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Ylang Ylang Mar 27
Your fears
Seep thru your words
Like captivating worms
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
I'm the abyss.
  Toss the metal ring into the river
   Bottles shattered in the boulevard
    The stench. The mirror house.
     Break the mirrors, shards in hair
    Poor girl's mind
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
The clench of fist.
Veins, tendons, bones.
Ylang Ylang Mar 27
‌  ‌
Movies destroy'd my mind & behaviour.
Remove the basic elements that form me
                   (where are we at now)
  Time to hide. It all froze.
        (the bird's bones on winter ground)
                   ( She's a demon girl

  Feeling - a puppet being pulled in every direction
               a material getting tired out, and tired out

      Stone streets leather boots fog rain smoke

  Muted music in the building can be heard

      11 pm.

                                   (a bird flew by)
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Mar 27

Ground rat meat mixed with its ****
Bird bone pudding with bird bones and feather shafts
Blood-jelly bowl
and orange chunks in it
All that eaten in front of crimson
spring sunset sky full of light.
Pea green gray pasta with eyeballs(cut them,
oozes out)
Blake's feces with candles(wax) in rosemary water
Scorched meat, fried fingernails and finger spring rolls
with mashed strawberries
And golden chain necklace & jewelry
In slime & smoke in the final
of these gruesome dishes - (...)
Ylang Ylang Mar 26
‌  ‌
‌  ‌
The way she looked at me      
The way they rocked with us
                        flocked with us
                        and mocked us

The green wall.              
Sockets with eyes in it  
"I can't describe her"  
Merely at the surface    
"The way her hair..."  
Storm us at the waking.
St orm us S toa t waking t h  e
t Storm I'm  letting everything t h
S   t     he     Orm      L et                   a  i
        v                  L           e  t          o              i n
  e           h    r           y th e   in              g      S t  
    r                                         m                                 u  s
l               e        r m                s                    L  or             h e
         a                                                                ­                        
                 v                                            n   g
e  r
Ylang Ylang Mar 11
‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌‌  ‌(gigantic mountains, snowy summits
                            & forests surrounding)

The hero of our tale
stood by the crystal clear
dark mountain lake,
and saw a reflection
of himself in the cold water.
And what he saw was true.

(a cool, fresh wind was blowing)
‌  ‌
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