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aryanalynae Jun 2018
Every once in a while
I catch myself wondering
If a memory of us
Ever crosses you

And you start to wonder
What I might be up to
And all this life that’s been living
When it used to be lived with you.

I don’t wonder if you miss me
I know you probably do
I might come across your mind
But the right thing is what you do

I’m toxic to your heart
I’m toxic to your mind
And it’s so much more healthy
To leave the past behind
aryanalynae Jun 2018
I’m not perfect
I’m not even that good
I’m decent
And mostly misunderstood
aryanalynae Jun 2018
Bite me
Smack me
Kiss me
Sass me

Tease me
Release me
Seize me
And please me

As I kneel
aryanalynae Jun 2018
Happiness looks sweet on her
It looks cute on you too

And I could cry and sob from joy
Because that’s all I ever wanted for you
aryanalynae Jun 2018
That leather jacket
What happened.

That zig zag zong
Our playlist of songs.

Staying up until the sunrise
What happened to that look in your eye.

We know what happened.
Sometimes I wish it didn’t
aryanalynae Jun 2018
I don’t really care
How or why you say it
I just wanna hear it
Feel it
One more time
aryanalynae Jun 2018
You’re not here
But you’re right here
And all just feels so right
I waited years
I waited weeks
And I think I can wait some more nights
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