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Lizzie Matthias Dec 2019
Be a better friend
All memories end
Fall into a puddle
Of never-ending sorrow
Maybe if you stay alive,
Some new help will arrive?
Or perhaps ask for it,
Combat it,
Find a will to survive.
Lizzie Matthias Dec 2019
Is she still my friend
If she lied?
Is she still my friend
If she's made me cry?
I want to think she is,
Want to think our relationship was real.
But after everything was revealed,
She ended up with lips sealed.
Lizzie Matthias Nov 2019
oh, my lovely, little, loveless lovis
with your heart so full of pain
keep yourself in check, my dear
or i’ll need to have you restrained
Lizzie Matthias Nov 2019
A lonely, little, lacking Johnson
A limp lump without love
One lazy lick and he’s gone
what ****? oh there it is, looked like a first generation nerf gun with how colorful it is
Lizzie Matthias Nov 2019
It's normal
Been repeated
I've since been undefeated
But now
With her
I'll be standing lost and alone
And my stomach's all in shambles
My hearts been rearranged
My brain is overcrowded
Have I really been replaced?
Lizzie Matthias Nov 2019
i love you, too
i don't understand it...
what are these weird... feelings?
my stomach’s churning,
i think i’m gonna throw up...
hug me
kiss me
**** me
love me
i want it
i want it, right?
let’s go with that
Lizzie Matthias Nov 2019
A bit too much
A little over the top
That’s what I am!
But will I stop?
What are boundaries?
Those are purely guidelines, oui?
Rules don’t apply to me
I’ll do whatever I want
“news flash, hair gel! i know him better than you do!” - literally me yesterday
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