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Ylang Ylang Jun 1

So it is clear now
that you have access
To these horrible
wells. And the foul
stenchful beings that
dwell in them.
You can pull out the
tattered flags from there
and wave their
Black fabric
in the sunlight.
Mystic cool wall, waterfall thundering
Everything can be done.
There are no limitations
Endless landscapes, realms
Kingdoms full
of   e n e r g y.
Endless number of
               The Consciousness.
May 12 · 68
Under the summer sun
Ylang Ylang May 12
Ripe and splendid,
  the summer day
In luscious sun
  - the trees they sway
These worlds await.

Ether winds caress,
  Stroke the strings
of fleeting time
  While I sleep,
While it all flies
                     & lies

Under the summer sun,
Under the summer sun.
May 12 · 93
Doom. ‌
Ylang Ylang May 12
Every step we manage
to take       - doomed
Birds chirping at the
daybreak  - doomed
Smile &
      Flame  - doomed


How can we dance
When the birds are dead?

Bloom the carnivals
when the souls - unfed?

Pure white rabbit
in tar-thick dread
Lost his gold,
                 & bled
Apr 26 · 455
‌ Vain.
Ylang Ylang Apr 26


Mar 27 · 47
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
Your fears
Seep thru your words
Like captivating worms
Mar 27 · 47
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
I'm the abyss.
  Toss the metal ring into the river
   Bottles shattered on the boulevard
    The stench. The mirror house.
     Break the mirrors, shards in hair
    Poor girl's mind
Mar 27 · 31
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
The clench of fist.
Veins, tendons, bones.
Mar 27 · 160
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
‌  ‌
Movies destroy'd my mind & behaviour.
Remove the basic elements that form me
                   (where are we at now)
  Time to hide. It all froze.
        (the bird's bones on winter ground)
                   ( She's a demon girl

  Feeling - a puppet being pulled in every direction
               a material getting tired out, and tired out

      Stone streets leather boots fog rain smoke

  Muted music in the building can be heard

      11 pm.

                                   (a bird flew by)
‌  ‌
Mar 27 · 28
‌ Sam's dinner
Ylang Ylang Mar 27

Ground rat meat mixed with its ****
Bird bone pudding with bird bones and feather shafts
Blood-jelly bowl
and orange chunks in it
All that eaten in front of crimson
spring sunset sky full of light.
Pea green gray pasta with eyeballs(cut them,
oozes out)
Blake's feces with candles(wax) in rosemary water
Scorched meat, fried fingernails and finger spring rolls
with mashed strawberries
And golden chain necklace & jewelry
In slime & smoke in the final
of these gruesome dishes - (...)
Mar 26 · 41
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 26
‌  ‌
‌  ‌
The way she looked at me      
The way they rocked with us
                        flocked with us
                        and mocked us

The green wall.              
Sockets with eyes in it  
"I can't describe her"  
Merely at the surface    
"The way her hair..."  
Storm us at the waking.
St orm us S toa t waking t h  e
t Storm I'm  letting everything t h
S   t     he     Orm      L et                   a  i
        v                  L           e  t          o              i n
  e           h    r           y th e   in              g      S t  
    r                                         m                                 u  s
l               e        r m                s                    L  or             h e
         a                                                                ­                        
                 v                                            n   g
e  r
Mar 11 · 150
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 11
‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌(gigantic mountains, snowy summits
                            & forests surrounding)

The hero of our tale
stood by the crystal clear
dark mountain lake,
and saw a reflection
of himself in the cold water.
And what he saw was true.

(a cool, fresh wind was blowing)
‌  ‌
Mar 11 · 178
‌  ‌'thing'
Ylang Ylang Mar 11
‌  ‌
Marble is there for
people to smell its wet surface. So are the forests, moss, bark, trees; Wet. For us to look at their surface in sunlight falling at certain angle

Wet, cool droplets falling on the rocks
All insects, snails, pollens, mosses etc.
part in this process

Let the water do its thing, and
fall, calmly, in rhythm, on rocks
Mar 11 · 60
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 11
Infinite opposites, contrast to the character,
angles. Slicing the character(object) into millions of layers

