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Al Aug 2020
In the iris of the night
we search.

Light beckons us forth.

Deeply held, secrets we

stars sparkle into view.
Al Aug 2020
I am a mighty oak
hiding in an acorn.

Many words swirl

In motion this poet
seeks devotion.

As the winds blow
my poetry grows.

Tomorrow I dream,
slowly becoming...

New spurts shoot

reaching toward the

Each day I rise like
the truth,

I am the poem!
Al Aug 2020
The rain falls on the sidewalk. Splashing in puddles.  A face emerges.  Welcome to a new town.
Al Aug 2020
Magazine Bulletin:
reclaiming space
within my mind.
Al Aug 2020
Yellow sun
for you my
eyes burn.
Al Aug 2020
Sure no more, indeed these days are long.  At risk with the asterik, my smile sinks.  The bulb buzzes beside my bedside, a dim light I see. Playing cards are strewn across my sheets, a black bic pen awaits accord. As the words rest, the mind sleeps, dark is the night.
Al Aug 2020
My finger paints
a clear reflection.
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