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Alice Ellen Mar 13
The tree, thousands of years old,
Has been patient for years
Whispering with others
Witnessing many things
It knows that patterns
Can change and shift
It knows that wolves
Can go from beauty to brute

Birds sing then crickets chirp
Flowers wilt and wither
The air becomes ice-cold
Jade-green leaves turn to gold
The tree has watched it all many times

A creature that is only very young
Could never truly know this language, this tongue

The tree has been patient
For thousands of long years
Surrounded by the scent of soil
Earthy and fresh in the rain
It knows things I do not
It knows every tear.
A poem I wrote last year heavily inspired by another poem I wrote in my teens.
I want to go home, to where the buffalo roam
Where the sky collides with the sea
I want to climb over mountains
Swim in the streams
And sing as I swing through the trees
I want to wake under heaven
Feel autumns breeze
Sit by the fire
Telling scary stories
I want to hike through the forest
Feel vibrant and free
Fly like an eagle, buzz like the bees
Theres no time to lose
Only board meetings to leave
Just alone with my thoughts
In good company
To be at one with nature
Amidst the foliage and leaves
Scour the land
Come and go as I please
No strings attached
Seek out inner peace
Just as I envisioned
Just like in my dreams
No more deadlines to make
No boss to appease
Instead, explore nature
See what’s to see
And remember to smile
Last, but not least.
Free yourself and the rest will follow
All armies are the same
Publicity is fame
Artillery makes the same old noise
Valor is an attribute of boys
Old soldiers all have tired eyes
All soldiers hear the same old lies
Dead bodies always have drawn flies
Alice Ellen Mar 8
You're thorns with a tender touch
You're salt soothing my wounds
You're alcohol licking broken skin
I'm the challenge you're slowly letting in.

You're human, yet with no body heat
You're a ghost except with a heartbeat
You're slightly saline water and
I sit parched in this desert drinking you.

You're colours I search for in darkness
You're a sunflower seed planted in winter
You're the rain, I'm a sheltered tree
And I hate that you can't fall down on me.

I seek the colour in your eyes
But all I can do is hear it
I want your warmth against me
But all I can do is read it.

You're a forbidden box, I can't find the key
But there's no way I can just let it be
Because I know that what is within it is
An extension, another part of me.
A bittersweet and complicated close friendship I have with someone.
Alice Ellen Apr 2018
You'd prefer each part of me open
With only one exception, my mouth
Unless moaning and gasping from your touch
Or intending to gratify and satisfy you
But I do not owe you my body just because
You'd like to have your hands all over it
Well you should go and find a person who
Sees life in a similar way that your eyes do

You'd like me a lot better without closed legs
I'd like you a lot better without a closed mind.
Alice Ellen Apr 2018
Your petals are exposed, open
Shamelessly displayed details  
Puce-pink fades into a creamier hue
Before a vibrant sunny explosion
Splashes all over my eyes
I savour the velvety fragility
On my fingertips, as I touch you
The scent floods my nose; a lively aroma
Birds and bugs are enraptured
And I too am captured
Blooming buds and wonderful weeds
Can be small joys existence needs.
I may rename the title, or I may not.
Alice Ellen Apr 2018
No more guises,
Just look into my eyes
Every word said from now
Will not be a lie
But every word about to jump
From your lips shall die
Because your carnal cravings
Will eat them alive.

I’m slowly dissipating
But I know you can revive me
A fallen tree, I sleep here
Slipping into lifelessness
But I feel so ravenous
And I know you can feel
The thumping of my heart
It’s eager; deeply.

You crawl up to me
With a different face
Different intentions
Breathing different air
I inhale your energy
My longing embraced
I want every trace of innocence
Completely defaced.

By this yearning
We want, we crave
And we’re still learning
I cannot feel a thing
But a burning hunger
You cling to me
I invite you in

Of course, I do, I crave your skin
It’s a liquid I wish to immerse myself in
Your scent rinses me
Keeps me within your carnal hold,
Let the numbing begin.
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