Then these layers are to be investigated
in entire spectrum of light by the observer, a curious,
precise scientist. The adept of air, earth, fire and water
dwelling high atop the tower - Wisdom house; the Temple of Elements.
Feb 11 · 123
‌‌  ‌Milky Way
Ylang Ylang Feb 11
What does it even
     to be dead?
Feb 11 · 30
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Feb 11
Went to an old abandoned house,
Chilly, wooden, dark & vacant
    I stoked up the fire

  the heat went up.
Jan 15 · 444
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Jan 15
‌  ‌
   Adorn my shatter'd skull
with mandala

‌  ‌
Nov 2018 · 94
‌  ‌‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
‌  ‌
Rusty bullet went through my thoughts
in a windy haze of mind.
Taken aback, I turned my head
To see a figure of a bandit,
With his smoky gun held high,
Pointing straight into my eye
   A duellist
                an invader
A ghost straight from borderlands   
Relentless soul
  coming after me
Nov 2018 · 114
‌  ‌‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
‌  ‌
I watched it all
Sink calmly
Into december night sky
Like a turning page

Magical mesmerization
Of icy stars
Glittering in frozen time
Stay here, be in it
Fade low, dark
Let the time run
Through the crystalline web
Nov 2018 · 346
‌  ‌‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
Meaning of accomplishment?
To get a title of "Mad Genius"

"Such personality couldn't have formed
in a single lifetime.

   -He said, as the other one
was lying in bed,
squirming and mumbling
outside, blooming inside
                       feeling sizes,
colours, seeing things that can't be seen.
Ha! This cave is   i n f i n i t e!
Aren't we                   All mad?
Nov 2018 · 119
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
The succulent universe withers
Weird flowers bloom
In strange atomic realms.
  Have you ever seen Starbuzz?
       Or touched any of
                               the Strings?
-don't take me too deep.
   Be careful. We're in the
    core of everything now
Nov 2018 · 46
Grey Land
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
Stay quiet, don't stand out
Or you'll be punished by
Tall faceless angels

Rupture the shell.
The light's in there
Leaking out,
Pure, divine
Nov 2018 · 974
Tricky fate
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
A child was seen in the water, bathing joyfully
So was Ophelia - drowning; insane
A ship voyaging vast sea
Or a galleon scatter'd
by the raging waves of dark storm
Nov 2018 · 58
‌  ‌~Suns~
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
‌  ‌
Black petals.
I watch you fall

"I is the mountaine!
   I are the spirit of the Sierra

Send him under.
End the horrible
years of
stone slumber

Now, the rain clouds
the thunder

He's a walking mayhem

   The nubes pass above
    Orange desert rocks
Nov 2018 · 117
Ylang Ylang Nov 2018
                  -J.D. Morrison, "The Lords"

Now, girl, you can see
You've dreamt about love
And you've dreamt about ******
You've dreamt about
all this stuff.
You've been obsessed
with the power of sexuality
All the ideas and concepts
Have been flooding your mind

Now, girl, pick the scattered glass
from the pool of thick, dense blood
(sound of crumbled glass
as opposed to viscous
bloodness of blood

Kind of
Found yourself
In this crazy whirlpool
Oct 2018 · 289
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
No evil is meant for any being
No harm is meant to be done

Where are all these angels?
Dancing and laughing, and treading
With hair soft and bright as light itself?
Oct 2018 · 54
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
You ran into the night
And I know, I'll never
See you again
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
It was a summer night.
When I walked into the apartment
I noticed a few groups of people
scattered all throughout the house
after a little party, slightly buzzed,
talking in different rooms,
two on couch, two on the balcony.
Friction of vast unseen worlds.
The windows were opened
night and air of house became one.
Soft, warm wind blew
from time to time
moving the white thin curtains
Frogs and birds sang in their realm
in the thick song of night
roots and branches
of people's minds
touching each other
(like animals)
They all have their
beggining in stem, though.
Different colours mix,
sounds, elements, metals.
Oct 2018 · 71
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
I'm a rotman
See my diamonds
Watch them wallow in mud
I'm a rotman.

