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Aaditya Jul 7
In life,
you'll come across
some things,

that shall
make your heart
race faster.

It may seem like
is chasing
after you,

but turns out,
your heart
is chasing something instead.
Aaditya Jul 3
Fingerpicking on my guitar
is my strongest suit, and yet
I am unable to recreate
the sound of your cackle.

Diverse rhythms, tunes all over,
wish to hear 'em all day, and yet
will never be able to remember
the variations in your laughter.

It makes me happy, I smile
while I look at you, and yet
you'll never know I am there,
as I am just another somebody.

I may even be a nobody right now,
extant but unimportant, and yet
I know someday, everyday I will
be treated with your melodious chuckle.
Aaditya Jul 2
वो हसीन चेहरा, तड़पता है मन देखने को,
मुस्कुराती हो तुम जब, घायल कर देती हो।
पलके झपकाती तुम धीरे से या धीरे हुआ समय
पता नहीं हकीकत क्या है, खो गए हैं हम।

तुम्हारे मीठे लफ़्ज़ों का रहता इंतज़ार हमें
वक्त से पूछते हम, कब सुनने को मिले।
आरज़ू है मन में कई ज़्यादा, पड़ता ना फर्क
दिल में बस रहती हो तुम, दिल में बसती हो तुम।

फिदा हैं हम तुम्हारे हर करनी के,
बता ना सके हम कभी विस्तार से।
नासमझ तो हम हैं ही, सच है ये,
पर तुम ना समझी इशारों को हमारे।
Aaditya Jun 28
My feelings are flowing down,
like how the water washes away
the dirt that stuck on you
after happily playing in the mud.

Oh rain, why have you come?
Go away and bring back the Sun.

My emotions are vaporizing,
like how the heat evaporates
the dew that forms
after a pleasant, chilly dawn.

Oh Sun, why do you glow?
Go away and bring me the snow.

New memories accumulate in me,
like how the white icy flakes
settle on you consistently
on a cold winter night.

I am done asking for change,
Rest is what I crave now.
Can nothing be constant here?
I wonder.

The Autumn shall tell,
when the leaf will wither,
turning brown and lifeless.
When it falls, peace will be there.
Aaditya Jun 24
Lost in this darkness,
took the wrong turn.
Was it a mistake I made,
or just an adventure?

An impending tribulation awaits,
unperturbedly I move on further.
Faith in my sense of direction,
the path is still benign, I tread.

Pitch black, I might even be blind,
Or maybe I am stupid instead.
To go through something like this,
Without even a remote assistance.

So I took my favourite jar out,
flying around in it, a whole swarm.
Lighting up everything ahead,
I can definitely not trip down.

I know where I am going,
I am being helped. But I think,
I take their freedom in turn,
That needs to change, now.

"Let this be my last adventure,
you have done great", I say.
I open the lid of the jar,
out came all the tiny light bulbs.

Fly away dear ones,
I owe you the most.
But I must go alone now,
The onus is mine to endure.

All of them got out,
out of the jar they went.
I knew I'd be left with none,
In the jar. With me. None...
Aaditya Jun 16
Nights seem lighter with you,
Evenings more golden.
Have mornings been the best?
Afternoons are chillier now.

Doesn't this feel great?
Around you, it definitely does.
Sun rises and sets with you.
Aaditya Jun 16
The sands of time keep falling like rain
drowning me in their dunes, hot and arid
Like a worn out traveller I yearn for water
Thirsty, from wandering aimlessly.

It seems like darkness is taking over,
Expectations arise with time,
In turn inundates me further,
Needing someone to keep me afloat.

It's a foreign land, I thought,
So much struggle to stay alive.
Never realised when I got here,
But home it has been, all this while.

Things have changed so drastically,
Life hasn't been the same as it was.
Ease is a luxury I can't seem to afford,
Pain is the misery I am left to endure.
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