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Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Fire lit laughter seeps between the air.
The light shines through the rustling leaves.
Wonder-filled eyes escaped to the sky.
That's when we decided to travel beyond the Trees.

Rooftop divinity.
Luna smiled at my soul.
My body fell victim to the beauty around my being.
I froze, with my head in the clouds.

My childlike grin was unstoppable.
My Chakras bloomed like lotus petals.
I could feel my breathe fall short in astonishment.
In awe, at this moment, I felt.

My spirit giggled.
I laughed in amazement.
For this was truth!

The Light from our sun transpired out from Luna herself.
In the passing of the clouds a rainbow halo extended out to me.
The stars hung like lanterns, trying to lead me home.
The tree tops lit up and the wind rocked them to sleep.

Everything was apart of me.
I was everything.
The Universe held me, we were one.

I cried in the moonlight.

I felt Love for the first time.

Life was tangible.

The beauty was so immense it overcame me entirely.
My mind blanked as I breathed in the moment.
Internally I connected externally.

I wept  and laughed until they ran empty.
I thanked the heavens for showing me truth.
I thanked Luna for being my guide.
...I thanked the stars from which I came.

I am -full.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Thoughts bypass the conscious highway and flow into my bloodstream.
Spilling into my fingertips, while muscle memory deciphers the nonsense.
My pen leaks it's refined ink, permeating the recycled forest.
Evidence of my internal workings lay naked in bold scribblings.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Time and space divided by all your past regrets.
     A fuel for the fire, to burn up and forget.

Your lies held tight, between your tongue and cheek.
See the reflection of yourself, before you begin to speak.

Recognize all your faults to bring potential into view.
Lives of self destruction in order to start anew.

Every moment predefined, within an awkward silence.
Trying to **** the kindness with your unexpected violence.

Override the system and watch while it breaks down.
Another body will fall with failure and hits without a sound.

No truth can reside within the honesty of a liar.
You're selling a broken soul without a committed buyer.

Fate can't be bought so cross your fingers while you sin.
You have to move quick before this Karma settles in.
Older, from 2006.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Tonight i'll hold my tongue.
I'll bite my lip until it bleeds.
I will fall within your shadow.
Now, your ego can take the lead.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
    In the silent moments of the desolate night.
I recoil into endless thought.

   Tortuously searching my mind.
              Distorting facts, fictions, and energetic nonsense.
                          Trying to understand the synchronized patterns and unassured laughter.

     My eyes plead for rest.
             They beg through ****** veins and blurred vision.
         There's no mercy when you fight with Luna.
  She controls the tides and bends the mind.

My analytical ramblings feed the minimal energy needed to stay present.
          I remain in a state of depth.
    My only hope for riddled dreams is my natural eventuality.

         A fascinating duality of cognitive dissonance.
  A mind much stronger than the body it's been placed in.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Social relations.
     Fading, dissipating.
           Regenerated and rebuilding.

Everything held deep spills out over past memories and future broken promises.
     Talking of brighter days with different time lines.

Watching, talking, passively dissecting minds of those like mine.
          All investigating our inner workings and imagined surroundings.

                     It's in the waking hours of the dawn. It's when time is irrelevant.
        When the new day brings nothing but revelations and unfiltered ramblings.
               Anything to fill this  void.

   The morning air feels stale compared to renewed awakenings.
Constantly picking at the scab.
          Digging for one last laugh.
                                        A final smile.
                       The perfect ending for the night we might forget.

      We forge new mental pathways and plan play dates.
Evolutionary socialization.
            Cigarettes serve as reality checks and mirrored reflections.

                         Open eyes burning for something tangible.
                 Awake and unaware.

       Filtering through the nonsense and intellectual genius.
Trying to read the dusted lessons buried between advice and elaborate fairy tales.

   We speak of ideas.
     We speak of all the things that rest on the ledge of our understanding.
        We dream of what it is and what it could be.

All seeking growth.
      All staying just within the caution tape.

Ponderous wondering of connections and false enlightenment.
                                               I remain skeptical even though I've felt it.
                       My mind has always held an untrusting grudge against my intuition.

     In the end it's just another day.
                              Contributions minimal.
                 Lessons learned... Still settling their sediments.
        They're Remnants.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Dragonflies dance.
               Branches like fingertips.
     They sit, as if to keep them safe during the passing sun.
While all the colors bleed elegantly onto the shifting glass, trying to reflect back.
          Trying to capture the infinite beauty that so many fail to see.

Ripples spill out.
     The circle of life, ever growing.
               Slowly dissipating back into the whole.

     Last call for sunshine and attempted laugh lines.
Conversations trail into forged friendships.
                    Passing into late night dreamscapes.

We calm our minds.
     Knowing that today was just another day, another step into the next.

            The mosaic waters bring new visions.
                          Ever expanding, never remaining.
Sunset. Cabin. ***** & canoes.
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