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Ylang Ylang Jan 27
‌  ‌
Won't you give me a curse
and tear my eyes?
I've seen the demons
green slink grin
Lean through roofs
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Jan 27
‌  ‌
Being put down
Into dark hole
The soil shall hiss
And steam

To make the stone
Oh, the pavement
It flows
It flows
Right under our
It feels so right
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Jan 27
‌  ‌
I like art that sacrifices a part of its
technical aspects in exchange for
crude expression
of raw, animal-like emotion
that break the bonds of the form. The
result may seem even ugly for some,
but in fact, it reaches entirely new
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Jan 27
‌  ‌
I really like neons, but their light
gives some kind of melancholic feeling
that I find hard to describe
‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Dec 2019

   I could own it
   But I will not
   not yet
   To act like a statue
    from time
    to time.
   Only need to
   want it
   Play it bold
   Tread like a statue
   before the audience
   Play it bold
    Then leave.
     It's easy
     so easy,
     Take life easy
     Eye am

Ylang Ylang Nov 2019
‌  ‌
  ‌The room on fire
‌  ‌fires, flames, burning
‌  ‌A young man rushes through
‌  ‌-A war-time lover
‌  ‌Few decades later to
‌  ‌be recalled, by his girl
‌  ‌-Old lady, by then-
‌  ‌He dances, runs amidst
‌  ‌the flames
‌  ‌coat swirling
‌  ‌"freedom!"
‌  ‌he yells
‌  ‌"freedom!"
‌  ‌yells everything
‌  ‌bells
‌  ‌winter winds
‌  ‌turn day to night
‌  ‌a ship sinking
‌  ‌movie tape running
‌  ‌and running
‌  ‌in an empty
‌  ‌hall
‌  ‌cinema set ablaze
‌  ‌    Mirrors now
‌  ‌ 7 of them
‌  ‌or I can't see the rest
‌  ‌    I'm not sure
‌  ‌ sounds meandering
‌  ‌     need the rest
‌  ‌  don't forget the flower
‌  ‌       follow the footsteps
‌  ‌ stay on search

‌ Finally
‌ I can recognize
‌ my reflection

‌  ‌
Ylang Ylang Sep 2019
The Thief of Gems
wouldn't you come
       Look straight
into the hollow eye of time
into the hollow eye of time
          over here
    it's over, it's over
    The Thief of Time
     over here, over

       Lie! Lucifer!
       Lie in the ice
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