Can't you see my eyes
Through the smoke?
There was a bloke, he said:
            "We broke."
I'm a rotman.
Who's to blame
Who's to blame
A fox; a wolf, rather,
One to blame
In the smoke, with all his diamonds
Can't you see me, I'm a rotman
In mud

I'm a rotman
With all my diamonds
and rubies
I sweat & bleed
Watch me rot
I'm a rotman
Oct 2018 · 51
From travel journal, #36
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
A single kick of this ancient animal could
crush the lion's skull.
Oct 2018 · 139
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
There was war
or riots everywhere
Fire and fumes in the sky
Shots, screams, helicopters

He shot my girl
in the bar, the spanish bloke
I noticed he was really nervous
Silver revolver and
lines of blow
on the table beside him,

Gangrene in my foot
The war goes on
We live and breathe chaos

Telephone mumbling
   the time is running out
Oct 2018 · 49
Ylang Ylang Oct 2018
End the suffering
of our potato-head hero
Button eyes & witless smile
Earthworm's dim mind                  

Your multitude
is my one
Unique cloud      
Which I adore                                
   I get obsessed                
   with an idea of
    a single dime    
And when it's over
I drop, and fall down                      

I miss these days.
Would play the game again
with the straying dog
off the leash.                                      
The clouds pass the moon              
Through may's nightair.
Aug 2018 · 622
In the sad animal eye
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
In the sad animal eye
   You'll find the most ephemeral        
     night lake
In the sad animal eye
   You'll see the most muted cry
                          & unspoken regret
In the sad animal eye
    You'll meet the brutal spear
           and feel its metal yourself
                   as it breaks your spine
In the sad animal eye
    You'll see you
    & your mother running
    & weeping
    You'll see the old sage
            in black robes
    & the threat of the sea,
    Vast, dark, and humming                  
    You'll see
           The time
        and the plundered dime
      And you'll be
      Scared to death,
      when you look long enough,
      when you gaze deep enough
   In the sad animal eye
Aug 2018 · 443
The Process
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Somewhere in mind
I keep a memory,
a buried reminiscence
of smell of these objects

Soft paper & pink elixir
In september sunlight
    I pull it from the Deep
  Twist, deform & perform, present
Aug 2018 · 160
Root, sun & death
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Today I witnessed
the root being pulled out
of quiet, dim earth
and thrown in the scorching sun.
It was hissing and squirming,
like lethally wounded, dying snake
Fragile life threatened
and escaping, in the scorching sun,
The fear of inevitable, real death
and the desperate will to live,
in the animal eye of slithering root
Aug 2018 · 83
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Riding thru the desert roads
Swimming thru the starry nights
Aug 2018 · 130
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
|He wanted to get the people|
|that were responsible|
|for creating the keys|
                      The last thing I saw
                      Was the face of man
                      Crying, choking me to death

         "In the evening, we're going to
               watch a movie. Everything
               will be fine."

Coal sinks the sheet
     (to become memory)
Girl drifts thru smoke,
Rain in my dream-
                   -We broke

Aug 2018 · 2.2k
From travel journal, #32
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Lions of this far country,                    
of this desolated arid land,
exhibited unusual signs of ferocity-      
-you could see it in their eyes, the way they moved and how they behaved.
Aug 2018 · 270
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
The End's gonna come inevitably.

your mayas can't insult me
I'm untouchable
Your lies & screams won't affect me
                                       won't touch me
For I am dwelling in abstraction
I am hidden in atomic world
I'm it and it's me
Aug 2018 · 2.3k
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
‌‌  ‌
We're here
We have something like
Sixty years
To know each other
                      and to spend time together
To share laughter
To hug and cuddle
To smile
To cry
To grow up together
To learn
To recieve sun rays on our skin
                                and to drink wine
To stroll the cobblestone
To smell, see, touch, hear,
To walk
To breathe
To ride a bike
To feel tired, hungry, cheerful
To talk
To observe leaves on some
windy autumn day
To connect.
And then one day
one of us will leave this place
Empty shell of body
Like robot machine
who ran out of power,
   and shut off.
Blank, grey & hollow
Once filled with soul
That cheered and laughed and loved
Now we won't meet
for eternity
I will never get you back, ever.
And then the other one
will die
And then the Earth will die
and all of these atoms
once filled with all these stories,
life, love, meaning, hopes, thoughts,
will stray the cold, empty,
silent endless void
For eternity
And to think that we were there together
in this place & time
That we laughed, together,
Cried and missed
Held hands
Walked & planned
Ate food and drank
Looked into each other's eyes

