spoken. Because of how You spent the day at the cross You walked and went to the rugged ol' bent cross You died for me. Now Jesus look at what You did for me. You D-I-E-D F-O-R M-E How could this be? The son of the King doing this for a wretch like me.

Now Lord I am asking for one thing please. Most people ask for a G double O D double E but not me. All I want is to be me, innocent and clean. The me who You say I am, G. Just look at John 3 16. I am hurt and need to be healed. I need to feel that comfort You have when we kneel, You God at the last meal. Jesus You are my Father, my mother, my God, my life; I will continue living for You God; I still love You Christ.

This is for You  Mr. King of Kings,
Love always Your Princess Darling.
Panda May 2015
Dear Mr. King of Kings,

I am listening to You, trying to get the answers I need. God You are my life, my future, my wife. Yeah, my wife. I know that I am sitting here typing You this letter, Your princess. I am still married to You Lord. I want You to know that I am in a battle with my mind, it is not kind, it is just on rewind. I am sick of my past G, I need a new history. I ask You to help me. Help me. I need Your help.

I love You Mr. King of Kings,
Love always Your Princess Darling
Panda May 2015
There is a battle between you and I, let me win and you will be mine.
Panda May 2015
When I see the stars, I think of You.
When I see a crown, You're all I see.
I love You, Mr. King of Kings.
Panda May 2015
                                               d r a w n
                                                                          t  o  w  a  r  d  s.
              n      e      s      s
                                                 that                 demands    
                                                        to be
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