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Ai Luan Mar 13
What kind of a sick tragedy
Is it that I am always destined
To be the one that looks back
And watches silently
While you are always the one
To walk away from me?
Oh how i wish I could tell you
To stop but how can I?
When you don't even realize it
You don't even notice
how you are slowly
Leaving my side
Everyday Every night
I feel you leaving
Burning the bridges
between us forever
And I can only stand and
Watch as what we had and
Could have had all burn down
Together with all that we have
Now here I stand in silent acceptance
Holding the ashes of what we once were
Ai Luan Feb 12
I saw the end in your eyes
Before it even began
But I still yearned for your love
And though I saw the end coming
I still leaned into your warmth
Only to watch you as you slipped away
Our love was never set in stone
And now I pay the price all alone
Ai Luan Feb 8
Why put a smile and say 'everything's fine'
when it's not?
Why say 'it's alright'
when it's clearly not?
Why say you're okay
When you're falling apart?
Why lie and say 'it'll get better'
when you know it's not?
Why do constantly hide your pain behind this mountain of lies?
Ai Luan Feb 8
You made me confused
Was it love or just a game to you?
You made me so dizzy
Was it real or a just a dream?
One look was all it took for me
To fall all over again in this
Hopeless love with you
It's been long since you left
Even so I wait here for you
Who will never come back to me
Ai Luan Feb 8
I am in a constant search
for things that remind me
of you and your pain.
people tell me I'm
tormenting myself
but what is love if not pain?
I yearn to drown your sadness
even if the waves of pain
engulf me in the end
all that will never matter
as much as your smiles
Ai Luan Feb 6
That day while waiting for you,
you showed me
A million fireflies instead
Yesterday while searching for you,
You showed me
the brilliance of The city lights instead
Today, while looking for you,
You showed me
the brightest of stars instead
Everyday you show me
something beautiful
Instead of you
But don't you realize
Nothing in existence is
More beautiful than you
These days I have been going out everyday to see the moon but instead I kept seeing other beautiful things and this just came into my head it's messy but it'll do
Ai Luan Feb 3
Maybe it was my fault
Maybe it was yours
But finding faults
Will never bring back
What we once had
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