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are Dec 2019
I'll never be good enough for you
I'm not even good enough for me
are Nov 2019
I had hope
that things would be different with you
that you would treat me the way I deserve
that you would love me in ways I’ve dreamed about
that you would sweep me off my feet
that we would have a magical story
but it turned out to be just another nightmare
another betrayal
another lesson
another few months of crying
another wasted love lie
I had hope
But that’s all it was
are Nov 2019
I feel so helpless and alone
you were the only one who made it better
but you’re no longer in my life
so I have no other source on which to rely
are Nov 2019
i told you i was hurting
and you caused me more pain
are Sep 2019
and what hurts me the most
is that you don’t care
because i do
so much
are Sep 2019
How is it so easy for people to forget about me?
Like I mean nothing
I’m just something
People play with and toss out when they get  bored
are Sep 2019
I know I wasn’t perfect
I know I made mistakes
But why’d you have to treat me that way?
I know I wasn’t you’re only one
And you weren’t mine
But losing you hurt like hell
While you didn’t mind
and see that’s the difference between us two
I fell in love with you
but you..
never cared
why would you?
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