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cozy april Jul 2018
buried by my thoughts
yours came to visit again
the warmth of your chest
the deepness of your breath
all came back to me
like a crashing wave so strong
I'm drowning below the surface

down here
I want to trace your hands
whisper in your ears
and put it all behind us
hear the gentle strokes of your mind
painting the love you bear for me
curl up into the depths of your soul
so you can always protect me

why is it when I say your name
it pierces my ears
and I feel pain through my whole body
why is it that despite rationality
this doesn't seem rational
and indecisiveness takes over me

I can't seem to articulate this feeling
but I haven't forgotten
and I never will
and with a heavy heart
a heavy mind
and soul
I'm so sorry baby,
but we must have unfinished business

hey you, I hope you read this poem
cozy april Jul 2018
people of today
lets channel our
ethics, history, and emotion to
be a better civilization
to be a better human
to be a better lover, brother, and neighbor
we did not choose this life
one of corruption
and greed
dating back before
your grandad's uniform
before your grandad's grandad's uniform
before the war on the people
we are out here living it
the habits and decisions of the past
a system so outdated
where we are limited to
collapsing on ourselves
and though I always wish to act with love
I will not tolerate it
and someday

no one will

cozy april Jul 2018
only those who are compassionate
find properity

Realizing that love is the only answer to conflict, I hope this finds you well.
cozy april Jul 2018
when I was eight
my mother told me
honey, you will be a heartbreaker
and after my modest attempts to disbelieve her
it's ten years later and
my mother's silky, stabbing words
came to greet me again
to say
yes, honey. sometimes that's the way it is
and all I could do was

cozy april Jul 2018
You said the right words to me
and did the right things
made the right looks
and played my soft strings
but am I only speculating
before we get to round


cozy april Jul 2018
how come
I never knew I was this beautiful
and I tired myself out for years
telling myself I wasn't

how come
throughout the years
my self worth was only found through perception
and the real truth is
that self worth is found in my insight

how come
I feel so insecure
and cry deep within the night
despite the constant support

I know why
it was the constant endurance
of a young love so true
but heavy with expectation
so heavy
you must let go
my only question is

what the ****
why would you do that to me

this wont make sense to you
cozy april Jul 2018
I have felt powers of healing
and words vibrating to your core
felt the conscious I love you
from my higher self
why is spirituality
not taken seriously

I have given all my generosity
to you
so why do you think you love me

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