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Jul 2013
Social relations.
     Fading, dissipating.
           Regenerated and rebuilding.

Everything held deep spills out over past memories and future broken promises.
     Talking of brighter days with different time lines.

Watching, talking, passively dissecting minds of those like mine.
          All investigating our inner workings and imagined surroundings.

                     It's in the waking hours of the dawn. It's when time is irrelevant.
        When the new day brings nothing but revelations and unfiltered ramblings.
               Anything to fill this  void.

   The morning air feels stale compared to renewed awakenings.
Constantly picking at the scab.
          Digging for one last laugh.
                                        A final smile.
                       The perfect ending for the night we might forget.

      We forge new mental pathways and plan play dates.
Evolutionary socialization.
            Cigarettes serve as reality checks and mirrored reflections.

                         Open eyes burning for something tangible.
                 Awake and unaware.

       Filtering through the nonsense and intellectual genius.
Trying to read the dusted lessons buried between advice and elaborate fairy tales.

   We speak of ideas.
     We speak of all the things that rest on the ledge of our understanding.
        We dream of what it is and what it could be.

All seeking growth.
      All staying just within the caution tape.

Ponderous wondering of connections and false enlightenment.
                                               I remain skeptical even though I've felt it.
                       My mind has always held an untrusting grudge against my intuition.

     In the end it's just another day.
                              Contributions minimal.
                 Lessons learned... Still settling their sediments.
        They're Remnants.
Amanda Blomquist
Written by
Amanda Blomquist
   K Daniel Little-Paw and Bats4Brains
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