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cozy april May 2020
amongst the pains
burning up and down my spine
your heart reeks of darkness
like a volcano ready to burst
each living day, each loving girl
building on a mountain of ash
you don’t know what love is
corrupting souls, collecting wounds
how is it you feel, this broken chest
is fit for falling hearts?
when exposed all the fury
melts away at them
grasping, fighting for survival
when all in the end, on your terms
burns them alive
for the man that was my twin flame
cozy april Sep 2019
at least our story was ours
no one had any say
no cards or tricks to play
we had trust.
we had our jokes
our little traditions
like driving to the coast
we didn’t fret
we didn’t play games
kept our light flamed
for several years before god came
all I can say is
among the sad kids I know
love like that is rare
though it is unfair
I’m grateful for the love we bared
ending things may not have been ideal
even so we broke the wheel

and at least it all was real.
I can’t stop thinking about all the things we never did
cozy april May 2019
I wish I didn’t miss you
Not because you’re bad
Or you hurt me too badly
But because I loved you
And failed
At my assertion

And now
The waters run deep
my heart is thriving
And I just wish
You could see it
cozy april Aug 2018
I stayed at home
dived into books
into myself
I'm an introvert

I took the test
one then two
that told me lies
or so I knew

I met the kids
5 months after
showed me care
and love so true

an extrovert
it's who I am
unknown to me
it was a scam

loneliness can steal
your heart
take a drink
it's all a sham

Don't let the names
of psyche
take away from
who you are

cozy april Aug 2018
without intention
I miss you very badly
my mind soars through
good memories and
soft kisses
pain circulates in my chest
knowing that
no matter what
if we dwell on the past
there is no way we can love
in the future

sometimes change is really hard
cozy april Jul 2018
I woke up to orange skies
took a **** to clean my demise
drank a tea to open my third eye
pipe up
head down
eyes are pink
mind is black
I turn my back
trust you're not a shmuck
let the world soak you up

even when my mouth is dry
life's a breeze when you're high

will probably edit more later
cozy april Jul 2018
I walked along the soft beach
my mind alive with words for you
but you weren't there
I could only tell the smooth waves
glistening in light teal
the swelling love that storms within me
I hummed an old melody while
the starry sky tugged my chin
to look above me

I realize

Loneliness in nature
is nonexistent
the waves and the stars
grant me knowledge
and perspective
The voice of the night
serenades me
with warmth and care
my one true love
mother nature
reminds me that
her love is endless
I'm not alone
and with a gentle whisper
of the wind
she says
you are infinite

in times of hurt and contemplation, nature is always there for you
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