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Jul 2016 · 431
2:51 A.M.
Z Jul 2016
These 3 A.M. snacks no longer resemble 3 A.M. snacks, but rather the idea of giving up.
35 pounds
Apr 2016 · 366
4:05 PM.
Z Apr 2016
How do I rebuild this castle?

After all, the king cut off my hands. .
Apr 2016 · 677
2:33 PM.
Z Apr 2016
the world is bright and yours,

from the ******* treetops to the floors.
been feeling really good lately, i love spring time so mucchhhhh
Mar 2016 · 434
10:12 AM.
Z Mar 2016
submissive smiles bring teary eyes.
Mar 2016 · 432
11:32 PM.
Z Mar 2016
they get mad that you treat them the way they treat you.
Mar 2016 · 442
9:29 PM.
Z Mar 2016
why call it love when it's friendship set on fire?
Dec 2015 · 780
10:50 AM.
Z Dec 2015
My thoughts for you are simply video games.

Back and forth, repeating as you see; As much as I wish to stop, I only become more **a d d i c t e d .
Dec 2015 · 389
12:44 PM.
Z Dec 2015
Don't be deceived by the longing stability you seek,

**because we all crash eventually.
Dec 2015 · 443
12:27 PM.
Z Dec 2015
you are more than the absence of his name on your screen.

you are more than the absence of his name on your screen.

you are more than the absence of his name on your screen.

Dec 2015 · 332
11:43 AM.
Z Dec 2015
You are more than just a number on the scale,
or the amount of times you continue to fail.

You are more than a collection of unsaid words,
or the intensity of your mind that burns.

You are more than regretted rants,
even if you've lost your chance.

But most of all, you are ******* more than only him,

after all, undying love only remains **g r i m .
trust seems no longer relative when ******* used against you.
Dec 2015 · 652
11:23 AM.
Z Dec 2015
what a curse it is,

to have a conscience that constricts you from what goes on.
Dec 2015 · 313
9:19 AM.
Z Dec 2015
friends should be family without genetics instead of socially constructed relations benefitting the mind of your occupation.
I really love my friends right now, honestly. you know who you are.
Dec 2015 · 911
11:48 AM.
Z Dec 2015
Laying hints down like stairs for you,

but you'll always be taking your own elevator.
you just don't get it, do you? are you really scared?
Dec 2015 · 769
10:29 AM.
Z Dec 2015
"I'm here for you" you said.

But you and I both know that what's running through your mind is merely blank.

And the cold reality of this age, is that

if "I'm here for you" is a collection of blank stares, broken words, shattered bonds and blank minds then I'll gladly return the favor.
Dec 2015 · 308
10:20 AM.
Z Dec 2015
the torture of small talk with the one you still love.
Dec 2015 · 1.4k
4:29 PM.
Z Dec 2015
"my parents warned me about drugs on the street, but never the ones with green eyes and a heartbeat."
you've broken me to the point of no fixing and as soon as someone gives me what you couldn't, I won't know how to ******* respond.
Dec 2015 · 393
11:26 AM.
Z Dec 2015
I always say it won't matter in the end,

But the end isn't ******* now.

And if you're not in my now,

then I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the end. . .
I don't want to call you out and you drop me because I love you so **** much and if I do I'm afraid you'll get ****** and then leave and I won't be able to make it and I know you won't read this but I just don't know what to do with you anymore.
Dec 2015 · 771
12:16 PM.
Z Dec 2015
At the end of the day, you're the only one sleeping.

My eyes watery, your eyes closed;

My brain racing and yours doesn't know.
A fraction of forever.
Nov 2015 · 243
8:51 PM.
Z Nov 2015
classrooms of lost thoughts, where dreams turn into dust.
i'm glad this is over and i'm happy you actually give a ****.
Nov 2015 · 251
11:21 PM.
Z Nov 2015
he finally said it back, but for what...
so ******* overwhelmed and high off of you.
Nov 2015 · 574
8:37 AM.
Z Nov 2015
every time I see your name appear within my notifications it makes me question whether it's really worth worrying about. the thought of you actually caring is foreign but...

*why not?
they made my day better last night and it was **** day until that idiot and their stupid texts brightened up my mood
Nov 2015 · 652
4:56 PM.
Z Nov 2015
this "story" is only a chapter within the book of lies, babe.
Nov 2015 · 440
4:35 PM.
Z Nov 2015
but all is well until it ******* happens back to you. delusional.
Nov 2015 · 344
9:41 AM.
Z Nov 2015
those green eyes were the light to my ocean of despair, and now it's simply aphotic.
Utterly and Hopelessly in love with you, and you don't know a thing.
Nov 2015 · 285
9:32 AM.
Z Nov 2015
this life waits for no one.

