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Zhanara Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life:
My winter is my beauty.
My spring is my humanity
My summer is my kindness
My autumn is my reality
Zhanara Nov 2023
We think about  yesterday
We think about  tomorrow
We don't think about Today.
Today will be tomorrow.
Today could be yesterday
Just appreciate- Today
Zhanara Nov 2023
Take care my poem.
Never die, please.
Take care my wisdom words
Never lie, please.
Zhanara Oct 2023
Love is a piece of happiness.
Love is a piece of sadness.
Love is a piece of cake
Love is a piece of fake.
Zhanara Oct 2023
Please don't steal  my future
Please don't steal my happiness
Please don't steal my luck
Please don't steal my dream
Please don't steal my aim
Please don't steal my time
Author: Zhanar
Zhanara Oct 2023
That love eats my heart
That heart beats  my time
That time hits my sadness
That  sadness  reads my destiny
Author: Zhanar
Zhanara Sep 2023
Don't choose anybody
When your angel near with you.
Don's close anyone
When your devil escapes from you.
Don't hear anything
When your heart says something .
Author: Zhanar
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