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Jul 2013
Fire lit laughter seeps between the air.
The light shines through the rustling leaves.
Wonder-filled eyes escaped to the sky.
That's when we decided to travel beyond the Trees.

Rooftop divinity.
Luna smiled at my soul.
My body fell victim to the beauty around my being.
I froze, with my head in the clouds.

My childlike grin was unstoppable.
My Chakras bloomed like lotus petals.
I could feel my breathe fall short in astonishment.
In awe, at this moment, I felt.

My spirit giggled.
I laughed in amazement.
For this was truth!

The Light from our sun transpired out from Luna herself.
In the passing of the clouds a rainbow halo extended out to me.
The stars hung like lanterns, trying to lead me home.
The tree tops lit up and the wind rocked them to sleep.

Everything was apart of me.
I was everything.
The Universe held me, we were one.

I cried in the moonlight.

I felt Love for the first time.

Life was tangible.

The beauty was so immense it overcame me entirely.
My mind blanked as I breathed in the moment.
Internally I connected externally.

I weptΒ Β and laughed until they ran empty.
I thanked the heavens for showing me truth.
I thanked Luna for being my guide.
...I thanked the stars from which I came.

I am -full.
Amanda Blomquist
Written by
Amanda Blomquist
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