*STOP waiting for the live you deserve.
been tough, and I won't ever stop loving you.

Nov 2015 · 483
6:37 PM.
Z Nov 2015
he took my words like notes on a whiteboard, and now i'm simply erased.
Nov 2015 · 295
11/13/15 ~ 9:49 AM.
Z Nov 2015
The Big Apple took a bite out of me.

Oh, how much I desire for it to take another.
Nov 2015 · 947
11/12/15 • 5:00 PM.
Z Nov 2015
but in reality, we're only steady buildings built upon shaky foundations.
sorry if I misuse words in my poems, I'm a ******* oops.
Nov 2015 · 797
11/11/15 • 8:25 PM
Z Nov 2015
I let my brain be our playlist and unfortunately, you were my most played song.
Nov 2015 · 253
11:33 AM.
Z Nov 2015
I know you know but what you don't know is that I ******* know, TOO.
I'm sorry I can't help.
Nov 2015 · 400
8:05 PM.
Z Nov 2015
we are all our own allegories until the day we reach the glory we deserve.
i don't know what to be or feel, everything has been getting worse and i'm falling back into the hole and every day gets harder ****.
Nov 2015 · 423
8:10 PM.
Z Nov 2015
Okay* shouldn't be silently suffering and testing your stability until the moment that you break, but rather acceptance and calming moments that allow you to sit and not explode with angst.
Nov 2015 · 273
11:04 PM.
Z Nov 2015
You hit me like a train *and left me on the ******* tracks.
Nov 2015 · 217
6:31 AM.
Z Nov 2015
you turned my daydreams into the perfect reality...

...but reality is fatal when you're

*A L O N E
this past month has been so ****** and I just don't know what to do with you anymore, I can't even look at you in the eye without wanting to perish. *******.
Oct 2015 · 277
9:12 AM.
Z Oct 2015
just take me back to the cold seats of that bus, complemented with your warm neck.

*P L E A S E
Oct 2015 · 204
8:12 AM.
Z Oct 2015
And just as we finish a cycle once more, you only pull me in further with no turning back.
Oct 2015 · 332
9:08 AM.
Z Oct 2015
Lost in the sea that you and I are both drowning in.
I'm really sorry I don't know what to do.
Oct 2015 · 278
9:40 PM.
Z Oct 2015
Anything and everything is breaking apart.

You're crying.

I'm dying.

i've had enough, and i'm about to breakdown.
Oct 2015 · 219
3:50 PM.
Z Oct 2015
I'm just really tired of you making me tired of everything you do. It makes me want to BREAK.
Oct 2015 · 298
3:48 PM.
Z Oct 2015
Just another day where you left me in the dust, but that's okay because you never took me with you to begin with.
******* sick of you sending me mixed signals and then you have the nerve to say you're here for me.
Oct 2015 · 203
9:35 AM.
Z Oct 2015
Me and you, living at different speeds..

*Darling, we've only just started.
Oct 2015 · 221
11:21 PM.
Z Oct 2015
I could stare into those pools of green for *h o u r s.
I'm hopelessly in love with you wow.
Oct 2015 · 365
10:49 AM.
Z Oct 2015
you made me feel ALIVE and now that you are gone, so am I.
Oct 2015 · 492
8:58 PM.
Z Oct 2015
helplessly in love with your blonde hair and green eyes, but those same green eyes never seen to meet with mine.
Oct 2015 · 910
7:42 PM.
Z Oct 2015
'but suddenly, you're 30 and blasting the songs that you wanted to die to when you were 15.'
Until then...
Oct 2015 · 211
10:40 PM.
Z Oct 2015
we all believe that love is universal, but will you be the one who shall spread it..?
youre always on my mind, just make it stop please..
Oct 2015 · 646
2:53 PM.
Z Oct 2015
I miss the old us. You know, the us that wasn't falling apart.
why the hell do you do this to me...?
Oct 2015 · 181
9:41 AM.
Z Oct 2015
Adventure is available, for if it is not, create.
Great mood, I hope everyone has a lovely day.
Sep 2015 · 295
9:01 AM.
Z Sep 2015
Your face is only an allegory for the terrors you constrict inside.
I'm actually in a really good mood, whoever reads this, everything is temporary.
Sep 2015 · 249
8:40 PM.
Z Sep 2015
You are the canvas.

*Paint me as your villain.
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