We won't see each other for eternity.
Aug 2018 · 94
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
And then the clouds
Have formed all these
faces for one
brief moment
They were sharp and clear
Just to blur
And fade away
In a matter of minutes
Aug 2018 · 855
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
I am oozing
The crystals
& numbers
So that no one
Can pull me out
While I'm
The time
Aug 2018 · 822
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
I am seeping
The smoke
& shadow
So that no one
Can pull me out
While I'm falling
The dark
Aug 2018 · 58
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
I am emanating slime
So that no one
Can pull me out
While I'm falling
The abyss
Aug 2018 · 122
An Event
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
‌‌  ‌
A night bus full of artists
Lots of deep eyes


She drew my eyes
And the ****** red soul rose

     "-Wow, you're a medium!
               I didn't know.

                  I said

         And left
I knew that gems
could connect.

We had hard exteriors, though.
Aug 2018 · 810
(lost) Dinosaur night poem
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Thrown myself
onto the waves of
sea of sparks
(control no more)
floating and carresed
by the sea of
reptiles & amphibians' faces
I drown in

Cigarette's ember
  in night's sky
Like a primeval meteorite.
   So that's what
 the creatures of
the elder world
Jul 2018 · 249
Under the summer sun
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
Ripe and splendid,
  the summer day
In luscious sun
  - the trees they sway
These worlds await.

Ether winds caress,
  Stroke the strings
of fleeting time
  While I sleep,
While it all flies
                     & lies

Under the summer sun,
Under the summer sun.
Jul 2018 · 828
Drops of time
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
Thank you for your beauty.
       I will love you, but
    in some other lifetime

    Here and now
           I am
           completely broken
       & hopelessly sad
     lost in these
                                drops of time
Jul 2018 · 3.6k
‌  ‌‌  ‌Streams
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
‌  ‌‌The desperate pounding
  ‌          on the wall can be heard

"Love Love Love"
I can't believe you're so shallow.
   You refuse. You die.
   You vanish like a burning hay,
   right here, on the blackened way.
Candy peaks, monotonous points in the sea

      Let me descend
    Open you a bit

   ­                     foamy stream,
                        You drown,
                        Love, dream, dream!
                        TV screens
                        Times square
                       ­ Electric signals through wires
                        deep dark night flooding rush
                        Volcano erupting
                        Surface! Screammm!
                       ­ A­lcohol on glass
                        Old charwoman rubs it
                        with rag
                        Hands shake you
                        in the foamy stream
                        Who was right?

     The night staggers you
     with thousand stars
     Wolves howling
     Dew & violet & knights
     & Mysteries
     Welcome to the old days
     Tomorrow you will be introduced
     to the wise King of England

A rocker picks up stuff
and scatters the TV screen
bottles of liqour are smashed
in his house
Glass scattered, guitars wrecked - he's crazy,
pulling out hair, gnashing teeth
-You all killed him
    and You are not even aware

     Meanwhile a man strolls the woods
      searches for mushrooms
       on sunny autumn day
       he smells moss, bark and undergrowth
       He's contemplating the topics of
             childhood & ******

        Red lipstick smears all over her lips
                 She's the animal queen
                     All belongs to her
                   Thanks to her claws,
                     cat-moan, and the
                          short living
                     aggressive cinder
                            she owns.
            Leather jacket be her weapon,
                  Night be her moment.

I am the Eye,
and what I see
is a child picking yellow petals
of sow-thistle
kneeling in the sun
in his timeless summer.
Who would know,
that this chapter
would be closed
one day
and the brown leather book
would become dusty
Jul 2018 · 404
A thing to consider
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
The Sun made it possible for us
to live and grow

However, in 5 billion years, the day of the judgement
is about to come,
when the Sun will swell and devour the Earth.
Our then-current state and our past
will be precisely reviewed by the Sun.
We'll be appraised of what we've accomplished,
and judged for our deeds
and all that stuff.

the Sun had got the date wrong, because
we will ******* **** ourselves
way before this time.
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
we are nothing but
meaty worms
with our ******* dim minds
restricted like
earth dwelling worms
crawling 'neath the surface
dim minds, fragile soft bodies
   just accept that fact
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