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a m a n d a Feb 24
it shouldn’t be
so hard to believe
that i made it for me
that i said it for me
or that i did it for me
a m a n d a Feb 18
i got t i r e d
of being enslaved
by the idea
that i had to
relentlessly justify
my very right to e x i s t
that i had to prove
again and again and again
my purpose
my worth
my supreme health and vitality
my endless energy
my moral ******* i n g superiority

(that’s why)
a m a n d a Feb 18
(with blue cheese lacking the desired tang)

sore arms
purple masks
East 1999
alternate routes
cats on high alert
cold hands
gas stations
s p a c e s h i p s
a m a n d a Feb 13
once you’ve lived
with a cat or two
any item in the periphery -
a towel, a purse, a sock
becomes a still creature,
silently watching
a m a n d a Feb 13
you know
friday night
b u c k w i l d
when it involves
lidocaine patches
naproxen sodium
& ice packs
after challenging yourself
to a dance off
and don’t be a punk
if the patch dislodges
and gets stuck in your hair
just dislodge it again
a m a n d a Feb 11
new layer
duplicate layer
link layer
hide layer
flatten layer

yet the only true layer
is the transparent layer.
a m a n d a Feb 4
i limited myself
on purpose
set up a procedure
for my future self
to pause at
a certain place
and be considerate
but when my warning arrived
from the past me
that turned future me
now to now me
and now me
and n o w me
i could still decide
whether to accept my
own rule or
completely discard it
and glimpsed i am
all the me’s
in all of the times
and in all of the projections
and in all of the reflections
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