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arin Nov 2014
I can't exactly explain any of the ridges in my skin or the pieces missing from the sounds made when I laugh.
It would take far too long to retrace my steps, so just accept what's in front of you.
At one point I held innocence and it lived inside my ignorance of right and wrong.
I suppose just wait a few years and you'll see red lines all over my left side.
Just wait and you'll see a hand overflowing with pills, deadly or not, the intent made that hand already stiff and cold.
*This is part of me putting memories into file cabinets.*
arin Nov 2014
Goodbye before hello
What a way for things to work out
Have you felt the weight of your mistakes yet?
I'm glad you've got to go.
It takes a lot off my mind and I feel **** fresh.
I've got a bit of Taylor Swift in my heart now that this is done.
Haha ok.
arin Nov 2014
I've got a better grip on myself than you ever will.
I'm already sick of you because you're not what I need and I don't mean to be leading you on, but you've got to decide where you want to be.
Either give it all you've got or you're gone for good.
Saying you're confused and you don't know what you want doesn't help because to me you're just a boy and I'd rather see more unfamiliar faces than yours right now.
I'd rather be healthier than this.
I don't see much difference between you and all the others, so maybe a farewell is better.
Growing up takes time and since I know you're not in love, this shouldn't hurt too bad.
I don't want to be waiting much longer.
arin Nov 2014
Get well, my dear self.
You will catch your breath soon enough. You will see beautiful things and you will hold love close. Just learn to be near to anything and you'll be on your way.
It can feel like home to be unwell and it can feel like home in dark places, but don't forfeit the life you've heard of for keeping only what you know.

— The End —