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adriana Apr 2020
i only wonder if you had been raised a little different
would you love a little different now
but i like your love just how it is
adriana Mar 2020
i dreamt of you last night
but it turned nightmare by the morning.
adriana Feb 2020
now you and i are nothing,
which is at least something,
because they say nothing lasts forever.

and all i ever wanted was forever with you.
i gave you everything that i was but somehow i always seem to come up just a little too short every time. jml
adriana Feb 2020
head rush, you were my drug
then i fell in love and it killed me
right off of the mf overpass
adriana Feb 2020
you were my world and i spent my days
spinning circles around you.
i just wish i could've prepared for the cold
before i remembered that seasons change.
adriana Feb 2020
i always wanted to die in the summer
when only three of my friends still knew my name
hit by a car or lightning, something or other
and not by this *****, self-induced shame
adriana Feb 2020
my clothes on the floor, sitting here in your bed
trying to find a way to disappear.
and i'm trying to run and i'm trying to leave
but somehow you just keep me stuck here.
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